Anywhere Operations

anywhere-operations-with-five-blocks-differentiating-face-to-face-and-remote-teleworkingAfter a year as turbulent as the past one was, it is interesting to see the latest trends identified in the world of new technologies, the momentum of which has been key to continuing to maintain the business fabric worldwide.


DevOps and Cloud: A Perfect Symbiosis

DevOpsI’ve always been fascinated by the way in which different computing concepts get converted into common knowledge and how, depending on who’s speaking about a certain concept, that person will tend to assimilate it according to their own field of knowledge and action. This article is the result of a conversation I had with a colleague who interpreted DevOps as related to operational efficiency and facilitating business objectives – which is a perfectly accurate view when looked at from their perspective.


Cloud as the answer to the challenges of WAN

Cloud computingIt is no secret today that the world is changing, and this is also true for the world of WAN – Wide Area Network. The digital transformation we are currently experiencing with the popularization of technology in all aspects of our daily lives is also generating new challenges for the world of Networking, and we can see this reflected in the latest market reports on SD-WAN.