Best programming practices for relational databases and cost savings

databaseNo time is a bad time to plan improvements. Looking for ways to reduce development costs in the cloud is always a good thing. Process response times in Microsoft SQL Server databases are irreparably deteriorating as our data volume grows. Therefore, we must stay one step ahead by improving our infrastructure and the way we act towards them. Everything can always be improved without needing to contract bigger, more expensive levels of service when it may not yet be necessary.


Robot Framework and test automation

Robot FrameworkProcess automation is becoming increasingly important when developing new software and hardware, as a means to detect implementation failures, carry out behavioral tests involving resources and scenarios, etc. On top of saving employees a great amount of time, it is a quick and easy method that is highly reliable when compared to the alternative: specific tests that have to be run manually. As a result, well-known and highly effective infrastructures (like Robot Framework) have been created.



5G: How it will change our lives

5g technologyThe advent of 5G technology signifies the start of an even more globally connected society, a completely digital society. This technology, expected to be implemented in 2020, will change the way we interact with each other and objects, allowing us to be permanently connected, both to other people, and to everyday objects like the refrigerator or car.The Internet of things boom is imminent, and depends directly on the evolution of communications networks and the arrival of 5G technologies.