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 Teldat 4G H1-Rail Routers

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Rugged wireless routers for advanced broadband services on trains.

Introducing the H1-Rail Series 4G / 3G Routers


Enable secure, broadband connectivity in trains to provide multimedia managed services, including security, telemetry, passenger Internet access and more.


The Teldat H1 Rail series 4G router is an integrated rugged communications platform that enables highly available, reliable and secure broadband cellular connectivity aboard trains. This router combines a robust mechanical design, adequate for its installation in 19-inch racks aboard moving trains, with a versatile broadband wireless (wireless WAN and Wi-Fi) and wired (Ethernet) communications port layout.

The train router is powered by Teldat’s Internetworking Software (CIT), offering a robust enterprise-class IP protocol stack for the efficient implementation of multiple managed VPN services on a mobile access. The Teldat H1 Rail router installed base can be centrally managed by Teldat’s network management platform (TeldaGES), or seamlessly integrated into existing IT network management systems


 H1-Rail 4G / 3G Router - Product Highlights

The Teldat H1 Rail series 4G train router offers a series of characteristics that make it suite perfectly for providing Internet services on trains.

  • Multiple 3G/4G broadband radio interfaces for true high speed connectivity to on-board applications 
  • Multiple SIM support for automatic failsafe backup through an alternative cellular broadband network 
  • Robust mechanical and electrical design, optimized for unattended train cabinet installations 
  • Embedded Wi-Fi 802.11n interface, with configurable operation mode (Access Point or Client) 
  • 4-port Ethernet switch expands a professional LAN network for serving the on-board devices, such as security cameras, on-board computers, etc. 
  • Standalone GPS with state of the art features 
  • Hardware-based data encryption for the highest performance in multi-VPN transmission 
  • Teldat Internetworking Software (CIT): complete suite of IP networking protocols, security VPN and firewall features, professional router management tools, etc. 
  • Centralized router management through TeldaGES or third party platforms
  • EN 50155 and other train-related certifications 






 H1-Rail 4G / 3G Routers - Key Features


Reliable LTE wireless-WAN broadband performance on trains

The Teldat H1 Rail series 4G train router's cellular interfaces provide uninterrupted connectivity and application continuity when travelling through poor coverage areas. On longer trains, more than one H1 Rail can be deployed along the train, thereby providing higher bandwidth, better redundancy and spatial separation of the antennas for uninterrupted communication. Short areas without coverage (eg. tunnels) may not affect the whole train length at a time, so communication is maintained with spaced-out equipment. 

  • Automatic selection of the best available connection, based on parameters such as network availability, signal reception level, quality of service, etc.

Passive link supervision: the signal coverage, the technology availability, the IP transmission service status and the transmission activity are permanently controlled

Poll-based link supervision: not only failures but also degradations on the 4G communication are detected, notified and corrected. The router controls error rate, link latency and jitter to guarantee utmost performance on the streaming transmission (i.e. real-time IP-CCTV image transmission or voice)


  • Tight integration of internal cellular modules for shock and vibration resilience, improved radio transmission and reception, protection against theft, advanced monitoring for troubleshooting, etc. 
  • Up to two antennas per radio interface, maximize coverage at any location. 
  • WWAN+ proprietary optimization of network protocols for improved communication over cellular links.

Multipurpose embedded Wi-Fi on railways and trains

  • Embedded WLAN interface with configurable or location based client / access point modes
  • Train-proof Wi-Fi: multiple antennas for better transmission, flexible frequency operation (2,4 and 5 GHz), extended temperature range, reduced component aging, surge circuit protection, power efficiency, etc. 
  • State of the art Wi-Fi security guarantees communication privacy and confidentiality 
  • Multiple service coexistence based on independent SSIDs and Quality of Service 
  • Intelligent roaming management based on signal level 

If additional Wi-Fi Access Points are needed, Teldat also provides the W2002T-n acess point. Each one of these access points integrates two Wi-Fi radio modules.


Mechanical and hardware design optimized for train installation 

  • Anti-shock and anti-vibration protection, and high temperature dissipation 
  • Fed using standard train voltage (110VDC) with a robust connector 
  • Support of train-related certifications, such as EN 50155.

Fully Managed Ethernet Switch Ports on board of trains and railways

  • Full VLAN support, per-VLAN QoS, per-port Ethernet diagnostics and SNMP management allow for the implementation of efficient and secured LAN networks on board.

Enterprise Class Internetworking Intelligence for train routers

  • Dynamic routing protocols allow the implementation of scalable corporate VPN networks
  • Multiple service support, based on advanced QoS: hierarchical traffic analysis, labeling and prioritization, guarantees bandwidth to critical applications when sharing limited resources 
  • IP forwarding policy based on the real time status of the transmission link (packet loss, delay, jitter, etc.) 
  • Multiple virtual router instances, for simultaneous but independent service to different departments over the same platform.

Key Advantages over simple connectivity solutions

  • Supports multiple embedded access links (using one or multiple H1 Rail routers distributed along the train), to guarantee service continuity 
  • Efficiently uses links to transmit various applications, based on application criticality, required bandwidth, nominal and available bandwidth … 
  • Allows for shared but isolated access to train resources

Meets mobile access security imperatives

  • Best in class performance in Mobile VPNs

Advanced IPSec features such as digital certificates, extended authentication, reverse-route injection, etc.

Multiple simultaneous secured tunnels for application continuity

IP filtering, MAC filtering and stateful firewall protect the router against attacks

DMVPN to simplify large deployments


  • Crypto-processor incorporated for wire-speed data encryption.

Enterprise-Grade Management

  • Router management engine adapted for mission-critical applications. 
  • The router configuration resides on a single human-readable, editable, text configuration file 
  • Comprehensive cellular interface event logging system (signal strength, serving cell, etc.), to facilitate remote troubleshooting on moving trains 
  • SNMP and Teldat MIB support for all the router interfaces, protocols and advanced functionalities 
  • Integrated into the Teldat Management System (Teldages) and into existing third party network management platforms 
  • Teldages platform is a centralized graphical interface for efficient fleet communications management: network health, statistics, alarms, advanced real time access to router status and configuration, massive configuration and software upgrades, comprehensive inventory, etc. 
  • Remote firmware and configuration upgraded through FTP and TFTP




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