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Sergio Chamizo, Teldat's Finance Director, named among the 100 best finance directors of 2017.

Teldat's Group's Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Sergio Chamizo, has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Finance Directors of 2017 in Spain. 




5th December 2017/Madrid

Sergio Chamizo, Teldat Group’s finance director, has been named in the Top 100 Finance Directors of the Year ranking, carried out annually by Actualidad Económica magazine and the global network of professional financial services firms, KPMG

This award, which is in its ninth edition, acknowledges the work and performance of professional managers dedicated to finance in Spain. The ranking has been published in this month’s edition of Actualidad Económica with the formal award ceremony set to take place next March. 

Teldat Group’s Finance Director, Sergio Chamizo, admits that the main role of the Finance Director is to adapt financial strategy to both the characteristics of the sector that the company is operating in, and to the growth phase that the company is in. Likewise, optimizing tax expenses, minimizing financial cost, risk management and economic analysis for decision making are also essential practices.

Despite being honored and extremely proud to receive such an award, Sergio Chamizo points out that the award is also in recognition of the extraordinary work put in by Teldat Group’s entire Finance Department.

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David de la Mora, appointed new sales manager at Teldat Mexico.

David de la Mora joins Teldat Mexico as sales manager, with a special focus on SD-WAN. 



27th November 2017/Madrid

David de la Mora joins Teldat’s LATAM business unit in Mexico. Like his colleagues who have recently joined the company, he will be responsible for continuing Teldat’s growth policy in Latin America.

David is a Telecommunications Engineer from the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico and also holds a Master in Information Technology from the University of Technology Mexico. He has over 20 years of experience working for a number of important companies. Of particular note, David has spent the last six years as Account Manager at Huawei Technologies, where he worked with Mexico’s main operators.

Within Teldat, David joins the sales department, where he will be contributing his knowledge and supporting the sales team in the operator and channel accounts, especially in areas related to SD-WAN products, without losing sight of Teldat’s most traditional products, corporate routers.

David loves to spend his free time cycling with his four children, especially on Sundays when Mexico City provides bike lanes through the city of up to 130km long.

Welcome David to your new position at Teldat!  

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Ignacio Villaseca Teldat CEO is interviewed by Elite Growth.

Elite Growth of the London Stock Exchange Group interviews Ignacio Villaseca who explains how Teldat has been 30 years creating enterprise networks. 



20th November 2017/Madrid



Ignacio Villaseca, the Teldat CEO, is interviewed by Elite Growth of the London Stock Exchange Group. He explains our identity, history, values, USP and our strategies for growth and internationalization, as well disclosing what being part of the Elite Growth project means for Teldat.  

The interview illustrates how Teldat, which was founded in the 1980s by a group of engineers to apply the then latest technology to the emerging packet-switching networks, has evolved over the years to be one of the few brands in the world to survive several major shifts in the enterprise communication industry and compete head to head with a variety of global leaders.

Ignacio carries on defining, how Teldat currently provides the enterprise market with a compelling SD-WAN solution that responds to the modern paradigm of enterprise networking, and Teldats solution uniqueness in comparison to other SD-WAN solutions.

He goes on to point out the challenges that the future now holds for Teldat. As Teldat has experience in successful repositioning, he sees the company totally capable of continuing to become a relevant global player in the enterprise cloud networking arena.


Finally, business internationalization and our most important geographical markets are discussed, as well as the unique opportunity that being part of the Elite Growth project offers Teldat to continue our successful expansion path.   


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Erick Vega and Kevin Mondragón have recently joined our Operations team in Mexico

Teldat has further strengthened its Operations team in Mexico through the recent incorporation of a sales support manager and a new member of the technical support team. 




15th November 2017/Madrid

Erick Vega and Kevin Mondragón have recently joined Teldats LATAM business unit team (Mexico), continuing Teldats commitment to grow in Latin America.

Erick Vega holds a Telecommunications Engineering degree and a Masters in Business Administration (both from the National Autonomous University of Mexico) and an impressive career history. He has worked for the main Mexican carrier for 12 years, where he was part of the technical operations and support team for the service providers networks.

In Teldat, he will be in charge of the pre- and post-sales national support team, which covers all Teldat customers in Mexico. His job will include working with service providers and channels, etc., who collaborate with Teldat, supplying end customers in banking, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and other fields.

Kevin Mondragón is currently finishing his Telecommunications Engineering degree at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and is joining Teldat in their post-sales support team. His job will involve analytics, investigation and diagnosis in the technical areas for our end customers and telecommunication carriers.

In their free time, both Erick and Kevin enjoy sports. Erik is a gym and crossfit fan, while Kevin can be found on a football pitch. Eric also mentioned that his chief pleasure comes from spending time with his family.


Welcome to Teldat Erik and Kevin! 


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Teldat within the 1000 companies to inspire Europe.

Teldat appears in the report made by the London Stock Exchange Group on the 1000 companies to inspire Europe. 



23rd October 2017/Madrid

Recently the London Stock Exchange Group has published a report with the 1000 (one thousand) companies that it considers to be some of the fastest growing and most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Europe.

Teldat can proudly say that it appears in this the report, in the section dedicated to the ELITE programme, which is made up of companies, like Teldat, who have a clear goal to increase growth and Investment in the coming years.

Within the report, Ignacio Villaseca, the Teldat Group CEO, explains how Teldat has moved quickly onto offering the cloud-based technology which has allowed many companies to undergo a digital transformation, enabling them to migrate from traditional networking to Software Defined Schemes, whereby network administrators can manage network behavior via open interfaces.

Teldat is clearly among the few companies on the market that offer this deployment with ease, affordability, with minimum disruption for its clients.  

For more detailed information please read the full report on the 1000 companies to inspire Europe 2017


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Encryption Standard for WPA2.



19th October 2017/Madrid



Last weekend on October 15th, 2017, the media reported a security vulnerability in the WPA2 encryption standard. This attack, dubbed KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attack), affects the connection establishment. Said attack targets WPA registration and specifically affects 802.11r access points (fast roaming) and access points in client mode (station mode). 

Teldat would like to inform you that:

  1. Access points in their routers running in network mode do not support either 802.11r or 802.11s, and therefore are not susceptible to the security breach.
  1. Access points in their routers running in client mode are affected by the flaw and our R&D department is currently working on a short-term solution for all affected models.

List of router families that may be affected by said flaw:

  • Teldat-M1
  • Teldat-iM8
  • Teldat H2-Auto+
  • Teldat APR222ac
  • Teldat H2-Rail
  • Teldat W2002T-n

Additional information indicates that wireless LAN passwords cannot be captured in this way.  It is also important to know that HTTPS (SSL/TLS) protected data, such as in online banking connections or transfers of login data, cannot be decrypted by KRACK. 

Teldat will keep you fully informed of the corresponding software updates for affected devices.

Kind regards - Marketing Department


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Another four new Teldat recruits in the last few weeks.

Jaime Gotor, Miriam Lema and Pedro Vaca all join Teldat in the R&D dept., as well as Jon Ander Vázquez who joins the Support dept.



16th October 2017/Madrid



In the last few weeks, recruitment activity has been high within Teldat. Apart from the new incorporations which have already been mentioned, within this News article we announce another four news employees. 

Jaime Gotor, has joined the SD-WAN development team within Teldat’s R&D team. He is a Telecommunications Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and also has a master’s degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology in USA, where he studied Information Technology & Management. After this he worked for 2 years as an IT consultant in Hyla Soft, also in USA. This knowledge and experience has enabled Jaime to become a programmer in Teldat’s R&D SD-WAN team and he will work on the Cloud Net Manager on Microservices.

Miriam Lema, also in R&D, has a degree in Service and Technology Telecommunications Engineering from the University Autonoma of Madrid. She previously worked for Telefónica in the roaming department. This has given Miriam a very important experience in LTE and cellular networks, which is highly valued in Teldat and will undoubtedly help her, in her first tasks in Teldat where she will be working on the operating system for Teldat routers.

Pedro Vaca, has joined the R&D department. He has a degree in Telecommunication Electronic Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and experience working for Ixion in issues related to autonomous vehicles for space missions and industry. Then at Eleven Paths, the cybersecurity department within Telefónica, he worked on IoT security solutions. He has entered Teldat to join the VoIP team and is currently being trained in Madrid, to accompany colleagues in the very near future at Teldat offices in Germany.

Jon Ander Vazquez, has been recruited by Teldat’s Support department. He has a professional training in STI (Information & Telecommunication Systems) from SATAFI (Madrid) after which he worked with Telefónica Business Solutions, carrying out troubleshooting with technicians across the globe. After this experience, also with Telefonica, Jon Ander worked in the Spanish Social Security. Within Teldat he will be working on troubleshooting and configuration for Teldat customers, especially in areas related to webfiltering.

All our new colleagues have totally different hobbies and interests which they carry out in their spare time. Miriam spent 17 years practicing ballet and has now moved onto running, Jaime likes photography, Pedro goes trekking with his friends and Jon Ander is fascinated by 3D design for videogames and films.

A big welcome to all of you! 


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Jorge Parra, new SaaS expert at Teldat.

Jorge joins Teldat's marketing team as an expert in SaaS and network virtualization.



9th October 2017/Madrid



Jorge Parra joins the Marketing team in a new position in which he will focus on expanding the development of Teldats SD-WAN solutions worldwide. Jorge is a Telecommunications Engineer from the University of Carlos III, with a degree in Research and Marketing techniques from the University of King Juan Carlos and a Masters degree from IEBS.

In addition, Jorge has had an interesting professional path in various aspects of the X-aaS market, and has led digital transformations for a range of companies, helping them towards operationally more efficient and profitable organizational models and business structures. He was a member of GIGASs management team, from its beginnings as a startup company, until its arrival on the Alternative Stock Market (MaB), in only three years. With GIGAS, apart from being involved in internationalization processes and brand positioning, he participated in strategic business and product planning, adapting the companys cloud portfolio to meets the IT transformation needs of the market.

Later, as ONESTICs Chief Business Development Officer, he worked closely with other C-level executives to craft the companys strategic business development plans, with special focus on business unification and control processes, IT structure, and on the development of new SaaS and PaaS ecommerce product lines that provided the company with a revamped and more efficient version of its offering.

As a result, he brings a unique blend of experience, knowledge and SaaS business vision to Teldat.  He will be responsible for strengthening the development of SD-WAN solutions across different market segments and in countries where Teldat is present, with special focus on the German market (on its channels, integrators and end users) where Teldat has substantial business potential. Jorges remit will be to achieve a new and competitive SaaS networking business line, which will strengthen our positioning and participation in the digital transformation processes demanded by the market and our customers, with Teldats SD-WAN line.

In his free time, Jorge is a sports enthusiast who likes to take time to read, be at the forefront of new technological innovations and market trends, and spend time with his loved ones.

Welcome to Teldat Jorge! We feel sure that you will love your project and being a part of Teldats great SD-WAN team. 


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Verushka Ugarte, Teldat's newly appointed Country Manager for Peru.

Verushka joins Teldat Peru, as our new Country Manager, continuing Teldat's policy on growth strategy.



29th September 2017/Madrid



Verushka Ugarte has joined the LATAM business unit as its Country Manager, furthering the company strategy of investing in Latin America, and particularly in Peru. Verushka Ugarte holds a degree in Marketing from the San Ignacio de Loyola University (Lima, Peru) and the University of Chile (Santiago, Chile), and an important professional career in several companies in the Telecommunications sector.  For three years, she held the position of business ally manager in Aneaxesat, dealing with carriers such as Claro and Americatel and has also worked for companies including Desca and Microsoft

As Teldat Peru’s Country Manager, she will take on crucial objectives. To continue with Teldat’s growth policy in Peru; one of the most important goals is to manage our partner (Netcorp), Telefónica (Peru), as well as attend our end customers. Significant challenges for both Verushka and her sales, pre-sales and support team, all based in Lima. 

In her leisure time, Verushka enjoys traveling with her son. For her, however, it’s not just about experiencing a new place. Prior to any trip, she and her son like to spend time looking up information on their new destination, and learn a little on its culture, history and even politics. This not only makes their trips singular experiences, but also adds to her son’s growing knowledge.

Welcome to Teldat, Verushka!


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Q4/2017 Kick-off in Teldat Madrid.

Teldat product marketing and strategic marketing departments present new products and issues to Teldat colleagues. 



26th September 2017/Madrid



The Teldat President, Antonio García Marcos, opened the Q4/2017 Kick Off with a short introduction to the event, followed by Ignacio Loizaga (Teldat Marketing & Technology VP), who summarized all the issues to be presented. SD-WAN, was perhaps one of the key products of the day. Marce Gil (SD-WAN Business Line Manager) explained all the innovations that are going to come into place in the very near future. After that Francisco Navarro (Business Line Manager for Corporate Routers) presented unique points related to his product line, followed by Aida Suarez who joined Teldat this year as Junior Business Line Manager for the transport sector and then Francisco Guerrero (Business Line Manager for Transport & Smart Grid).

Finally, Eduardo Tejedor (VP Strategic Marketing) displayed Teldat roamaps and market tendencies for the near future.     

A great day in which many points were unveiled to the Teldat team. Click here and see some photos of the Q4/2017 Kick Off event! 


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Ignacio Loizaga speaks about network virtualization 

Ignacio Loizaga took the floor on the 56th Congress organized by FITCE to speak about network virtualization and digital transformation.


21st September 2017/Madrid



On the 14th and 15th of September, the Spanish Official College of Telecommunication Engineers (COIT) and the Spanish Association of Telecommunication Engineers (AEIT) organized a Congress to commemorate COITs 50th Anniversary. In addition, they also hosted the 56th Congress of the Federation of Telecommunications Engineers of the European Community (FITCE).

A group of well-known engineers came together under the banner of Digital Transformation: A Great Challenge for Telecommunications and IT Engineers to discuss, among other things, 5G networks, cybersecurity, and smart technologies. Ignacio Loizaga (VP of Marketing and Technology at Teldat) spoke about network virtualization and the transformation of data centers, carrier networks and branch office communications. During his speech, Ignacio focused on the new challenges faced by the IT departments of SMEs and multinationals, as well as on the great progress Teldat is making in the field of SD-WAN.


We would like to thank COIT, AEIT and FITCE for an exceptional event.     


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Carlos Gómez is joining Teldat's SD-WAN team

Carlos Gómez will be joining the SD-WAN product marketing team at Teldat.


19th September 2017/Madrid



Following the companys policy of further investing in SD-WAN and network virtualization, Carlos Gómez will be joining the product marketing team at Teldat. Carlos has a degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Lund University in Sweden. Before joining Teldat, Carlos worked for Telefónica in SDN and Network Function Virtualization projects, where he gained valuable global work experience over time.

As part of the product marketing team at Teldat, Carlos will be key in developing our SD-WAN portfolio. In addition to providing support and assistance to the sales team, he will be responsible for drafting information kits to be handed to current and potential customers.

In his spare time, Carlos enjoys playing several sports. For many years and up until recently, he was a federated player in Madrids handball league. He has now switched to padel and running, and hopes to take part in a marathon soon.

We wish Carlos good luck in his new position! 


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Teldat appoints new Vice President of EMEAR, North America and Asia

Fernando Rojo del Rey joins Teldat as Vice President of its EMEAR, North America and Asia regions with some big goals in mind. 


11th September 2017/Madrid



Fernando Rojo del Rey joins Teldat as the Vice President of business development for its EMEAR, North America and Asia markets. Fernando, who graduated as a computer engineer from the CEU University of Madrid, has extensive experience in the IT and telecommunications sector.  Of particular note, he has spent 12 years working at Cisco Systems as Channel Director for Spain and later Southern Europe. Prior to this, he has held various leadership roles in a number of IT and Telecommunications companies, including Sage, The Santa Cruz Operation and NCR, among others.

At Teldat, Fernando will aim to develop new business strategies to strengthen the companys current business across EMEAR, North America and Asia. He is particularly keen to develop certain specific markets, like the USA and Eastern European markets, among many others. Fernando also sees a major potential for expanding the companys business areas through new partners.

Another of Fernandos objectives is to implement a new channel strategy in Teldat. Above all, he has a clear goal for SD-WAN technology to reach the market through the channel. Fernandos vast experience and insight in this area have been key in his appointment at Teldat.

Apart from devoting a large amount of time to his new position at Teldat, Fernando will surely continue with his many hobbies, which include playing golf, paddle and skiing. He is also hugely passionate about drones, commenting that flying drones is a great way to spend his free time. 

We wish Fernando every success in his new position at Teldat. 


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Portable Automotive Wi-Fi Routers

Teldat classified within the main manufacturers of portable automotive Wi-Fi Routers. 


25th July 2017/Madrid



Connectivity within vehicles is more than just a need, its now an integral part of life, therefore portable Wi-Fi routers for hotspot access is important. Automotive manufacturers are therefore embracing advanced connectivity solutions, adopting cellular and Wi-Fi technology to deliver resourceful services and enhance customer experience, especially those related to Internet of Things (IoT). Moreover, this will also be enhanced by the new cellular 5G technologies.

Some automotive manufacturers develop built-in systems into their vehicles, but many look into using portable Wi-Fi routers for vehicles and hence the growth of these devices is expected to be relatively high between 2016 and 2026.  

One of the manufacturers of portable Wi-Fi automotive routers on a global scale, is among others Teldat.


Click here for more detailed information on this news article.


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The Wall Street Technology Association's 50th Anniversary

The Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA) to celebrate its 50th anniversary, serving educational & networking needs of the financial sector. 


17th July 2017/Madrid



The Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA®), a not-for-profit organization, will hold its annual Summer Social premier networking event on July 19, 2017 in New York City.

This association began when eight telecommunications managers formed the origins of the association in May 1967 and since then has successfully educated and connected financial industry professionals, via seminars, panel discussions, roundtables, etc.

The association is comprised of financial firm members (2,400), vendor affiliates and sponsors. Affiliates and sponsors are an integral component of the WSTA, providing the resources needed to run the educational and networking programs in the areas of cloud, digital, mobility, security, software, infrastructure, networking and others. They strengthen the bond between members and companies that serve the technology needs of the financial community.

The WSTA looks forward to many more years of activity focused on the advances of technology.


For more detailed information please read the PRWEB news article


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@asLAN Technological Tour

The @asLAN Technological Tour will commence in September 2017.


10th July 2017/Madrid



"Digital Transformation: Fully Connected," is theme of the XII @asLAN 2017 technological tour. This tour will take place throughout the final quarter of 2017 and be visiting various Spanish cities. 

The tour will begin in Santiago de Compostela (21st September) followed by Valencia (28th September), Barcelona (18th & 19th October), Vitoria (7th November) and finish in Málaga (23rd November). 

Open discussions will be held on the role of technology in the digital transformation process for companies and organizations, the tendencies, solutions, etc. Among the many subjects to be presented, certain topics will be focused on, such as the network, IoT, security, cloud and mobility. 

For further information, please contact


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Succesful Breakfast Tour in Germany

bintec elmeg (Teldat Group) has just finished its Breakfast Tour where our ALL-IP solution was presented. 


3rd July 2017/Madrid



The German company bintec elmeg which is part of the Teldat Group, has just finished its successful breakfast tour during the Spring of 2017. A total of 18 different breakfast events were held in 16 German cities, as well as one in Austria and another in Switzerland.

The ALL-IP solution was the core of these events, including the be.IP product range and although SD-WAN was not part of the breakfast tour, clients did show particular interest in SD-WAN.

Our colleagues classified the outcome as successful, because among other issues, it was great to see that our clients were very pleased with the company and our new products.

Finally, we would like to thank all those guest presenters that were at the events. 


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Teldat Atlas-60 for digitalization process

A new Teldat case study explains how our client (an international bank) uses the Atlas-60 for their branch level digitalization process. 


28th June 2017/Madrid


A new case study has been launched on the Teldat website. A case study that explains how our client, an international bank, uses the Teldat Atlas-60 as part of their digitalization process at branch level.      

The Atlas-60 is the perfect fit for various of our customer’s scenarios (Fiber, ADSL, etc.) and although the devices currently run on MPLS, a future migration to SD-WAN is totally viable. 

Teldat got the deal for many reasons. Among others, the Atlas-60 exceeded all performance tests at the customer laboratory, standing out against the competitors. The Atlas-60’s device modulation and durability, as well as perfect adaptation to future SD-WAN scenarios at the bank branches was also vital. 

Read the case study in detail by clicking here, or go to case studies on the mega menu of 


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Teldat SD-WAN press release

Teldat SD-WAN solution on North American press release. 


26th June 2017/Madrid


On 20th June Teldat SD-WAN solution came out in a North American press release, in which various aspects of the Teldat SD-WAN solution were explained, including our participation at the Digital Enterprise Show and how grateful we were to have Jan Hein Bakkers - IDC Senior Research Manager, who gave an interesting summary of the SD-WAN market at Teldat’s presentation.

This press release includes the new Teldat video which explains in detail how flexible, scalable, as well as easy to implement and manage, the Teldat SD-WAN solution is. This video can also be seen at our SD-WAN solutions page.


We encourage you to look at the press release, because among other issues you will be able to read a quick summary of the SD-WAN market requirements, what Teldat SD-WAN offers, what is unique about Teldat’s SD-WAN solution and an interesting Infographic that IDC Research has launched, summarizing the market and our solution.


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Teldat President cutting the ribbon.

A new Teldat board meeting room, offices and open space are now in use at Teldat HQ in Tres Cantos, Madrid. 


22nd June 2017/Madrid

Last week Antonio García Marcos, Teldat President, cut the opening ceremony ribbon to the new board meeting room that was to be used for the first time by the Teldat Management. The whole north wing of the second floor, at Teldat’s HQ building in Tres Cantos, Madrid is now new. 

As well as the new board meeting room, there are also new offices for Teldat directors and open space for sales and account managers. 

Apart from the constant large investment which Teldat makes in R&D to keep it at the forefront of telecommunication technology and solutions, the growth and development of the company required a new meeting room that could provide the latest video conference infrastructure in order to have direct communications with Teldat´s offices in Europe, Latam and USA.


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The Canary Islands XI Telecommunications Event

Teldat was invited to attend this event, held in Santa Cruz, Tenerife, devoted to Smart Cities. 


21st June 2017/Madrid


In June of this year, Teldat attended The Canary Islands XI Telecommunications Event as invited guests. This prestigious event was held this year at the NH hotel in Santa Cruz (Tenerife), and organized by the COITC (Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros de Telecomunicaciones de Canarias – Official College of Telecommunication Engineers, Canary Islands) and the ACIT (Asociación Canaria Ingenieros de Telecomunicaciones – Official Association of Telecommunication Engineers, Canary Islands).

Representing Teldat was Rafael Delgado, Teldat’s account manager for the Canary Islands, who described both the presentations and the round table as very interesting and particularly informative.  

The round table dealt with the current initiatives on Smart Cities and Urban Sustainable Development and Integration.  Several of the leading projects involving the digital transformation of urban areas in the Canaries were addressed, giving the audience a view to some of the initiatives undertaken by various municipalities and town councils towards becoming Smart Cities.

Afterwards, during the main event, the awards ceremony and the dinner, Teldat took advantage of the numerous opportunities to talk to their friends and clients in the more relaxed surroundings of the Santa Cruz casino. Teldat would like to thank COITC and ACIT for organizing such a successful event and look forward to the Canary Islands 2018 XII Telecommunications Event with enthusiasm. 


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Teldat be-IP plus-WE perfect IP migration solution

Teldat publishes a new case study which explains how our partner in Holland uses the be.IP plus-WE to offer all-in-one solution.


14th June 2017/Madrid

This week a new case study has been launched on the Teldat website. A case study that explains how the be-ip plus-WE has been used by our partner in Holland for their clients IP migration, by supplying ADSL/VDSL connectivity, as well as Wi-Fi. However, no migration from ISDN and PSTN to IP can take place overnight. This case study explains how certain legacy set-ups (alarm systems, fax, DECT phones, etc.) could remain as the be.IP plus-WE provides ISDN and PSTN ports.

The be.IP plus-WE is shown as the perfect all-in-one IP migration solution that allows our client to present the end users a simple yet advantageous commercial offer, as well as permitting cost reductions in installations and maintenance. In all making it easier to sell their IP migration solution.

Teldat got the deal, because no other product gave on product with ADSL/VDSL fixed lines, ISDN/PSTN legacy lines, Wi-Fi, USB ports, etc, as well as the very high level of support that Teldat has.


Read the case study in detail by clicking here, or go to case studies on the mega menu of    


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ATUC 2017 

Teldat launched their H2-Automotive+ at ATUC's XXIV National Congress of Urban and Metropolitan Transport held in Palma de Mallorca. 


12th June 2017/Madrid

Last week, Teldat attendd the ATC's 24th National Congress of Urban and Metropolitan Transport held in Palma de Mallorca. This famous annual event brings together all things to do with transport under one roof. This year, however, enormous interest was shown in the digitalization of the transport sector (a process already in motion out in other sectors). And it was in this specific field that Teldat, in their role of sponsor and with their own stand, provided visitors with the opportunity to view, in situ, their new ruggerized multiservice communications platform for vehicles, the Teldat H2-Automotive+

Since its concept, this very successful platform has undergone several evolutions and been incorporated into numerous important projects. The current communications platform stands out for its multiple WAN LITE and Wi-Fi connections. Specifically, it integrates up to FOUR WWAN (4G/LTE) modules, able to operate simultaneously, and TWO Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac thus increasing Wi-Fi service capacity in high density traffic areas. 

It was a very pleasant event. Teldat experts had the chance to greet their customers and get to know potential ones. 

We would like to thank ATUC for organizing this event, and keenly look forward to the next congress in 2018. 


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Teldat at Digital Enterprise Show 2017 (Madrid, Spain)


06th June 2017/Madrid

Teldat was present at the world's leading event on digital transformation which was held in Madrid between 23rd-25th May, the Digital Enterprise Show (DES). Teldat had a stand at DES on which we exhibited our new SD-WAN solution. There was the opportunity to show those who visited our stand the re-launch of the Teldat SD-WAN product. We had detailed information to explain how our unique and flexible SD-WAN solution is what virtually anyone seeking SD-WAN is going to require, as it permits gradual migration due to the breakdown of Teldat's SD-WAN solution into product licenses. 

In one of the Congress rooms at the Digital Enterprise Show, SD-WAN was explained from different perspectives by Teldat Management (Miguel Ángel Leal - Teldat's Chief Sales and Digital Officer, Marce Gil - Teldat's SD-WAN Business Line Manager and Emilio Rodríguez - Teldat Business Unit Manager for South West Europe). Moreover, we were grateful to also have the participation of Jan Hein Bakkers -  IDC Senior Research Manager, who gave interesting summary of the SD-WAN market. 

If you are interested in SD-WAN, please have a look at all the new related pages that we now have on our web. A solutions page, indicating how it works, varios use cases and a product page with all the product license related datasheets and video

Thanks to all those who came to visit us and we hope to have the opportunity to see you all soon. 

Have a look at our photograph album of the event on Flickr.


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Teldat launches onboard Vehicle Communications Platform Microsite 

What having onboard internet connectivity can really mean for a bus company and its passengers if an advanced vehicle communication platform is used.


24th November 2016/Madrid

Teldat recently launched its new microsite to explain in detail what having onboard internet connectivity can really mean for a bus company and its passengers, if a Teldat advanced communication platform is used.

To summarize and make the explanation easily understandable, on the Home page of this microsite, there is a 2 minute video which explains what can be “the perfect bus trip” which can be put into place with a Teldat vehicle communication platform; Wi-Fi connectivity for passengers’ on their own devices to watch films, series or sport events, play online games, make VoIP calls, etc.; also adding connectivity for the fleet owners to control online CCTV, fleet location and much more.


Teldat divides the vehicle communications platform microsite into four sections to transmit the main business areas that are affected with the use of a Teldat rugged communication platform. These sections are classified as: New opportunities, Customer experience, Operations and Security.


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Teldat at European Utility Week 2016 (Barcelona, Spain)

21st November 2016/Madrid

Teldat was at the European Utility Week 2016 last week (16-18 november), in Barcelona. 

Francisco Guerrero, Product Manager – Business Line Manager at Teldat, and Andrés Monterrubio, Utility Project Manager at Teldat, attended this fair, focused on the utilities market, including Smart Grid, with its partner PRIME alliance.

PRIME alliance is a mature, consolidated and worldwide PLC standard for Advanced Metering, Grid Control and Asset Monitoring applications and the objective to establish a set of open international PLC standards has been met.

On the Prime Alliance stand the Teldat Regesta Compact PLC-3G router was on show. A PLC gateway for efficient, cost-effective telemetry deployments that brings the most advanced IP network protocols to the world of Smart Grids and telemetry. It’s an ideal device for the deployment of intelligent centralized telemetry solutions that require reliable communications with up to a large quantity of PLC smart meters. The Regesta Compact PLC-3G takes full advantage of Teldat's advanced internetworking software (CIT) to provide state-of-the-art communications security.

The European Utility Week 2016 event serves as an annual meeting point for the community and will be attended by 12.000 international visitors, 450 speakers and 600 exhibitors.

Thank you to all who accompanied Teldat at the European Utility Week 2016.

Teldat also works with communication platforms in other vertical markets such as automobile. Click here for more information. 


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New Teldat router: Atlas-i70

Application platform and connectivity for companies and branch offices

16th June 2016/Madrid

Teldat has launched the new Atlas-i70, its most powerful modular router to date. This new device has been designed to offer high-speed internal or external connectivity (up to 1Gbps) to big branch offices and companies. Thanks to its capacity, two slots, and a wide range of compatible cards, the router is flexible enough to adapt to all kinds of connectivity scenarios.

Moreover, the Atlas-i70 can also be used as an application platform allowing for network virtualization of multiple processes (security, acceleration…). This feature does not require additional hardware, since it is natively supported through the dual core processor and easily managed from the cloud. 

Click here for further information on the Atlas-i70 router

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Teldat at Train Communication Systems 2016 (London, UK)

Teldat launches its latest solution for rail stock and Francisco Guerrero presents on Satellite & Cellular connectivity

9th June 2016/Madrid

Teldat has been at the Train Communications Systems event in London this week, exhibiting our latest communication devices to offer broadband on all types of rail stock and how this can open a multiservice communication infrastructure for trains.

Francisco Guerrero, Product Marketing – Business Line Manager at Teldat, gave a presentation at the show on the future of Satellite and Cellular connectivity, together with Wi-Fi deployments on trains. Francisco explained how by incorporating these networks onto high speed trains, new business models can offer customers added value services such as onboard entertainment, onboard shopping, or online marketing. Moreover, cellular, satellite and Wi-Fi connectivity will allow train companies to improve internal staff services, alarm systems, etc.

In what was a relatively short timeframe, Francisco Guerrero went into quite some detail. Perhaps one of the most interesting points was his explanation on how Teldat can aggregate LTE and Satellite into one bandwidth.
Thanks to all those who were with Teldat at the event, Train Communications Systems 2016.

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Teldat at ATUC (Bilbao, Spain)

Teldat launches its latest onboard solutions for passenger buses at the ATUC in Bilbao

1st June 2016/Madrid

On the 26th and 27th of May, Teldat participated in the XXIII National Congress on Urban and Metropolitan Transport held in Bilbao.  This well-known fair is organized by the ATUC, an association made up of state owned and private bus, subway and railroad companies who are responsible for the state’s collective urban transport in our main cities.

Javier Fernandez, Teldat’s new automation product specialist, and Francisco Guerrero, our Automation Product Manager, presented Teldat’s new onboard solutions for passenger transport during this prestigious event.

Teldat took great pleasure in joining the main sectoral players there and being able to showcase its latest developments in this field.

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Software Defined WAN - SD-WAN

A powerful network solution for carriers and corporations

17th May 2016/Madrid

Teldat has just launched its new SD-WAN solution. It allows both carriers and companies to create a powerful network solution, which meets their expectations and solves their needs in so much as cost and flexibility. Moreover, it combines a user friendly approach and ever essential monitoring.

SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN) is a communications network made up of different technologies, which operate synchronously to satisfy the most demanding of CIO’s ambitions. SD-WAN architecture is based on the use of Internet lines for access connections and a management layer that provides quality of service at a corporate level.

Our SD-WAN solution offers numerous advantages that range from creating VPNs (using any type of IP access) to traffic identification and selection. This way, dynamic rules can be applied to configure an adaptable intelligent corporate network with the ability to provide real time analysis of remote office access quality.

Teldat has also recently launched its Teldat-iM8 router, intricately linked to the company’s SD-WAN solution. The iM8 is Teldat’s new signature router for SD-WAN with its powerful and scalable platform, which is both modular, compact and delivers services of up to 1000Mbps. With its SFP, VDSL and G.SHDSL connectivity (supporting both 3G/4G), it not only acts as an Access Point but is able to dedicate a CPU core for user applications over Linux Debian. 

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IT User Tech & Business published Whitepaper

The key factors to a business grade WLAN

3rd May 2016/Madrid

Publishing company, IT User Tech & Business, has published a white paper on wireless networks and how companies have gone from seeing them as an option, to regarding them as something indispensable. IT User describes the different scenarios where WLAN and Wi-Fi networks are used, already far beyond simple laptop connections. And nowadays you haven’t just got the classic office environment, there are now many different environments out there. IT User also explains how a WLAN network provides not only access points but also management, monitoring and network infrastructure services.

This document analyzes these aspects of a wireless network in relation to Teldat’s WLAN products. From interior access points to the more specialized access points used in exterior or industrial environments. It also describes what is entailed in installing Wi-Fi in vehicles and trains, and provides a general outline of Teldat’s Wi-Fi management tool, the Colibrí platform.  

All of the above makes it all the more important to consider the many different aspects involved in planning wireless network infrastructure.

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Teldat at IT Partners (France)

Teldat Wi-Fi solutions were displayed at the IT Partners trade fair in Paris with our partner CRIS Réseaux & Sécurite.

17th March 2016/Madrid

Teldat was at the trade fair IT Partners in Paris once again with our French partner Cris Réseaux & Sécurité, on the 9th March. Different members of our team were at IT Partners, including Teldat’s Business Line Manager for Wireless LAN / Wi-Fi products, who carried out various workshops, related to 802.11ac access points, including how they can be managed from the cloud with our network management tools.

It was a pleasure being at this trade show in Paris with our partner Cris Réseaux & Sécurité and having the opportunity to inform all those who visited our stand, where we could explain Teldat’s latest Wi-Fi technology.  

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Teldat presents at TechAdvantage 2016

Innovative Teldat networking solutions are shown at TechAdvantage 2016 in New Orleans (USA)

25th February 2016/Madrid

Last week Teldat presented at the TechAdvantage 2016 trade fair in New Orleans (USA). The Teldat team explained how our communications platforms for both Smart Grids and Service Fleets can improve the efficiency and cyber security of communications systems and reduce operational costs. All this, especially within energy generation, distribution, and metering applications, as well as enabling service fleets and technicians to be more productive.

See a full article of Teldat at TechAdvantage 2016:

Click here…

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Teldat presenting innovative networking solutions at TechAdvantage 2016

Reliable and Secure Communications for Smart Grid  and Service Fleets

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana   Teldat SA will presenting a broad portfolio of innovative networking solutions that have been custom designed for the needs of Smart Grid and Service Fleet operators at TechAdvanatge 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  From February 15th to the 17th, 2016 leading network specialists from Madrid and the USA will present information on the latest trends and pioneering technologies for the power industry at Booth 854.

Key topics at the trade fair will include improving the efficiency and cyber security of communications systems and reducing operational costs.  Highly reliable products for networking energy generation, distribution, and metering applications, as well as enabling service fleets and technicians to be more productive will share the spotlight.

Teldat, with 30 years of experience in corporate communications technologies, has been developing secure, reliable, and professional solutions with leading electricity companies since the initial deployment of Smart Grids in Europe. This has made Teldat a capable and reliable technology partner in this complex environment.

Reducing Operations Costs

Applying key technologies like support for legacy and current SCADA protocols, protecting information over lower cost public networks, cost reduction techniques for implementing redundancy and failover technologies, and low equipment service rates and zero touch deployment result in lowering overall network lifecycle costs.

Improving Cyber Security

Teldat products support all of the latest international standards for cyber security including strong hardware based encryption, VPN and DMVPN, firewall and access controls, Radius, TACACS+, as well as cloud based installation and monitoring tools.

Increasing System Reliability

Teldat’s hardware and software design have created exceptionally low device failure rates, unique tools for monitoring network health and creating failover and recovery techniques across multiple network types and providers.

Introducing SD-WAN for Smart Grids and Transportation

New technologies apply intelligence built into Teldat products for cloud based network management, smarter and more secure utilization of both public and private network providers, as well as dynamic management and awareness of the traffic flowing on your networks.

Press contact:  

Teldat SA
Javier García
Teldat Corporate Marketing

Tel: +34.91.807.65.65
Email: jgarcia(at)

Short Portrait of Teldat SA

Teldat Group is a leading technology holding that designs, manufactures and distributes advanced Internetworking platforms for corporate and enterprise environments, providing new and cutting-edge communication solutions without ever losing sight of its customers’ real requirements. Teldat’s solutions’ development is based on proprietary technology, which is in the Group´s DNA. This allows Teldat to be a leading provider in Enterprise Communications equipment and Services markets.

From a geographical viewpoint, Teldat Group has a presence in all continents, with offices in USA, Europe and LATAM.


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Teldat team at the BBWF 2015

The Teldat Team has been at the BBWF2015 in London this week, presenting our be.IP system 

29th November 2015/Madrid

The Teldat Team has been at the BBWF2015 in London this week, presenting our beIP system. As PSTN and ISDN switch-off is a fact, we have shown Carriers how an efficient migration of switched telephony networks to Full-IP can be implemented with beIP, enabling a solution on one line, one network and one protocol (IP).

This system is especially important for the Midsize and SME business segments, which are large markets with a high potential revenue. In all Teldat has explained how we’ve helped make ISDN DECOMMISSIONING easy, quick and cost effective.


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EUTC 2015 - Eliminating threats on Smart Grids

Francisco Guerrero presents at EUTC 2015 how Teldat Regesta-PRO ER can eliminate threats on Smart Grids. 

22th November 2015/Madrid

Francisco Guerrero, Business Line Manager for Utilities at Teldat gave a successful presentation at the annual 2015 EUTC in Dublin. He explained that security risks can be very high on Smart-Grids, as they are made up many thousands of connected remote sites which give critical services to entire nations in some cases.

Francisco concluded on how the Teldat Regesta PRO-ER and PLC devices can eliminate threats in a cost-effective way using specific technology such as DMVPN, VLAN, VRF, etc.


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Celebrating Teldat’s 30th Anniversary

A marvelous evening with Jazz, Art and technology to celebrate Teldat’s 30th Anniversary

26th June 2015/Madrid

Teldat, celebrated its 30th anniversary, at the Real Fabrica de Tapices, Madrid. Over 200 people were present at the event at which Antonio García Marcos, Teldat President, spoke on how the success of the company had been built on the three basic pillars of tenacity, talent and hard work.

Then Ignacio Villaseca, Teldat CEO ran through the company’s history. From when Teldat was a startup in 1985, to the company it is today; a main European telecommunications manufacturer, with worldwide presence. All the guests enjoyed a very pleasant evening with live jazz music, an art gallery and a cocktail in the garden of the Real Fabrica de Tapices.

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