be.SDx Solution Concept

SDN cloud-based centrally managed platform for IT Resellers and System Integrators. A perfect new technological services environment for their SME clients.

be.SDx Product Concept       

be.SDx allows networks to be managed centrally and efficiently by the central administrator.

  1. From the be.SDx central Cloud Portal, all customers and/or sites can be managed.
  2. New locations can be automatically rolled out and commissioned.
  3. Set up configuration changes for hundreds of devices and locations in one step.

At the same time, Resellers or System Integrators enjoy the benefits of having more time to dedicate to their current customers, as well as being able to search for new customers and/or new business opportunities.

be.SDx – Manage Networks Centrally and Efficiently 

Central Cloud Portal for Network Management

The intuitive user interface lets you set up, manage and monitor all customer and /or site networks.  

  • Templates for recurring tasks. 
  • Automated features to create new networks. 
  • Monitoring networks via alarm messages. 
  • Set up rights and roles. 

Automatic Rollout and Commissioning

be. SDx allows you to use all-network components to configure, without physical contact before delivery to the customer and/or site. Each device automatically obtains its configuration data with the first Internet contact, making deployment easier, as well as more cost-effective and faster. 

Configuration Changes for Hundreds of Devices

You can define new configurations or security settings centrally through the cloud platform and roll them out en-masseacross locations and/or customers. 

Perfect Working Environment

be.SDx features a flexible network management, that always runs cloud-based business applications securely and with optimal network performance.

be.SDx offers high performance related parametres:

  1. Performance boost specially designed for SMEs.
  2. SaaS with more power via prioritized QoS and SLA.
  3. Safe operation of business applications via automatic failure protection.
  4. Optimal bandwidth through intelligent network management.
  5. Increases cloud services achievement.

Data Security As A Standard

As IT infrastructure and business applications move to the cloud, network security requirements increase. be.SDx easily extends privacy to the Internet via VPN between sites.

be.SDx offers a smart furnishing assistant that allows tunneled Internet connections to be set up quickly and easily:

  1. Automatic VPN configuration
  2. Full control of each individual network location
  3. Allows the VPN paths to be released.

Rights and Roles Totally Under Control

be.SDx is a tenant-ready system, defining user rights and assigning them to individual groups of users. Hence, all end clients can have their rights and roles automatically assigned from their IT Reseller or System Integrator.

be.SDx’s Key Differentiators 


Pay-as-you-Grow System:

no licenses or management investment for be.SDx users. The Cloud Portal has no cost. 


VPN Infrastructure:

automatic VPN configuration is easy with the be.SDx smart configuration assistant and it’s extremely quick. Deploy your tunneled Internet connections in minutes.



obtain secure and optimal performances from all cloud-based business solutions. Each cloud service or application can have separate and independent settings.


Smart Guidance System:

be.SDx is enabled to assist and/or suggest actions that an administrator should take to solve or even avoid problems from occurring.

be.SDx Datasheet

Download the full be.SDx Solution Datasheet and discover how the easy-to-use cloud platform allows you to centrally set up, manage, and control networks anywhere, anytime without physical device access. 

Start The Future Today With be.SDx!

As an IT Reseller or System Integrator, change now to software-defined networks—SDN with Teldat’s be.SDx  solution. Your end-user clients will benefit from optimally configured networks, as well as simplified processes and local Independence.

be.SDx  provides the following advantages:

  1. Central Network management for all customers.
  2. Configuration of hardware devices without an on-site physical presence
  3. Proactive monitoring and rapid disruption solutions.

Making the Net Work

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