Predictive maintenance in elevators via IoT

predictive elevator maintenance-machine-learning-ai-edge computingDuring 2021, the growth of the IoT market has stimulated the creation of new formulas for the application of this technology. Moreover, according to some analysts’ projections, the market could grow to as much as 11 trillion USD by the year 2025. To give you an idea, this figure is roughly equivalent to the combined GDP of Germany, Japan and France.


Delivering Profits with the Internet of Things

Internet of things conceptDelivery Fleets are at the cutting edge of the “internet of things” – just in time delivery, fast response times for service requests, satisfied customers, improving up-time for customer operations, minimizing rolling inventories, productive fleet maintenance, reducing fuel costs … advanced networking and LTE connectivity now provide dozens of ways to be more efficient, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction, resulting in increased profitability.


The 5th Mobile Generation: Research on the Future Internet

Global communicationMobile Internet becomes more and more popular. Whereas mobile Internet has only been used for email checking, it is now used for the same applications as the Internet by cable: surfing the Internet, playing online games, listening to music or streaming videos and films. In addition to this trend there is a further development: The Internet of Things on which more and more devices are connected to the network and among each other. For this increasing demand, the capacity of the 4G standard will not be sufficient anymore.