be.SDx Corp: Teldat’s SD-WAN corporate solution

Teldat’s SD-WAN solution for corporate networks has a new section on the Teldat’s website... “be.SDx Corp”

Teldat’s SD-WAN solution for corporate networks, has a new section launched on and the product itself will be known as “be.SDx Corp”. The goal is to improve the user experience of customers and those who visit our website.

be.SDx Corp is one of the best SD-WAN solutions for corporate networks, allowing traditional networks to gradually transform into fully SD-WAN networks. It is a flexible and scalable SD-WAN solution that offers customers the chance to decide at what pace they want their corporate network to evolve.

The new web section is devoted to software-defined technologies and their importance when addressing the needs of global changing markets. Both now and in the future.

In addition, this new web section on SD-WAN solutions for corporate networks presents the market’s most valuable product, be.SDx, based on its cost-performance ratio.    

According to Marce Gil, Teldat’s SD-WAN Business Area Manager: “Teldat’s SD-WAN solution is rooted in the company’s DNA and merges innovation with our strong customer relationship. We have collected the feedback, requirements and needs, from those who, on top of being our customers, have shared the SD-WAN journey with us. We would like to thank them for their trust and hope our product meets their expectations”.

Marce goes on to explain “SD-WAN is changing the the market. It is an amazing opportunity, the beginning of a true revolution. We are fully committed to the new “be.SDx Corp” brand and we hope to be the “SD” ally, that companies need in terms of WAN, security and visibility”.

On the be.SDx Corp solutions webpage, you will understand what it takes to gradually transition from a conventional to a full SD-WAN network. Our product offers centralized monitoring and management services, including device configuration via a GUI, detailed network traffic analysis and much more.


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