Moving towards a fully encrypted Internet: DNS encryption and ESNI in TLS

encrypted InternetWeb browsing first began as a system lacking in privacy that allowed users to view simple content in text mode. Since then, the service has evolved in both functionality–allowing you to view complex designs–and in its access methods–said web content can be downloaded encrypted.


Javier Dargel: Telecommunication Engineer, is part of Teldat's R&D Department. Within this department he is specialized in Operating System Development

Web components – understanding the technology

lorena costa teldatWeb Components is a standard introduced by the W3C for creating new elements for the web. It also allows developers to easily reuse and extend both the developed components and native elements. As they are part of the browser, no external library like jQuery is required. All you need to use your web component is a sentence in your HTML.


Lorena Costa: Computer Engineer in the Teldat R&D Department. Within this department she works as a programmer in the Cloud Team

The Internet is written in JavaScript- Latest development trends

javascriptThe most innovative trends in web development in the past few years have centered on the JavaScript language, both on the client (frontend) as well as the server side (backend). It comes as no surprise, therefore, that numerous tools are being created to facilitate the web programmer’s work, such as new Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) centered on web frameworks and libraries.


Jorge Cardenas: Jorge Cárdenas Caballero is a Computer Engineer in the Teldat R&D department. Within this department, he is specialized in SD-WAN Front-end & Back-end development.