IoT: Use cases and challenges

iotAfter several years in which the growth forecasts for the IoT market were not met, 2019 exceeded expectations, and certain market analysts predict connected devices will increase by 21% in 2020.


Francisco Lozano: Software Engineer and holds the position of Business Line Manager for the IoT and Mobility area at Teldat

Smart tourism

Smart TourismNow that the second decade of the 21st century is about to end, sustainability and digitalization have become challenges all city areas must face. With this in mind, the 40th FITUR edition, which just took place in Madrid, has greatly focused on the need to incorporate new technologies to tourist destinations and turn them into “Smart Destinations”.


Dan Peinador: Telecommunications Engineer. Technical Director for NRP Software Peninsular, company that has developed various computing projects for Teldat

Open Data – contributes to Smart Cities

open dataA few weeks ago, we blogged about the importance of Smart Cities to promote smart sustainable cities. Half the population worldwide now lives in big cities, and this figure is expected to rise over the next ten years. Recent UN studies show that urban centers consume as much as 78% of the world’s energy and produce more than 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. This problem directly affects the quality of life of citizens; pollution, for example, produces up to 27,000 premature deaths a year in Spain. Smart Cities, therefore, are an ideal tool for developers to design applications that improve quality of life and the environment.


Mario Gonzalez Jimenez: Computer Engineer in the Teldat R&D department. Within this department he works in the cloud computing development group.

European Utility Week 2018: Smart Grids and more

smart gridOn November 6th, the European Utility Week 2018 (EUW18) was held in Vienna (Austria). The event is attended by numerous companies and industry experts and provides an opportunity for them to showcase their developments and solutions. One of the main objectives of this annual event is to achieve a simple transition towards low carbon content energy supply. For three days, you can visit the fair, where leading players in the sector present their most innovative solutions. You can also attend conferences, workshops, technical presentations and educational sessions. In short, the EUW is widely regarded as Europe’s leading Smart Grid event. It serves as a meeting point for professionals from the world of utilities and a knowledge forum, so you don’t miss the latest news.


Aida Suarez: Aida Suárez, graduated in Aeronautical Engineering, is a Business Line Manager working within the Product Marketing Department, and responsible for the Transport line

ZigBee Smart Energy

zigbeeZigBee Smart Energy (SE) is a standard for interconnecting and interoperating devices, via radio frequency, directed towards monitoring, managing and automating energy, gas and water usage. It seeks to be a useful tool for creating “Green Homes”, and is aimed at coordinating energy usage, optimizing its generation and consumption.


Benjamin Garcia: Engineer, is part of Teldat’s R&D Department. Within this department he is part of the Industrial & Mobility Team, and he specializes in cellular and PLC connections.