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Teldat Group is a leading European manufacturer and supplier of advanced communication platforms for big corporations and SMEs.

With more than thirty years of experience, Teldat has installed close to one million devices in over 800 corporate networks belonging to some of the best-known companies and carriers. The Group has rendered its services to customers in the banking, financial, transport, retail, or public sectors.

Teldat invests heavily in research and development. This enables the Group to offer a wide range of highly innovative and extremely reliable products, easy to install and with one of the highest mean life cycles in the market. If needed, our R&D&I department, can work hand in hand with our customers to adapt our products to client requirements, when required for a specific project.

Teldat Group is currently among the European leaders of the corporate communications market. Its comprehensive product range offers the latest and most sophisticated technologies such as, network virtualization, best exemplified by its SD-WAN portfolio, or smart voice connectivity platforms. This offers carriers and companies a wide range of possibilities and high-quality services.

This catalogue descibes some of Teldat's most relevant corporate solutions, as are SD-WAN technologies, continuous access to mobile networks and remote office communications. Teldat is present in more than 40 countries and is headquarters in both Germany and Spain.



Gradual Network virtualization for your remote offices

Teldat has been building on the predecessors of SD-WAN for many years, developing a solid communications software technology that has allowed our clients to take advantage in advance, of many functionalities which are now incorporated within SD-WAN.

The Teldat SD-WAN solution is based on a high-level yet simple to apply GUI, which is extremely different to other SD-WAN solutions in that it is split into five independent products, with a common base called the Cloud Net Manager (CNM). this allows our customers build on the CNM solution in steps and as gradually as they wish.

The first of the five independent products is the CNM Base, which is the initial SD-WAN software platform and integrates the other products. CNM Provisioner allows remote site edge devices to be installed simply using a ZTP.

CNM Visualizer gives entire network visibility at service and application level. CNM Controller, a control plane to configure the connectivity for all services or applications, related SLAs and corresponding policies. Finally, CNM Servicer offers additional services to those on standard SD-WAN solutions.


Unique Migration Path

Teldat SD-WAN licenses and feature modules allow scalable migration and a phased control evolution of the SD-WAN, according to individual technical requirements.

No Budgetary Restrictions

Teldat's approach to SD-WAN, using scalable licenses and feature modules, eliminates budgetary restriction. SD-WAN can be integrated according to the customer's pace of choice.

Open Platform

Teldat's SD-WAN solution is based on standard networking protocols. It can be integrated with other management platform and open to 3rd party applications and cloud tools.

Hybrid Solution

Teldat SD-WAN solution can be integrated gradually. MPLS system can be maintained and specific areas can be migrated gradually from MPLS network to SD-WAN (Internet/MPLS) networks.

For Carriers

Teldat's SD-WAN solution allows carriers to take advantage of some of the operational benefits. By not having to deploy the full solution, customers and MPLS revenue is not a risk.

Underlay Interfaces

Teldat edge devices for SD-WAN can support all the traditional underlay interfaces. No matter what connectivity is required, Teldat edge devices will be able to manage it.


Key Product Features

  • One Platform For All: Shares database, monitoring and alarms for multiple network devices.
  • "Plug & Play": Teldat devices registered automatically & receive initial configuration.
  • Secure Device Authentication: HTTPS protocol with mutual authentication based on certificates.
  • Full Integration: Network characteristics translated into devices. "One click" configuration deployment.
  • Instant Bulk Changes: Tools for replicating configurations into 1000's of sites. Importing variables from CSV files.
  • Customizable User Profiles & Operations Log: Fully configurable user profiles. All actions logged for tracking.
  • Reliable & Secure Management: Devices always manageable. Management connections are initiated on the devices.
  • Scalable, High-Available System: Software architecture based on micro-services using distribution of functions in a cluster of balanced servers.
  • Outstanding Dashboards: Built in seconds. In simple, intuitive yet powerful way. With information to show & filter.
  • Http/Http Analysis & Monitoring: Identifies each http/https session and decoded at level 7 data.
  • Proactivity Based On Programable Alerts: Detect and solve issues before any user impact.
  • Standards Based: Network analytic information via Netflow protocol v9 and IPFIX. Expanding network knowledge up to application level for http/https sessions.
  • Graphic/Intuitive User Interface Application: Simple and reusable modules. User friendly information in high level structures.
  • Multitenant: Can allow a more appropiate management for specific cases.
  • Public Cloud or Specific Data Center: In either the public cloud (SaaS) or as a virtualized application in your own infrastructure.

Branch Large Office

Connectivity & security for large / mid-size offices and small branches

No matter the place, the size or the number of employees, make the most out of your corporate communication network with Teldat's equipment.

Teldat has different products for small up to large offices each of which are specially designed to meet the needs of the different scenarios.

Teldat's large office product offering is specially designed to meet the needs of these scenarios. They are high capacity modular devices that can change their configuration according to user needs. They are also capable of supporting a high number of simultaneous connections and all the connectivity, quality of service, security and redundancy functions that these kinds of offices require.

The Teldat-iM8 and the Atlas-i70 are large office routers, which offer speed or converged voice and data scenarios. Additionally, Teldat has the Atlas-360. A modular router which is superior in speed, availability, as well as performance and integrates a 16 port switch and Wi-Fi all in one router.

The small office product line is able to fulfil the small office needs of functionality, flexibility, security and cost. We know that in this business model, communication with the Central Office is a must, since most of the times revenue depends on this. Besides, support and service are usually supplied also by the Central Office, with very little local resources, which only have basic skills. To cover all of this, Teldat provides the Teldat-V and the Teldat-M1 which are able to efficiently solve all the connectivity problems of a small branch.

The Teldat-V is orientated to small branch offices that need a medium connection, but with high reliability requisites. When higher throughput is needed, the Teldat-M1 can be deployed.

Key Product Features

  • Powerful hardware architecture, up to 1000 Mbps.
  • Router and server in a single device.
  • Analog interface ADSL/VDSL connection
  • Simultaneous or backup 3G or 3G/4G connection
  • Electrical/optical connection
  • Up to 8xGE switch with PoE option
  • Wi-Fi 802.11n @ 2.4/5GHz, MIMO 2x2 Access Point
  • Security: 802.1X, ACLs, Firewall and DMVPNs (IPSec).
  • Advanced services (routing, management, QoS)
  • VoIP available.
  • Compact or 19-inch rack format.
  • Expansion slots available.
  • No fan required. Noise = 0db. Use in offices
  • Console port for out of band management.

Case studies

Teldat modernizes bank branches

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Security, Reliability & Bandwidth

The reason may be different for large/mid-size office to that of a small branch, but they all look for security, reliability and bandwidth. Large offices need high turnover and productivity of a large number of employees dependent on the quality of communications, which in turn is totally dependent on the router. The small branch too, has its income and business directly reliant on the connectivity with the carrier and central office. This can only be assured with a quality router.

All functionality in a box

Perhaps having all the functionality in a box is more normal for a large office, but small offices, as those found in the retailer or finance sector, don't have big IT rooms, so solutions that can deliver as many functionalities as possible from a single box, and integrate multiple technologies are greatly valued.

Simple deployment and management

For small branches easiness of deployment, and simple management is an issue, either because they have to face a large amount of installations or because the IT resources have basic knowledge. Our small routers are extremely simple, so some tasks can be directly performed by the user. Moreover, the large office devices share the same platform and the same operating system as small office equipment. So, while they are superior in terms of performance and features, they are just as easy to manage and configure. This facilitates any maintenance, administrative and operations tasks, leading to a reduction in the total cost of ownership.


In the case of large/mid-size offices, Teldat's modular structured routers makes them suitable for those environments that are constantly changing, either because the number of employees varies or because the connectivity needs or services do.

Extended lifecycle

The average lifecycle of Teldat devices is two and a half years higher than that of other similar devices. Customers thus benefit from huge cost savings, when equipment renewal periods are calculated.


Extend the functionality of your router to the Cloud & Cloud Services

A set of powerful Linux and Open Source Applications that run on Atlas-i60/i70 second core, multiplying its power and turning it into a unique platform. This allows to run a set of applications that facilitate the path to cloud services, without decreasing communication speed.

Teldat proposes an innovative but safe path for the evolution of the branch office access router, the Atlas-i60/-i70. With these routers, corporations and carriers can face these new challenges with confidence and flexibility, in a rapidly changing environment.

The Atlas-i60/-i70 enterprise branch office access routers, have a second processing core that embeds an open Linux server, so it conforms a “Cloud Edge Router” in which the customer can run applications. These applications can be developed by Teldat, by third parties or by the customer itself, offering a really open platform with no lock-in threats for the customer. With just a per-application and per-customer analysis we can understand if the Atlas-i60/-i70 can support the specific customer requirements. This is clearly a unique solution for branch offices which may have special needs, but are not willing to pay an extra cost for oversized resources.

These Cloud Edge Routers are complemented with Colibri NetMamager, a cloud-based services platform to manage all the router functions and the applications that run on the embedded Linux server.


Specific value proposition

The Atlas-i60/-i70 routers which have a second core for embedded applications, gives branch offices a huge value proposition in that it eliminates the requirement of secondary devices within branch offices for specific applications. Additionally, the ability to integrate with the cloud using Colibri NetManager increases even more its value proposition.


Enhanced security is one of the main requirements in many branch offices, but the high cost and complexity of dedicated security appliances prevent their effective implementation. The security apps of the Atlas-i60/-i70, deliver an extra level of added security, at a fraction of the cost.

Wan Optimization

Many small offices are in remote locations in which the communication infrastructure maximum bandwidth might not be enough to support the needs for all services (eg. real time video). Being able to manage this issue, so that all branches have access to the same corporate services, is one of the main needs of many companies. This can be easily solved with Atlas-i60/-i70 and its suite of WAN Optimization Applications.


When there is a very high number of branch offices, to have the exact knowledge of what is happening to guarantee perfect connectivity throughout the corporate network, is an extremely important need. The applications that can be embedded in the Atlas-i60/-i70, can give full visibility and control of the traffic flow of the branch office and a lot of valuable information about configurations, devices and user behaviour.

Small Office Adaptability

Space, energy and ease simplification are very valued in branch offices, so they get great benefit from integrating in one single device as much functionality as possible. Adding full voice services, or the capabilities to record calls, or video to the branch router can avoid extra equipment and complexity.

Customized Applications

There is always the need for a special feature or functionality that can´t be found in the features of the router or in any other device. Applications can be developed by users and run in the Atlas-i60/-i70, according to their specific needs.

Key Product Features

  • Powerful hardware architecture. Up to 1000Mbps
  • Router and server in a single device.
  • Electrical/optical connections
  • Double Gigabit Ethernet connection
  • Three expansion slots
  • 8xGE switch with PoE option
  • External hard drive slot and SD memory slot
  • Security: 802.1X, ACLs, Firewall and DMVPNs (IPSec)
  • Advanced services (routing, management, QoS)
  • Specific format for 19-inch rack
  • Console port for out of band management

Case studies

Teldat connects with cloud applications

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All-in-One Voice
& More

All-in-One solution that provides a full communication solution for small sites

A unique concept that covers all the needs for a small office and allows a smooth transition to cloud services, without additional investment.

be.IP is a unique solution for the needs of Midsized/SMB companies. It is a communications platform that integrates all communications needs (data, voice, Wi-Fi) of a small office, and that enables an efficient migration of switched telephony networks to All-IP and cloud services, avoiding the need of throwing away the existing equipment and making the transition to a full IP scenario as easy and quick as possible.


An easy way for carriers and companies to initiate the cloud path

Enterprise customers are sometimes hesitant to move critical services (like voice/telephony) to a 100% cloud based solution. A solution that supports both cloud and non-cloud scenarios will allow to gain or keep both conservative and innovative customers.

Advanced Voice Services

Carrier's cloud voice services are not always able to offer SMEs the same level of features supported by customer owned analogue or IP PBX systems. A solution supporting PBX features in the customer CPEs will support a progressive migration of these features to the cloud.

Investment Protection

Some customers might be reluctant to moving if that means undertaking certain investments to renew their telephony infrastructure, or having to go through a complex learning process. A solution that allows customers to keep their existing infrastructure would ensure minimum customer attrition.

All technologies in one box.

Core of robust IP-Core functionality in routing, Internet Access, Security (e.g. VPN, Firewall) converged with voice basic and added value services, ICT, WLAN and easy management, as demanded by SMEs. Improved development with over more than 20 years with Voice / ISDN Service in carrier.

Key Product Features

  • "Just a box" operating as MGw/PBX-IP plus router
  • Up to 40 users/mail boxes, 10 VPNs and 6 APs controlled
  • Compatible with SIP 2.0 (UDP, TCP)
  • Advanced router functions: QoS, IPv6, DHCP, SNMP
  • Secure connections: Firewall, VLANs and VPNs IPSec
  • Two WAN (LAN/xDSL) interfaces also in backup mode
  • Wi-Fi 802.11n connection
  • Easy web management (HTTP/HTTPS) or SSH console
  • Equipment with no fan that can be mounted on a wall/table/rack
  • Latest technology 100% ready for the future

LTE/4G for Enterprise sites

Broadband cellular connectivity for enterprise sites

Work with LTE/4G WWAN networks for Corporate and SME sites that require Advanced IP cellular connectivity for Failover/Resilience or Temporary offices and branches, as well as Mobile Machines.

Teldat has a very long experience in Wireless WAN. Teldat was one of the pioneers in the use of GPRS for the transmission of data via advanced IP for corporate and entrepreneurial scenarios. This has led to the development of successful cellular router and device families over many years.

Currently there are two main compact routers with embedded Wireless WAN modules. Teldat-V and Teldat-M1. These routers ensure a reliable, safe and fast approach to the transmission of data over advanced IP, using embedded modules for cellular connectivity. The Teldat-V is orientated to small offices and branches with moderate connectivity requirements, but with high reliability requisites. Teldat-M1 is orientated to scenarios that require higher throughput, especially where the router is required to conduct cellular connectivity for the resilience / failover of fixed lines, such as FTTH lines.

Teldat also has the Teldat-4Ge, a totally independent device for line back up, which takes the huge advantages that cellular networks bring to WAN resilience: total line independence and huge reduction of line hiring costs. Teldat-4Ge connects many fixed line routers, not only Teldat routers, but also to other manufacturers' routers, maintaining connectivity via 4G/LTE when the fixed line crashes or the router loses fixed line connectivity.

Case studies

Carrier clients are offered LTE/4G resilience

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Independence of Remote Cash Points / Lottery and Gaming Machines

It's hard for Banks to connect cash point machines to the communication network on sites that belong to 3rd parties. Fixed line is difficult in these situations. With Teldat compact routers, banks have the same type of advanced IP routing (including IPSec) that they have at branch level, via cellular 4G/LTE networks. The same issues apply to remote lottery and gaming machines.

Converting to Fixed line

Many small offices, pharmacies, shops and even banks need to start working before their carrier can supply them with fixed line access. Teldat can supply them with a compact router which will enable them to work perfectly with access to the WWAN and Wi-Fi. These routers can easily be reconfigured into fixed line routers with cellular as failover. All on one device. Easy and economical.

Events and Temporary Sites

Events and temporary offices need to be set up quickly and efficiently, including network connectivity. Using USB sticks to PC's or to a SoHo modem is not viable. Teldat compact routers allow temporary sites to be set up very quickly using embedded cellular 4G/LTE connectivity with the same security as on fixed line devices.

Only one router

Many companies do not want to set up a second router for back up purposes, which increases maintenance and management costs. However, installing a Teldat-4Ge means that there is only one router. The Teldat-4Ge is used as a module installed externally within the current fixed line router.

Where coverage is best

Fixed lines routers are installed in the back end of shops, offices or other sites where 4G/LTE coverage in low. However, the Teldat-4Ge is independent of the fixed main line router and can always be easily installed where coverage is best.

Totally independent network

A cellular 4G/LTE connection is a totally independent network from whatever fixed line is being used. This contrasts with double fixed line connectivity for resilience, which apart from other disadvantages, the last mile tends to be the same whatever network or carrier.

Fast and economical

Setting up a cellular 4G/LTE network as a failover network is fast and economical. Fast in that cellular devices can be installed very quickly without cabling. Moreover, it is economical in that 4G / LTE connections are much more economical than fixed lines.

Key Product Features

Teldat-V & Teldat-M1
  • Simultaneous 3G or 3G/4G connectivity or as backup
  • 4xGE switch with WLAN, 802.1X, duplex
  • Wi-Fi 802.11n @ 2.4/5GHz, MIMO 2x2 Access point
  • Security: 802.1X, ACLs, Firewall & IPSec
  • ToIP server included
  • Advanced services (routing, management, QoS)
  • Fanless. Noise = 0db. For office use
  • Console port for out of band management
  • ADSL/VDSL connectivity over analog interface.
  • Powerful hardware architecture for services at 200 Mbps.
  • Incorporates mobile access to any existing set up
  • Powered over Ethernet
  • Does not need management, as it is part of the main line router.
  • One Ethernet cable is the only cable required for full installation.

Vehicles & Railway

Add connectivity to vehicles, trains, light rail and subway

Whether it's onboard transit, public safety or any other type of vehicle, Teldat's communication platforms give 4G/LTE for all kind of services.

Teldat has developed the Teldat H2-Automotive+ to provide advanced services aboard vehicles, such as buses, trucks, ambulances, fire engines and police vehicles among others. Moreover, Teldat also has Teldat H2-Rail, which is a specific communications platform for commuter, metro, light rail, subway, freight trains and high-speed trains, which combines with the Teldat APR222ac, a rugged access point orientated to scenarios that require high-bandwidth and high performance in railway environments.

These transport platforms provide real time communication services to vehicles or trains, and offer security, and benefits for the passengers and staff.The routers are prepared to endure the rigorous conditions that operating aboard a moving vehicle or rolling stock demands.

The Teldat H2-Automotive+ router supports higher speeds and offers more redundancy options than its predecessors and stands out for being able to have up to four interfaces for WWAN or WLAN. The Teldat H2-Rail and APR-222ac are devices that have both passed the rigorous approvals required to be used on rail stock as communications devices. With all these devices Teldat offers solutions that improve the transit experience for both Passengers and Operations staff.


Offer 4G/LTE connectivity for passengers

Passengers need connectivity to Internet whilst on any type of transportation. Whether travelling on a short urban bus route for pleasure or on a business journey on a high speed train. The reasons for Internet connectivity may be different, but connectivity is always a requirement.

More than just a panic button

Especially for drivers and staff on routes with higher levels of insecurity, the panic button with Teldat transport routers is not only a warning to the control center that there is a security issue. As it can be accompanied by live video, precise action can be taken to eliminate the problem. Hence drivers', staffs' and passengers' security increases.

Direct connectivity with police patrol cars

Police patrol cars can approach buses in motion which have a current security issue on them and connect to the video surveillance of the moving bus, so as to see exactly what is occurring. This increases considerably efficiency of the action taken by the police authority.

One H2-Rail for many wagons

Using the combination of only one H2-Rail communication platform and various APR-222ac access points, one train with many wagons can be totally connected from the first to the last wagon. However, if required more than one H2-Rail router can be installed for extra security.

Dual Carrier connectivity

With just one Teldat communication platform, a vehicle or train can be connected to two or three telecommunication carriers. One as the main line network and the second and third to act as a fallback network, which is automatically activated.

Extreme temperature solutions

Depending on the geographical areas in which vehicles and trains have to work in, temperatures can vary considerably. Teldat communication platforms for vehicles and rail stock can withstand temperatures from -30 ºC to +70 ºC (-20 ºF to 160 ºF). This is essential as not all world regions have mild climates.

Key Product Features

  • Broadband with up to 4 concurrent LTE connections.
  • 4G/LTE qual-SIM capacity for operator redundancy.
  • Up to 2 x 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi modules. High density or fallback
  • Optimized mechanical / hardware design for in-vehicle
  • ISO7637-2 power supply protection for large life span & low MTBF
  • Link aggregation, load-balance & application continuity
  • Platform for multiple secured and isolated services
  • Embedded standard-based GPS for 3rd party applications
  • Position-based dynamic behavior
  • Advanced troubleshooting, fine-tuning & cloud-based
  • 4 x 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports
  • Railway hardware design
  • Use of 20/40 MHz channels
  • Capable of handling many applications on each vehicle
  • Easy to integrate on management platforms
  • Extended operating temperature range -30 ºC to 70 ºC (-20 ºF to 160 ºF)

Case studies

Teldat brings connectivity to trains or vehicles

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Keep control of all your network infrastructure

A powerful cloud management platform, for all Teldat products which extends its functionality beyond the simple router management, and includes advanced maintenance and disaster recovery features.

Colibri Cloud Management platform provides management, monitorization and control to all Teldat products and gives a unique view to the whole network from the Access points to the Wan Ports. One of the greatest advantages of the platform is that it runs either in public or in private clouds (in the customer Data Center), to guarantee protection in case of special customer concern regarding security needs.

Key Product Features

  • Cloud or virtual appliance (VA) solution
  • Scalable license system per device/application
  • Group batch templates and operations application
  • Control, analysis and warning of alarms by SNMP/e-mail
  • Remote/local access to the tool from GUI
  • Device configuration history
  • Global network dashboard, for groups or devices
  • Follow-up and log of all tasks (audits)
  • Entirely user-definable groups and profiles
  • Standard hypervisors for VA mode


Management, Monitorization and control

No matter the quality and number of devices of your network infraestructure, its performance can always be improved with the exact knowledge of what is happening, so actions can be taken in order to improve efficiency, build alternative configurations or enhance reliability.

Private or Public Cloud installation

Customers can use their own instance of the Colibri service that is hosted in Teldat´s public cloud. Each customer will get their own user account and can manage his own devices. The major benefit of this option is that the solution is very easy to use and means no extra complexity from the customer.

The other option is that the customer hosts the application in the data center, as a virtual appliance, for those customers that require a higher level of security.

Installation and Recovery

When there is a very high number of branch offices, the cost and complexity of O & M is an issue that must be taken seriously. Features as Zero touch configuration, a Command Line Interface that allows batch configuration or a Disaster Recovery protocol that can reload and reconfigure routers in seconds from an image file saved in the cloud, are functionalities that add extreme value to the WAN infraestructure.

A complete view of all your Teldat infrastructure

From the access point to the most complex router and application all Teldat infrastructure under one graphic central control, in which all management and analytical functionalities are included.

Wireless LAN

Free to move around with total connectivity

Whether you are in an office, hotel, trade fair, or similar (indoors or outdoors), you need mobility and connectivity to your laptop, tablet or smart phone without cables. That's the importance of Wi-Fi!

Teldat has also developed to date two exterior access points. The Teldat APO221n and APO222n. Teldat exterior access points can be used to offer good coverage for employees who work on outdoor sites. These outdoor APO22Xn access points have strong environmental requirements; they are IP65 approved and have bridge-link mode to extend connectivity.

Moreover, Teldat has an industrial access point for warehouses, factories and similar industrial set ups, on 802.11n, called API221n. In order to be effective in industrial scenarios, the API221n access point has a rugged IP40 class aluminum housing.

All these Wi-Fi units have a captive portal available (Teldat HotSpot by WifiGo) to set up Hot Spots for the concept of Hospitality access points when needed.

Moreover, all these access points work on the Teldat CIT operating system (used by all Teldat routers) for its management system, which is Teldat Colibri NetManager.

Key Product Features

  • 802.11ac or 802.11abgn with automatic channel selection
  • Up to 250 clients connected with limited bandwidth
  • Security via ACLs/802.11i/WIDS&WIPS
  • Traffic in between clients blocked (intercell blocking)
  • PoE 802.3af or external power supply DC 12-24V or 9V/1.3A
  • Allows different traffic to be separated via SSID and VLAN
  • Bridge-link Master or Client can be used
  • Notification and alarms sent via email/Syslog/SNMP
  • Monitoring neighboring networks and connected clients
  • Configuration and deployment with minimum IT resources
  • Quantity of client control and band steering
  • Channel 20/40/80MHz on .11ac up to 876 Mbps
  • Beamforming, Maximum Ratio Combining(MRC)


Move around the office

With the increase of wireless devices such as laptops, tablets, etc. and in many cases they are BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Devices), Wi-Fi has been converted into a must.

Who stays at a Hotel without Wi-Fi?

Virtually any hotel of whatever category, now needs to have Wi-Fi. A Hotel with business clients, has no choice. A wired connection does not give the clients any freedom or some devices can only connect to Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi for retail & restaurants

Perhaps the retail and restaurant industry started deploying Wi-Fi slightly later than in offices, but Wi-Fi is clearly a huge advantage for these market segments. For PoS or giving clients connectivity.

Outdoor Logistics

Not all logistics can be maintained in interior warehouses. Many need to keep their products outdoors. Apart from other issues, hand held scanners need Wi-Fi. Also transportation hubs or ports have to conduct a large amount of their work in the open air. All this cannot be done efficiently, if they don't have outdoor Wi-Fi connectivity.

Other Outdoor sites

Stadiums, concerts or other outdoor events, need to give the organizers good Wi-Fi connectivity.

Extreme Conditions

Moreover, any outdoor WLAN set up will need units capable of handling extreme environmental conditions. High/low temperature, high humidity, etc.

Factories / Warehouses and Operational Technology

Factories have an increasing need for operational technology to be connected, but wired installations are sometimes not feasible or too expensive. Hence they need industrial Wi-Fi with special housing on the access point devices to combat environments that tend to be dirty and dusty.


Communications for smart electricity networks

The role of communications in the smart grid evolution.

Smart grid communications must be strong, secure, reliable, manageable and standards-based in order to ensure connectivity with other network elements. They are primarily concerned with uniting the wealth of information available in the network with information processing systems and centers for decision making, providing added value for electricity operators by optimizing the generation, supply and demand process.

There is a need for safe and reliable infrastructure, capable of using different types of data transmission media to ensure successful smart grid deployment and bring about a transformation of the electricity business by increasing efficiency and generating new revenues.

Key Product Features

  • SD-WAN-based high availability, active monitoring and multiple access technologies
  • Next-generation mesh VPN networks
  • Highly reliable LAN communications for remote offices (VLAN, DHCP, firewall, advanced diagnostics)
  • Advanced Quality of Service: DSCP classification, M2M traffic flow prioritization and labelling
  • Management tools for large-scale deployments with zero-touch configuration and troubleshooting
  • Multi-range power supply (AC and DC) (same equipment for low and medium voltage substations)
  • Non-conducting polymer-based mechanics to ensure electrical isolation and immunity to ensure safety in complex radio-electric environments
  • Versatile serial ports (RS-232 and RS-485) with GW features (Serial-over-IP and IEC-101 to IEC-104 gateway)
  • Ethernet switch included to connect multiple IP devices
  • High security with IPSec support, certificates, stateful firewall, access control...

Case studies

Teldat solves substation communication issues

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Next-generation communications for your smart grid

The use of communications software widely used in different business applications and by different telecommunications operators is a guarantee of versatility, performance and security in the deployment of complex, sophisticated communications networks such as smart grids.

Versatile access technology

Using a combination of multiple access technologies (such as 3G/LTE, ADSL, MetroEthernet and serial ports) and tunneling protocols (like IPsec and DMVPNs) enables secure communications using all kinds of networks (own and others). Especially useful in cost-efficient deployments for sparsely populated areas.

Ideal for large-scale deployment installation and maintenance

The combination of template-based configurations, management tools like Colibrí NetManager and self-provisioning features (zero-touch deployments), and the use of network technologies that avoid central point configuration for each new installation and that facilitate management, as well as multi-range power supply, facilitates the deployment of new points, minimizing time and costs.

High availability in critical communications environments

The use of next-generation communications such as SD-WAN enables high availability configurations that provide redundancy through the simultaneous use of multiple access technologies (e.g., 3G and ADSL), ensuring the availability and quality of each service.

Certified equipment to meet safety and performance standards for electrical environments

The Regesta familiy has undergone comprehensive testing to ensure equipment reliability in case of accidents, failures and adverse environmental conditions typical in substations and transformation centers.




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Teldat Group is one of the leading companies in the design, manufacturing, and supply of advanced Internetworking platforms for corporate environments.

Teldat offers state-of-the-art communication solutions with a constant focus on innnovation and customer needs.

With dedicated R&D teams based in Spain and Germany, Teldat is able to develop advanced solutions for the most demanding communication scenarios in sectors such as Transport, Utilities, Finance, Corporations or Retail; and SME and SOHO as well.

Teldat Group has a strong international presence and is headquartered in Germany and Spain.

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Head Office: Teldat S.A. Parque Tecnológico de Madrid 28760 Tres Cantos, Madrid (Spain)
Phone:+34 91 807 6565

D'Anna Piferrer 1-3 08023
Barcelona (Spain)
Phone: +34 93 253 0222