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Teldat within the 1000 companies to inspire Europe.

Teldat appears in the report made by the London Stock Exchange Group on the 1000 companies to inspire Europe.

Recently the London Stock Exchange Group has published a report with the 1000 (one thousand) companies that it considers to be some of the fastest growing and most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) across Europe.

Teldat can proudly say that it appears in this the report, in the section dedicated to the ELITE programme, which is made up of companies, like Teldat, who have a clear goal to increase growth and Investment in the coming years.

Within the report, Ignacio Villaseca, the Teldat Group CEO, explains how Teldat has moved quickly onto offering the cloud-based technology which has allowed many companies to undergo a digital transformation, enabling them to migrate from traditional networking to Software Defined Schemes, whereby network administrators can manage network behavior via open interfaces.

Teldat is clearly among the few companies on the market that offer this deployment with ease, affordability, with minimum disruption for its clients.  

For more detailed information please read the full report on the 1000 companies to inspire Europe 2017

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