How SD-WAN can be traced back to the Clean Slate project

SD-WANWhat kind of Internet would we design today if we were to start from scratch using what we now know?
In 2007, attempts to answer this question at Stanford University [1] led to a project by networking gurus and experts to analyze the present and future of IP networks.


Marcel Gil: graduated in Telecommunication Engineering and Master in Telematics (Polytechnic University of Catalunya), is a SD-WAN Business Line Manager at Teldat.

Which LPWA technology?

LPWATo support the expected communication needs of the Internet of Things, IoT, with more than three billion connections by the end of 2020 as predicted by Strategy Analytics, several low power wide area, LPWA, radio technologies are been developed and pushed to the market by the communications industry. The use cases or applications that the IoT will make possible are being widely discussed: wearables, asset tracking, metering, etc. But, is there any advantage or added value for the traditional networking or enterprise communications market?


Eduardo Tejedor: Telecommunications Engineer, Teldat V.P. Strategic Marketing

Public transport: from horse-drawn carriages to Wi-Fi equipped buses

public transportMany changes have taken place over the last few years, none more so than in the automotive industry. If we look back, we can see the continuous evolution of public transport, from its introduction, at the beginning of the 19th century, up to today.


Aida Suarez: Aida Suárez, graduated in Aeronautical Engineering, is a Business Line Manager working within the Product Marketing Department, and responsible for the Transport line

And what about Intent-Base Networking?

Intent-based networkingIn my opening blog post this year I wrote about the many issues the market seemed to indicate would be important in 2018. Obviously, I mentioned SD-WAN technology, 5G and Big Data, and I also talked about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a few others. However, there is one area that I did not mention, which is intent-based networking (IBN). Perhaps it may be early to call 2018 the year of intent-based networking, but some important analysts have said that this is one of the next big things to come!


Javier García Berjano: Online & Corporate marketing manager at Teldat. Javier manages the web, blog and other social media, as well as corporate marketing areas in collaboration with the different Teldat business units.  

Blockchain, besides Bitcoin

blockchain technologyDuring the last few years, the blockchain technology has been closely related with Bitcoin, because it’s the main engine to verify the transactions. Nowadays Blockchain could be applied to many other solutions in the market.
As a brief introduction, blockchain is a technology based on blocks of information (group of transactions) that must be verified by many entities/users and, once it’s validated, it is added to the chain with other blocks building what is called ‘the blockchain’. A transaction should not only be understood as an exchange of a specific cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum…), it covers many other items as contracts, records, confidential data verification


Carlos Gomez: Telecommunications Engineer, Business Line Manager working for the SD-WAN line within the Product Marketing Department.  
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