The Integra-T Training department is pleased to offer courses and certifications that comprehensively cover all the technologies the company markets.

    The Integra-T Training department is pleased to offer courses and certifications that comprehensively cover all the technologies the company markets. These courses have been organized into various levels: 

    • Basic: Where the attendees are taught the basic knowledge required to handle any Teldat product.


    • Advanced: This course provides the advanced knowledge needed for the two main product lines: Internetworking and IP Telephony.


    • Specialist: Where the attendees specialize in handling network architectures based on Teldat technology, and more specifically on generating private virtual networks and VoIP


    • Expert: Expert level which includes in-depth knowledge of our technology; this is mainly oriented to the personnel in the Marketing and Sales departments within the organization.



Training Plan

The certification courses encompassed in Integra-T’s Training Plan are structured in the following way:

Duration: 1 Day.


    Teldat devices: Installation.

    • To display the characteristics of all the TELDAT Router families.
    • To select the most appropriate equipment for each kind of network.
    • Install a router, assembly and the different kinds of verifications for configuration.
    • Demonstrate the recovery procedures for the devices.

    Configuration, management and administration of networks with Teldat devices.

    • Know how to solve problems derived from the configuration.
    • Basic troubleshooting, general device monitoring and how to activate the events.
    • To know all the configuration and administration procedures for the routers. 



    • Module 1. Internetworking: Basic knowledge.

      • OSI Layers.
      • Types of protocols.
      • TCP/IP stack.
      • IP and Mask addresses.
      • Types of routes.

    • Module 2. Range of Routers.

      • Module Routers.
      • Compact Routers.

    • Module 3. Installation.

      • Licensing system.
      • Connectors.
      • Device LEDs.
      • Default configuration.
      • Smart-card.
      • Drivers.
      • Rack installation.

    • Module 4. BIOS Menu.

      • CIT.
      • BIOS menu.

    • Module 5. Upgrading the Software.

      • Distribution file.
      • Upgrading the software.

    • Module 6. Administration.

      • Accessing the device.
      • Configuration.
      • Monitoring.
      • Events logging system.

Duration: 4 Days.



    • Selecting the appropriate equipment for each network
    • Basic configuration for TELDAT interfaces and protocols
    • Troubleshooting in configurations
    • Monitoring



    • Module 1: Ethernet Interface and Subinterface
    • Module 2: IP Protocol
    • Module 3: Sniffer
    • Module 4: ATM Interface and Subinterface
    • Module 5: Wireless Interface
    • Module 6: Encapsulation
    • Module 7: Dynamic Routing
    • Module 8: Backup


Duration: 3 Days.


    • Configuring the Teldat ToIP equipment
    • Configuring Telephones
    • ToIP Troubleshooting
    • Checking and Verification Processes



    • Module 1: Teldat Routers
    • Module 2: IP Telephony
    • Module 3: Telephones 

Duration: 2 Days.


    • VPN New Networks: Management and Creation
    • Configuring Teldat devices
    • Troubleshooting


    • Module 1: IP Tunnel
    • Module 2: L2TP
    • Module 3: IPSec
    • Module 4: DVPN’s



Duration: 1 Days.


    • Teldat Interfaces and Protocols
    • Teldat Management Tools: Use and Management
    • TeldaGES Administration
    • Troubleshooting


    • Module 1: SNMP Protocol
    • Module 2: Client Syslog
    • Module 3: Netflow
    • Module 4: Management Systems


Duration: 1 Days.


    • ToIP: Advanced Configurations at User and Administrator Level
    • ToIP: Advanced Infrastructure Management
    • Telephony Scenarios and Data Monitoring.


    • Module 1: IRVoice
    • Module 2: Telephony Scenarios



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