30 years of the Internet, which are 30 years of Teldat

30 aniversarioThe first commercial internet domain name was registered on the 16th March, 1985: It belonged to a computer manufacturer created from a division of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT that specialized in making LISP machines. To put things into perspective, Microsoft registered its domain name in 1993 and America Online, the largest Internet service provider at the time, did so in 1995, the same year as Amazon.

Teldat, which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, was founded on the 5th May, 1985, only a few weeks after the first domain name was registered. This is no coincidence, mind you, because the history of Teldat is tied to the Internet and the communications networks. Its purpose was to seek the most efficient way of ensuring network access to all of those who already understood this to be the way forward. That the future was to be found in the enormous opportunities opening up in terms of the sharing of information, knowledge and work.  That future that we have achieved 30 years later with a mixture of humility, hard work and perseverance.

These past few days we have celebrated an anniversary that, for us, is very important because our present situation predicts a promising future.   Over the past 30 years, we have become a powerful multinational group present in five continents, designing from our offices in Madrid and Nuremberg, for our customers: major companies, institutions and operators worldwide. We have learnt valuable lessons from all of our customers. And each of them have given us something to be thankful for. Their trust and support have helped us get to where we are today. These have been exciting years, with extremely rapid developments in which we’ve witnessed the disappearance of many of the companies that were with us from the outset, like the visionary Symbology, the first to register an Internet .com domain name.

Our task now is to make that impending future a reality once more, just as we did in 1985. We have always considered the technological design process to be an art form, so for us this is our art. And if cutting-edge art is expressed in the form of new materials, bold approaches and innovative ways of sharing beauty, for Teldat, cutting-edge technology starts with information sharing, since this is the engine that drives the knowledge-based society in which we live today. This is exactly Teldat’s goal: to create, for the knowledge-based society and its members, the most technologically advanced platforms allowing for more efficient communication between companies and their users.

…and a new year starts

teldat logoA year that has a very special meaning for Teldat, because during 2015 we will celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of our company’s establishment.

Thirty years in which we have been participants in the amazing technological evolution of communications, from the first modems to the latest 4G products. Thirty years that have led us from our very first small office (similar to some famous garage start-ups) to four continents, competing with global leaders. Thirty years that we have shared with our team, suppliers and customers, with whom we also hope to share the celebration of such a special birthday.

It will also be an important year because it’s the year in which we will see the successful accomplishment of many projects, investments and initiatives, which we have been working on during these last few years, and especially in 2014. Moreover, also because if the forecasts are reached, this year should be better than previous years. Not only for us, but for everyone and this will be very good news.

That’s why we commence 2015 with strength, enthusiasm and ambitiousness. In fact nothing very different from what we have always done at the beginning of each year, during the last thirty…

A Year ending…

Anna Maria Schmitz - Navidad 2014…which for Teldat has been an important and significant year, successful and with many new projects. A year of integration and growth.

This year 2014 that will finish shortly, has meant among other things, a change in the way Teldat has interacted with our customers, suppliers and all those interested in our technology and what we do.

Since June, when we launched this blog and our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, we have shared many things with our readers: activities, knowledge, opinions, projects, case studies. Everything that we considered relevant to show what makes and what is a small Spanish multinational company which is able to compete with the largest companies within its market sector.

To end this year, we want to thank all our readers for their loyalty and interest as well as welcoming more than 1.000 new followers who have joined our communication channels.

Moreover, we especially want to wish all of them, to all who read us occasionally and all our customers and friends, to have a very merry Christmas and may 2015 be as fruitful for them as this 2014 has been for us.

Teldat Group

Photo: Anna Maria : Teldat´s annual drawing competition. Congratulations!

Few would say that Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire

teldat logoAnd although only a few would say so, it is. The facts says that Oxford University was founded in the early XII century, and the Mexicans founded Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec Empire in the early XIV century.

The perception of time is one of the most subjective sensations in the world. Only when significant events that have taken place over a period of time are reviewed and recognized, one becomes aware of how far it has advanced and the accomplishments that have been achieved.

Very recently, 3 years have been fulfilled since the merger of Teldat SA and Funkwerk Enterprise Communications GmbH, which gave birth to the European leader in communication equipment. A global company present in four continents, with more than 5.000 distributors and a worldwide client base that includes the most important carriers and companies from all market segments. Three years that have gone past very quickly, but in which changes within both parts of the company have been very deep, changing what was an ambitious project into a successful reality.

As in every integration process, the way forward during the past three years has not been easy and it has been necessary to combine different cultures, different business models, different ways of doing things and different structures. And three years later (already!) after overcoming some difficult situations and after much dedication and much hard work from both the German and Spanish teams, increasingly more and more projects are addressed successfully with the undifferentiated participation of both parts of the company. Moreover, it is assumed that this is just the beginning, because Teldat’s competitive advantage lies in its members’ diversity and their unity’s strength. This is exactly what makes Teldat the European leader within its market sector.

Many may think that this is not an adequate post for a technological company and they would be right. However, one thing that makes Teldat a different company to the rest, is that we believe it is necessary to go beyond pure business itself (in our case that is technology) and show certain issues that give us personality as a company. This weekend, the world has commemorated the 25th anniversary of the  Berlin Wall’s fall, something relevant and of special interest to at least half of those who make up our organization. This post’s origin, over time and the integration, finds itself in the commemorative ceremony that has taken place in Madrid and that finalized, via a spectacular event with the transformation of Madrid’s Alcala gate into the Brandenburg gate. There are few graphical images that resemble our company’s transformation into what is today’s great European company. Only three years after.