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Teldat SD-WAN for Retail Banking. 

Teldat SD-WAN for Retail Banking

Teldat solves the current network challenges that face retail banking and maintains levels of security, quality and reliability.

More bandwidth and reduce network cost, whilst maintaining security.

Increase video/cloud applications and ZTP edge devices. 

Over 30 years working experience with the retail banking sector. 

Market Overview

The whole banking sector over the last years has been experiencing important changes, and that includes retail banking. Although, the number of banks has probably been reduced due to merges and other market developments, those banks that have remained tend to have a very large network of retail bank branches.

As with many other market segments, competition in the retail banking sector is tightening, due not only to competition between stronger retail banks, but also against an ever growing online banking sector. All this has caused bank branch margins to be reduced, but at the same time these branches have had to remain focused on a high level of security, quality and realiability in all their operations, including all those related to telecommunications. 


Many aspects of the areas related to IT and telecommunications within retail bank branches have experienced important changes over the last years. As in many other market segments, bank branches are increasing the use of cloud applications which does not fit perfectly into a typical system of having bank branches directly connected to the banks' private data centers, via private circuits such as MPLS. This is because these private lines are relatively narrow banded and expensive at the same time. 

The use of videos and video conferencing over the bank communication networks has also increased and the tendency is for this to keep increasing, as it can reduce drastically the cost and improve the efficiency of bank personnel not having to move and from the bank to central sites, training centers and more. 

All these changes need to be tackled and solved bearing in mind that any movement of communication networks and systems, other than the private bank circuits, must be able to offer extreme high levels of security, quality and realiability. The bank and their clients would not accept anything less, because any network downtime means money. 

That is why the solution to the above challenges, is a SD-WAN from Teldat.  


The Teldat SD-WAN solution offers precisely what any retail bank with a substantial network of branches would require. 

Firstly, using the Teldat SD-WAN "Manager", allows the bank to use broadband internet lines and apply a totally independent overlay which is highly secure, to transport all data. This increases immensely the amount of bandwidth that bank branches have, at a fraction of the price of traditional private circuit lines, such as MPLS lines. Hence Teldat SD-WAN "Manager" directly solves the problem of using applications that require much broader band such as video conferencing, webinars, etc. 

Teldat SD-WAN data decives or edge devices are obviously not new at all to Teldat. As Teldat has been a manufacturer of bank branch CPE's for over 30 years, the Teldat edge devices such as the Teldat-iM8 are of the highest quality in the market and blend perfectly in with the rest of Teldat's SD-WAN solution. The "Provisioner" on the Teldat SD-WAN solution, means that the edge devices can be installed in minutes without the presence of IT personnel at the branch. A huge control in costs for retail banks.

The Teldat SD-WAN solution, puts no limits to the number of data centers that a branch is connected to. Hence it immediately eliminates the issue that traditional bank communication networks have  of needing to blackhaul cloud application traffic through the private network and data center. This reduces costs, decreases latency and increase efficiency of retail banks' communication networks, which are increasingly using cloud applications. 



Why Teldat?

The advantages of the Teldat SD-WAN solution for any retail bank company are many, but certain points stand out.

Teldat has a long experience of over 30 years working with the retail banking sector. Teldat understands perfectly the challenges that face this market segment and how SD-WAN can be used to solve their current challenges, whilst maintaining the high level of security, quality and realiability that Teldat has always offered its banking clients. 

SD-WAN can be deployed by Teldat in a customized format, so that only the SD-WAN features that each retail banking company require are incorporated. Apart from the cost perspective, it allows the bank to have total control and obviously even use a hybrid network structure, so that private circuits remain if prefessed, for specific traffic that the bank wants to pin to the private network. 

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