SDN resellers – the advantages of automatically configuring SDN networks network infrastructure for a business can be a complicated task due to the degree of complexity of this type of services – to say nothing of configuring and starting up the network.

However, there are a number of ways to simplify and streamline the process through things like centralized management and automatic network configuration, scheduling repetitive tasks, receiving technical assistance to deal with complex problems, etc.

Resellers or system integrators, who normally carry out the work in the field (i.e., installing technological solutions at end customer sites), are also in charge of configuring the equipment, and subsequently of tasks like technical assistance, maintenance, etc.


The importance of SD-WAN for SMEs

sdwanSmall and medium enterprises (SME’s) make up an increasing percentage of existing companies. As a result, they account for almost all of the business fabric worldwide. However, given their limited size, their budget for human resources, technology, safety, and infrastructure tends to be restricted and they must obtain the highest yield and efficiency (more so than large corporations, which often focus on quantity rather than optimization). In brief, small companies usually have as many demanding requirements as big ones.