Teleworking and security

teleworking-employee-company-advantages-&-technological-security-needsIn recent months we have seen how coronavirus has altered the traditional working model of many companies. We can always talk about Google, Microsoft or similar examples of companies that were already very advanced in teleworking.


A little Smarketing please…

marketingMost successful companies and corporations have professional sales and marketing teams. If we were to summarize the work of marketing specialists, we could say that it involves creating products and producing content (advertisements, resources, visual elements, etc.) that generate high value leads and which sales will use to close business operations and deals.


Traditional routers (CPE) and their limitations

VNFFor years, the data provision services offered by carriers had a common element: WAN routers or CPEs (Customer Premises Equipment). This hardware device allows the local network of an office to be connected to the corporate service network (thus granting access to everyday applications and the Internet).