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Teldat Automotive gives Sevilla buses all-in-one connectivity

A new case study on Teldat automotive devices, that offer the buses in Seville, 4G/LTE communications, Wi-Fi and more

A new case study about Teldat automotive. A device or multiservice communications platform, installed on buses in Seville, which not only allows external communication via 4G / LTE, but these specialized vehicles routers, also offer additional value added features.

The case study of the buses in Seville began in 2010 with the installation of the H1-Automotive devices on their trams, and then went onto the modernization of the bus fleet in 2015 with H1-Automotive+ devices. Moreover, the case study continues to date, as H2-Automotive+ equipment is used for vehicle renewals and new fleet updates.

The results of this project have been many. Initially, the Teldat H1-Automotive+, followed by the H2-Automotive+ devices, offer a platform that allows convergence of all bus services. Operating costs are reduced, while the quality of connectivity and links increase. All this, in addition to greater efficiency ... And in a second phase, taking advantage of the equipment scalability, on board Wi-Fi for passengers is scheduled to be introduced.

Read the case study to understand the entire project.

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