Ensuring security in corporate environments

seguridad-ti-vpn-ztna-sdpDue to the radical change in the way we work in IT caused by COVID-19, communications and IT professionals and administrators have been forced to implement or improve necessary mechanisms to ensure security in corporate environments while maintaining their availability for users working from home or anywhere.



Roberto Lopez Gil: IT Engineer specialized in networking and cybersecurity. He works in Teldat's Ecosystem division as Technical Manager.

Interpreting manufacturers’ datasheets

datasheetsWe’ve all heard the phrase that timing is everything. Nowadays, the buses that connect, for example, processors to main memory require very precise timing, in the order of tenths of nanoseconds. Manufacturers provide all this information in their datasheets, but it needs to be combined with the appropriate Input/output Buffer Information Specification (IBIS) models and PCB (printed circuit board) construction characteristics, such as trace impedances, their length, number of loads and their distribution, etc.


Manuel Sanchez: Manuel Sánchez González-Pola, Telecommunications Engineer, is part of Teldat’s R&D Department. Within this department he works as a Project Manager in the Hardware team.  

CSMA and media access control

CSMAIf we divide a generic communication system into its most simple parts, we can distinguish four elements: a sender, a receiver, a message to communicate and a medium on which to do so. One of the problems that arises from establishing the communication is access to the medium. When there are multiple users or stations sharing the same communication medium or channel, access control is required to avoid two or more stations transmitting at the same time, which can cause interference and even make the communication impossible.


Cristian Garcia: Computer Engineer in the Teldat R&D department. Within this department he works as a software developer.

5 trends that will transform telecommunications in 2020

telecommunications We are approaching the end of 2019 and the beginning of a new decade in which we are expecting amazing technological innovation capabilities. The last few years have seen repeated reports of trends, with much talk of 5G, cloud services, blockchain, edge computing, IoT, and so forth.


Francisco Navarro: Francisco Navarro, graduated in Physical Science, is a Business Line Manager working within the Marketing Department and responsible for the Teldat Corporate Routers.

High-speed Internet from space: The Starlink network

SatelliteAccessing the Internet from space is not new, with many companies (OneWeb, Space Norway, Telesat, etc.) now offering it. More recently, however, a new participant has emerged on the scene promising something different – Starlink. SpaceX’s plan is to create a network of 12,000 satellites that fly from 350 to 1160 km above our heads and provide fast Internet access using lasers.


Fernando Hernández: Fernando Hernández Sánchez is a Computer Engineer (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) who works in the R&D department. Within that department he is part of the Cloud Appliances group as a Software Engineer.