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Teldat HotSpot by Wifigo

Network access control and user management system

  • Operating modes: public cloud and appliance
  • Easy administration from a browser
  • Completely customizable welcome page
  • Multiple user registration options
  • Social login (Facebook/Twitter)
  • Full range of real time statistics
  • Optional integration with client databases (LDAP)


Teldat HotSpot combines security with simplicity to allow your guest and business users to connect securely to your Wi-Fi network and in just one click. Teldat HotSpot provides access without passwords or waiting times using client MAC addresses and /or social networking accounts, electronic certificates, etc.

Teldat HotSpot meets the highest security standards, stores sessions and audits connections while taking care of all the legal aspects to ensure the wireless network owner complies with the Telecommunications and Data Protection Law. Teldat HotSpot manages all the connections in real time, capturing everything that happens on your Wi-Fi network for subsequent analysis and to determine patterns and profiles using integrated Big Data analytics.

  • Flexible and scalable customised solutio
  • Teldat HotSpot offers a flexible cloud-based access solution, with no infrastructure costs and no virtual/hardware appliance on client premises

  • Per-AP rather tha per-user licenses
  • Licenses are acquired on a per-AP basis without having to expand them due to an increase in connected users. No access is lost due to a lack of licenses.

  • Social login
  • Users can connect quickly and easily using their social media login

  • Additional advertising source
  • Users receive a continuous stream of images and download and promotional video links that they must access in order to have network connectivity

    Teldat HotSpot makes it easy for organizations/companies to manage network access points securely. Based on Radius, it can be integrated with external databases through LDAP.  Teldat HotSpot allows users to create accounts in seconds by importing information through CSV files. It supports multiple registrations, assigning each of them a connection time, e-mail verification, recurring access, etc. For those scenarios that require it, there is the possibility of 802.1x authentication and the use of certificates. Specifically designed for multisite companies, the tool offers a service for monitoring AP access status, location on a map, and connected users. It supports the classification of APs into groups in order to apply different configuration patterns on a mass scale and thus provide more agility and efficiency to the client in designing their service.

    Figure 1: Figure 1: Components of the Teldat HotSpot solution

  • Multiple user registration options
  • Access control using MAC, SMS, PIN code, username/password, open. Optional support for 802.1x and certificates.

  • Dashboard and AP map
  • Client device status panel: connected/disconnected access points, connected users. AP location visualization with direct access to AP monitoring data.

  • Simple customizable homepage
  • Allows you to add a corporate logo, background image, carousel ad, etc., and preview the result on a tablet or smartphone.

  • Per group/device configuration and monitoring
  • Access points can be classified into groups, each with a welcome page. Monitoring provides information about the APs, users and sessions (login and logout time, total time, upload, and download).

  • Set of reports with multiple filtering options
  • A full report with data on users/day, total users, average download per AP and user, loyalty, top hour of the day, top day of the week, users per hour/day, average connection time, etc.

  • Remote/local access to the tool from GUI
  • Simple administration and configuration. All you need to manage the service is a web browser and the client’s administrator account.

  • Cloud-based solution
  • With the cloud-based solution you will need a license for each AP and you will receive technical support from Teldat’s customer services department.

  • Virtual/hardware appliance solution
  • With the appliance solution you need both a normal and support license for each AP. The solution can be customized to client requirements if necessary.


    • HW appliance for up to 5000 devices
    • 64-bits Intel TM Quad Core 4GB RDIMM, 2xGbE, 2xHD 500GB SATA
    • Redundant power source
    • 1U format (19" rack)



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