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Atlas-i70 corporate router

Modular router for 1 Gbps services

Product Highlights

  • Up to 1 Gbps symmetrical services
  • Hardware encryption for high VPN performance
  • Two slots (SFP, VDSL, G.SHDSL, E1, Serial,etc.)
  • Built-in electrical/optical port
  • Built-in, expandable 8-port switch, optional PoE
  • Advanced software, IPSec, ToIP, CLI
  • Traditional or SDWAN integrated router


Atlas-i70 is combination of connectivity, network electronics plus performance make it the ultimate router for the remote office.

- Connectivity: Electrical/optical Gigabit interface plus two slots capable of addressing a variety of interface cards and advanced routing software.

- Network electronics: Built-in 8-port Gigabit switch, expandable to 16 with the option to supply power over the Ethernet line (Max. 12xPoE ports).

- Performance: Based on a optimized hardware architecture that allows to the router to offer high performance in the transmission and encryption of corporate data.

Competitive Advantages

Powerful and scalable platform

New generation of high-power processors with the ability to scale to 1 Gbps services. 

SDWAN router

Teldat-i70 enables smooth transition from traditional communications in remote offices to a hybrid SD-WAN network.

Two expansion slots

Can be adapted to a myriad of connectivity scenarios thanks to a variety of cards ADSL/VDSL, G.SHDSL, E1/T1, Serial, PoE Ethernet switch.

Extensive local connectivity

Up to 16 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports with advanced VLAN functions, 802.1p/q/x. Optional PoE out(IEEE 802.3af) from 4 to 12 switch ports. 


The router's most outstanding characteristics are its versatility and power.

The device is scalable thanks to a two expansion slots with a wide variety of cards. Apart from these slots, the router connects to the public network through an electrical/optical port and LAN network connection is possible through an 8-port GE switch with optional PoE feature.
It provides all the functions required of a professional router: central management(Cloud NetManager tool), Deep Packet Inspection, routing features (RIP, OSPF, BGP, VRF, Policy Routing, IPSLAs), security (ACLs, Firewall, IPSec, 802.1x, etc.), quality of service (CBWFQ, LLQ, PQ, etc.), and additional management features(CLI, SNMPv3, AAA).


The Atlas-i70 is a new router concept that, in addition to integrating the connectivity to the external network (optical or electrical) and the switch for the internal network, it has two slots, offering exceptional flexibility thanks to a wide card catalogue to fit any remote office connectivity scenario.

In addition to sophisticated hardware, it includes advanced software and a management system adapted to professional networks. It also allows for a deep traffic inspection (DPI) of the offices offering very relevant statistical data to the service administrators.

Atlas-i70 is a router integrated in Teldat software defined network solution that offers to customers a soft-migration from traditional services to SDWAN networks.


Key Features

Up to 1 Gbps

Reliable in scenarios of up to one Gbps symmetrical (IMIX) services thanks to its powerful hardware architecture with hardware encryption. 

Electrical/optical port on motherboard-not occupying

Dual built-in electrical/optical Gigabit Ethernet interface that does not take up a slot. No compromise on scalability and the use of alternative access technologies(such as G.SHDSL, E1 or ADSL/VDSL) as redundant path. 

Double slot and wide range of cards

In addition to WAN and LAN access, it also has two slots that allow it to adapt to complex double/triple connection scenarios with the external network. Cards include FO, VDSL, Serial, 8xGE, E1/T1, G.SDHSL, etc. 

Security: Firewall, IPSec, etc.

Corporate communications require corporate security. The Atlas-i70 provides the state-of-the-art in security. ACLs, Firewall(L3-L7), 802.1x, IPSec (optional hardware encryption), etc. 

Specifically designed for installation on racks

Medium and large offices devices need to be fitted in standard cabinets with forced ventilation. The Atlas-i70 is specifically designed for these types of installations. 

High encryption capacity

Teldat offers IPSec VPNs that are compatible with the most common solutions in the market and with a higher performance rate than their competitors in relation to cost.

8xGE switch on the motherboard, not taking up a slot

The built-in switch is ideal for small offices because it eliminates the need for an external switch, thus reducing costs and points of failure. GE, duplex, self-negotiable ports with optional PoE.

Central management and ZTP provisioning

Atlas-i70 can be managed with Cloud NetManager tool and it supports "Zero Touch Provisioning" for easy network deployments.

Advanced services

The Atlas-i70 software includes all the advanced functions needed in corporate networks and operator services, ready for the most demanding scenarios like MPLS and managed services. 

Console port

Operator/integrator managed services require out-of-band management to prevent them from interfering with customer networks. The console port is the most common method. 

Do you want to know more?

Download the product datasheet in PDF format. Always have access to the product characteristics, whether you are online or not. All the information stored in an easy to read 4-page format.

A full range of comunications

Large branch offices can have multiple voice and data access services, plus a console port on a single, easy-to-manage device.

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