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Communications for smart electricity networks

The role of communications in the smart grid evolution

Market Overview

Smart grids integrate elements connected to electricity networks with advanced information systems to benefit electricity suppliers, distributors and consumers. Based on the latest communications and information technology, these networks interconnect generation and distribution with demand.


Smart grid communications must be strong, secure, reliable, manageable and standards-based in order to ensure connectivity with other network elements. They are primarily concerned with uniting the wealth of information available in the network with information processing systems and centers for decision making, providing added value for electricity operators by optimizing the generation, supply and demand process.

There is a need for safe and reliable infrastructure, capable of using different types of data transmission media to ensure successful smart grid deployment and bring about a transformation of the electricity business by increasing efficiency and generating new revenues.


    Next-generation communications for your smart grid

  • The use of communications software widely used in different business applications and by different telecommunications operators is a guarantee of versatility, performance and security in the deployment of complex, sophisticated communications networks such as smart grids.
  • Versatile access technology

  • Using a combination of multiple access technologies (such as 3G/LTE, ADSL, MetroEthernet and serial ports) and tunneling protocols (like IpSec and DMVPNs) enables secure communications using all kinds of networks (own and others). Especially useful in cost-efficient deployments for sparsely populated areas.
  • Ideal for large-scale deployment installation and maintenance

  • The combination of template-based configurations, management tools like Cloud NetManager and self-provisioning features (zero-touch deployments), and the use of network technologies that avoid central point configuration for each new installation and that facilitate management, as well as multi-range power supply, facilitates the deployment of new points, minimizing time and costs.
  • High availability in critical communications environments

  • The use of next-generation communications such as SD-WAN enables high availability configurations that provide redundancy through the simultaneous use of multiple access technologies (e.g., 3G and ADSL), ensuring the availability and quality of each service.
  • Certified equipment to meet safety and performance standards for electrical environments

  • The Regesta familiy has undergone comprehensive testing to ensure equipment reliability in case of accidents, failures and adverse environmental conditions typical in substations and transformation centers.

Read here to find out more about the various communications platforms we offer: Regesta PRO ER, Regesta PLC and Regesta LITE

Key Product Features

  • SD-WAN-based high availability, active monitoring and multiple access technologies
  • Next-generation mesh VPN networks
  • Highly reliable LAN communications for remote offices (VLAN, DHCP, firewall, advanced diagnostics).
  • Advanced Quality of Service: DSCP classification, M2M traffic flow prioritization and labelling.
  • Management tools for large-scale deployments with zero-touch configuration and troubleshooting.
  • Multi-range power supply (AC and DC) (same equipment for low and medium voltage substations).
  • Non-conducting polymer-based mechanics to ensure electrical isolation and immunity to ensure safety in complex radio-electric environments.
  • Versatile serial ports (RS-232 and RS-485) with GW features (Serial-over-IP and IEC-101 to IEC-104 gateway).
  • Ethernet switch included to connect multiple IP devices.
  • High security with IPSec support, certificates, stateful firewall, access control…


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