Teleworking and security

teleworking-employee-company-advantages-&-technological-security-needsIn recent months we have seen how coronavirus has altered the traditional working model of many companies. We can always talk about Google, Microsoft or similar examples of companies that were already very advanced in teleworking.


Francisco Navarro: Francisco Navarro, graduated in Physical Science, is a Business Line Manager working within the Marketing Department and responsible for the Teldat Corporate Routers.

Cyberbullying, prevention strategies in the digital age

Cyberbullying The internet is a beautiful invention that has transformed the world in many ways. Unfortunately, it has also made life worse for many people. For example, cyberbullying has become a common issue that many schools now have to combat.


David Brebner: BEng in Electronics and MBA from Warwick Business School. David is Sales Vice President for FlashStart Internet Protection, a Teldat Partner for Web Filtering.