The be.SDx Business Model

A step ahead of traditional IT Reseller and System Integrator business, be.SDx’s high-turnover business model also generates higher-end-client satisfaction

New Business Models:

A step ahead of current business models: be.SDx creates new business models that generate high-turnover business, improving your efficiency and customer retention, resulting in increasing both standard and recurring revenue, as well as higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Networking business made simple with be.SDx

Free be.SDx Cloud Portal:

free access to the be.SDx Cloud Portal, regardless of the number of devices.


A Fair Pay-as-you-Grow

only pay for the consumption you use within the be.SDx installed base.



no hidden costs. 

Easy and Flexible Billing:

automated billing and select to be billed on a monthly basis.

The be.SDx Consumption Model

Access to be.SDx is permanently free. All compatible devices are assigned to a specific category, depending on your performance. The platform automatically determines the category and the duration of use for each device, so you only pay for your specific consumption.

Easy Cloud Platform

  • Supports planning, configuration, and operations.
  • Login via the customer number.
  • Free Access  regardless of installed devices.

Fair Device Management

  • You only pay for what you effectively “consume”.
  • You can choose between an annual or a monthly plan.
  • Invoicing is a really easy and automated process, depending on the number of active devices.
  • Fees are charged for each hardware component.

Complete and Compatible Software Ecosystem

be.SDx is based on an open software ecosystem that provides numerous features for compatible hardware. With the API, you can also integrate your own applications or third-party solutions. 

  • SecurityVirtual office secure clients 
  • Wireless LAN: WLAN analytics 
  • Network: DynDNS + QoS + WAN Optimization
  • Telephony: Cloud PBX

Cost Savings

be.SDx business models will immediately deliver many reductions in costs.


Eliminate the need for technical engineers to be present at a site for initial installation and reduce related costs by up to 80% or even more!


Eliminate connectivity problems, network congestion, software outages or network maintenance, and monitoring, etc.  

Create New Sources of Income Via Unique Services for End-Users!
be.SDx opens up new business models for IT resellers or systems integrators, to be able to work the hardware and software business, giving your end-user clients more opportunities. Design the solutions that your specific clients need!

be.SDx opens up the following possibilities:

  1. Efficiency gains as you can work remotely, as well as using automated processes.
  2. Gain time! You will be able to work with new customers and more complex networks
  3. Service contracts to increase your clients’ satisfaction, establishing longer business relationships.

Making the Net Work

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Start now offering your clients a solution to their modern technology requirements, as well as obtain the advantages that be.SDx will give your company.

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