The heart of the solution


be.SDx is a unique SDWAN approach and answer to the challenges that enterprise companies’ networks must meet and solve today to be competitive and future-proof.

The innovative mix of a phased implementation strategy, the use of high-performance hardware, and the application of cost-optimized utilization concepts result in a solution that is characterized by a high degree of flexibility at one of the best price-performance ratios on the market.

be.SDx makes it possible to organize the network infrastructure centrally and to optimize it according to the applications and processes, without losing sight of the customer and his or her needs.

The be.SDx SDWAN Controller enables agile network design and translates network characteristics into device configurations for nearly countless different locations.

Complete device provisioning is integrated into the be.SDx SDWAN Controller to enable “one-click” configuration deployment, using devices from scratch. Due to the Level-7 application recognition, it is possible to prioritize and steer the existing network traffic according to the intended objective, either to achieve perfect availability or to optimize the application’s use in a cost-optimal way.

Challenges solved

  • The need for specialized technical staff configuration and deployment.
  • A massive increase in complexity.
  • Increased SaaS usage.
  • Generation of virtual overlay networks over multiple transport networks.
  • There are Mostly only off-the-shelf solutions available. be.SDx, however, can be adapted to specific customer requirements.
  • Business continuity and security.
  • Receive information about the status of the entire system at a glance and thus active and proactive measures are directly possible.
  • Rollout and changes for thousands of branches, due to a template-based, one-click SDWAN concept.

Key Features


Business-oriented and easily adapted to any requirements scenarios. This, together with a strict project approach, makes it possible to find solutions that are not off-the-shelf and are therefore customizable.

Smooth transition

A smooth transition from traditional MPLS infrastructures to a fully integrated SD-WAN solution can be achieved with our integrated policies for overlay, SD-WAN, and fallback strategies between different connections.

Complexity Abstraction

Automatically generates all basic configuration structures. Parameters, which define the scenario, are entered to generate all element configurations in such a way that an expert’s networking intervention is not needed.

New Services

The be.SDx SD-WAN Controller simplifies the addition or modification of services, reducing this task to just a few clicks, so the system automatically generates orders for network devices.

Business Continuity

be.SDx meets the challenges of the increasing use of corporate network and cloud services by consistently pursuing HA concepts from the beginning of development in every conceivable scenario.

Automatic Overlay

Regardless of the network access technology used, whether it’s MPLS, Internet or Hybrid concepts, be.SDx generates the overlay automatically and optionally via MPLS or Internet connectivity.


Due to the fully-integrated north-bound-API, it becomes possible to automate processes and business flows to existing structures and workflows without affecting them or having the need to reorganize them.

User Interface

Application-based configuration via simple reusable models presenting user-friendly information for high-level structures. Wizards are available for guidance through more complex or repetitive processes.

Automatic Site Replication

Branch office data can be readily imported from CSV files, with the corresponding device automatically deploying the generated configurations according to the serial number of these SD-LAN and SD-WAN devices.

Intelligent Security

The automated intelligent communication encryption and the most modern and effective firewall and security concepts, lead to the highest possible level of availability, with the highest performance at an acceptable price.

Making the Net Work


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