Edge Network Computing

Teldat M2

The ultimate edge router for branch offices

Product Highlights

  • Advanced router for branch offices
  • High performance in WAN services up to 1Gbps
  • Specially designed for FTTH/Fiber connectivity
  • The first corporate router with Wi-Fi 6 interface
  • Ready for corporate carrier services
  • Professional software features


The Teldat M2 edge router is specially designed for cloud services thinking in enterprises with high-performance requirements. The M2 scales from medium to large branch offices providing corporate data communications with a compact form factor and low power consumption. It includes a switch, a Wi-fi 6 access point and meets the main connectivity requirements for a branch office.
With the M2, Teldat anticipates the companies' real needs in communications

Competitive Advantages

It accelerates office services migration

The Teldat M2 enables a smooth transition from traditional slow communications in remote offices to a fast network, ensuring the client's investment.

Enterprise-class data connectivity

Edge router with high speed, up to 1000 Mbps IMIX ratio in switching/routing scenarios, sophisticated QoS and professional VPN-multivendor capabilities

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

Customers can replace multiple devices by a single and flexible unit like Teldat M2 for the overall communications reducing costs and simplifying operations.

Full WLAN services

The Teldat M2 is the new corporate router with Wi-fi 6 interface that allows providers to offer high-speed LAN services without requiring cables from customers


The Teldat M2 edge router is specially designed for service providers thinking in enterprises with high-performance requirements. The M2 scales from medium to large branch offices providing internet access, VPNs or corporate data communications in a compact form factor.

The M2 edge is the complete solution for all data services through a single platform, including duan WAN ports and Wi-fi 6 connectivity being the optimal solution for office scenarios. In addition, it simplifies network deployment with Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), and also it is compatible with Teldat cloud services offering to customers a more agile and affordable user experience without sacrificing full functionality, security or reliability.

The M2 is the easiest way to forget about everything except business.


Key Features

High WAN flexibility with copper/fiber

Built-in two WAN ports, 1x2,5GbE and 1xCombo GbE/SFP, giving electrical/optical Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to accommodate any connectivity scenario, whether single or redundant in critical services.

Hardware encryption

Powerful CPU with hardware encryption, available as an option, offering an aggregated encrypted performance greater than 1Gbps.

Embedded dual radio access point Wi-fi 6

Dual-radio access point 802.11ba/n/ac/ax, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. It supports 20/40MHz at 2.4GHz channel width and supports 20/40/80MHz at 5GHz.

The M2 is the more agile and affordable edge model with easy network deployment(ZTP) and cloud services ready.  

Very good performance

Packet?processing acceleration offers up to 2 Gbps aggregated IMIX performance for high-speed scenarios.

Onboard 4xGE switch

The built-in switch is ideal for small offices because it eliminates the need for an external switch, thus reducing costs and points of failure. GE, duplex, self-negotiable ports.

Advanced services

The M2 application software includes all the advanced functions needed in corporate networks and carrier services, ready for the professional most demanding scenarios.

Do you want to know more?

Download the product datasheet in PDF format. Always have access to the product characteristics, whether you are online or not. All the information stored in an easy to read 4-page format.

A full range of comunications

With only one Teldat compact device, branches or mid-sized companies will have connectivity to a wide range of communication networks, as well as having a managed access point.

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