5G FWA for enterprise & organizations

Teldat’s solution, 5G FWA for enterprise and organizations brings huge business opportunities. Service providers can schedule migration from LTE to 5G FWA via NSA & SA modes, allowing end users to have advanced enterprise services and SD-WAN solutions.

5G FWA optimization

5G FWA for Enterprise

Teldat provides an all-in-one solution, 5G FWA for enterprise and organizations enabling them to receive, and service providers to offer the same broadband functionalities, as on cabled locations.

  • Certified devices fully compliant with Service Providers’ 5G bands.
  • End users can access broadband quickly via 5G FWA for enterprise services.
  • Scheduled migration from LTE to 5G FWA with both NSA & SA modes.
  • All-in-one platform for SD-WAN via 5G FWA with ZTP and several WAN ports
  • 5G FWA broadband for last mile markets without copper/fiber.

5G FWA for enterprise Market overview

5G FWA for Enterprise

The global 5G services market is expected to grow from US$53b in 2020 to US$249b in 2026. Factors driving the growth include adoption of edge computing and cloud communications, and content streaming services for applications like online meetings. For 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) in particular, an ABI Devices Market Report forecasts a CAGR of 48% over the next few years, to ship 11.7m units in 2025

While evolution through 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE has broken many important boundaries, the next leap – to 5G – is far more dramatic. 5G’s new technologies, spectrum and frequencies give it higher speeds, low latency, capacity for more connected devices, less interference and better efficiency.

With these advantages, 5G can enable ultra high speed fixed wireless access (FWA) services to support enterprise applications where fiber is prohibitively expensive to lay and maintain – due to remoteness, inaccessibility, or other reasons.

5G FWA means that enterprises anywhere can access the cloud to run today’s powerful, but bandwidth-hungry applications, even without cabled copper or fiber connections.

What are the important points related to 5G FWA for enterprise?

5G FWA for Enterprise 5g,nsa,sa,fiber,sdwan

5G releases full FWA broadband potential

While FWA is well-established, LTE FWA implementations cannot compete well against high-speed fixed broadband services. 5G solves this, as 5G FWA for enterprise can provide service bandwidth capacity comparable to fiber.

5G FWA for Enterprise 5g,nsa,sa,fiber,sdwan

Standalone delivers full 5G capabilities

Standalone (SA) 5G allows completely independent 5G service operation with no 4G involvement. SA holds great promise as an innovative IT solution, yet few networks worldwide are yet in planning or deployed.

5G FWA for Enterprise 5g,nsa,sa,fiber,sdwan

Non Standalone provides easy entry to 5G

Non Standalone (NSA) 5G allows higher speed connectivity than 4G, while using existing network infrastructure investment. This makes NSA attractive to operators seeking to gain early entry into 5G service provision, while minimizing cost and risk.

5G FWA for Enterprise 5g,nsa,sa,fiber,sdwan

Easy transition drives    long-term success

Users will typically want to deploy NSA first, for early entry and competitive edge, then migrate to SA when available to enjoy full 5G potential. Investing in equipment with full NSA/SA compatibility is critical to this strategy’s success.

Understanding 5G FWA for enterprise

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is not new; it enables wireless broadband to businesses without fiber access. However, current LTE FWA implementations cannot compete well against high-speed fixed broadband services.

By contrast, 5G-Sub 6GHz FWA can quickly and economically deliver an alternative to wired broadband. Millimeter wavelength 5G FWA for enterprise will really provide service bandwidth capacity comparable to fiber.

However, a complete, futureproof 5G FWA for enterprise service must support 5G’s two deployment options – Non Stand Alone (NSA) and Stand Alone (SA).

NSA anchors 5G Radio Network control signaling to the 4G Core, while SA connects the 5G Radio directly to the 5G core network. NSA is a 5G service that is built over an existing 4G network. Conversely, SA allows completely independent 5G service operation without any interaction with an existing 4G core.

NSA allows high speed connectivity to 5G-enabled devices, while leveraging existing network infrastructure investment. SA, however, allows operators to launch new enterprise 5G services.

5G FWA for Enterprise

It is also a fully virtualized, cloud native architecture (CAN), allowing new ways to develop, deploy and manage services. Other benefits include higher efficiency, lower operating costs, and easier innovation.

NSA is enabled by E-UTRA-NR Dual Connectivity (EN-DC), where user equipment connects to an LTE enodeB master node and a 5G gnodeB secondary node.

LTE/5G integration is further boosted by Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS), a new antenna technology that allows LTE and 5G in the same frequency band, greatly simplifying 5G expansion.

The NSA/SA market will continually change: early adopters are using NSA for fast, easy, lower-cost market entry, but migration to SA will be inevitable to fully exploit 5G’s advantages. Both operators and users will benefit from technology that provides an easy transition from NSA to SA.

5G FWA for Enterprise

5G FWA Solutions and Teldat products for enterprise & organizations

Teldat provides futureproof 5G FWA products for diverse markets and customers.

The background

Enterprise users today need competitive IT technology running high-performance applications over broadband, with access to enterprise cloud services. However, many enterprises have branch offices in locations inaccessible to fiber or cable installations. Accordingly, telecom operators are increasingly offering new services based on 5G, such as fixed wireless access (FWA), as a simple solution.

Yet standalone 5G networks are not immediately easy or economical to deploy. This is why these new business opportunities require devices like the Teldat M10Smart-5G, a current edge-router designed for enterprise cloud services, which now supports 5G wireless broadband services. As an SD-WAN edge router, it provides the latest technology. It acts as a one box solution for all requirements, with interfaces and performance for branch offices or sites.

5G FWA for Enterprise

The product

5G-FWA - for enterprises

As 5G services roll out, the M10Smart-5G router offers important advantages for both operators and users making the transition. In particular, it works with both SA and NSA 5G – hugely important as NSA allows leverage of existing 4G Data Core networks, mitigating the carrier’s need to immediately invest in new infrastructure. The M10Smart-5G router supports the EN-DC combination bands required from relevant service providers offering a competitive advantage over other 5G routers and is already certified in important European and LatAm Service Providers (SPs).

With support for common communication interfaces – copper, fiber, LTE and 5G – the M10Smart-5G is the complete solution for all data services through a single platform, including dual WAN ports and the new 5G technology being the optimal solution for FWA scenarios. It simplifies network deployment with Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and is integrated into the SDWAN Teldat solution, offering customers a more agile and affordable user experience without sacrificing full functionality, security, or reliability.

With support for all communication channels – copper, fiber, LTE and 5G – the M10Smart is the complete solution for all data services through a single platform, including dual WAN ports and the new 5G technology being the optimal 5G FWA for enterprise solution scenarios. It simplifies network deployment with Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and is integrated in the SDWAN Teldat solution, offering customers a more agile and affordable user experience without sacrificing full functionality, security or reliability.

Ideal for service providers and end users alike

Teldat’s new M10Smart-5G is the best enterprise device for telecom service providers. It provides broadband connectivity through both, SA and NSA 5G modes with 4G/LTE fallback up to Cat 20, unlike most competitors; users can schedule smooth LTE to 5G migration.

Service providers with fixed-mobile infrastructure can build customer loyalty through reaching areas where they cannot deploy cable/fiber – and those with only mobile infrastructures can find new enterprise communications opportunities which were previously inaccessible. End users can access broadband quickly, without waiting for a cable or fiber infrastructure. They can access enterprise services with professional software requirements and high performance.

5G FWA for Enterprise

Use cases

5G FWA for enterprise

Small sites in rural areas

Rural small sites & branch offices with the same high performance internet access as their urban and central office counterparts.

5G FWA for Enterprise

Mobile sites

Mobile offices’ frequent relocation makes permanent cabling impractical, but require access for cloud connectivity to applications & HQ.

5G FWA for enterprise

Civil works not permitted

Many towns or cities have heritage, environmental or legal barriers to new copper/fiber cable installation for high speed connectivity.

Branch & small site locations in rural areas

Giving rural branch offices and organizational small sites the same high performance internet access as their urban and central office counterparts.


Most large commercial, banking, government or other organizations have multiple sites – from central headquarters, large city, and major town locations to more remote and rural settings.

As these organizations leverage more powerful, data hungry applications, they run these on the cloud using SD-WAN networks. This provides a professionally-managed, powerful, futureproof, and secure IT resource.

However, while the larger locations enjoy full-performance cabled fiber connectivity, many rural sites are less fortunate – their service providers will not install fiber if it is uneconomical to do so.

Yet a solution is available to solve the user issue and generate new service provider revenue.


5G FWA for enterprise

As the ultimate SD-WAN edge for branch offices, the Teldat M10Smart-5G corporate router solves the remote sites’ connectivity issues. It is the only enterprise router that allows service providers to offer a high speed 5G FWA for enterprise service without cables.

The M10Smart-5G provides perfect support for rural users and SPs without cable, seeking an easy migration from 4G to 5G NSA fixed wireless access (FWA).

With its dual WAN ports and new 5G FWA technology, the router is a complete branch office solution for customers, providing all data services through a single platform. Zero Touch Provisioning is especially relevant in 5G FWA services because it simplifies and optimizes the customer’s network deployment, accelerates the availability of the office to go into operation and reduces operating costs.

Why Teldat?

Teldat anticipates enterprise users’ communications needs, with solutions like M10Smart. As a single product that large enterprises and organizations can deploy in both wireless and cabled locations, it simplifies stock management and reduces costs.

The M10Smart-5G router offer a complete Teldat SD-WAN solution over 5G FWA for enterprise.

Mobile sites

Mobile offices’ frequent relocation makes permanent cabling installation impractical.


Large-scale security companies have increasing requirements to set up sophisticated ‘mobile office’ bases at major sports or music events. While temporary, these offices still need transparent connection to HQ, and full speed access to modern applications running on cloud-based SD-WAN infrastructures.

Additionally, they must support other security-specific applications like live video surveillance feeds, and security at ticketing machines, as well as those related to Coronavirus monitoring and safety management. Logging of data for future learning and identification of hot spots, and sharing of situation awareness with emergency services is also important.


5G FWA for Enterprise

While it is usually impractical to run a fiber cable to a frequently-relocated mobile office, this need not be a problem; a M10Smart router can provide exactly the same connectivity as enjoyed by all of the organization’s permanent offices. In fact a single router type can be deployed across both permanent and mobile sites to simplify stock management and reduce costs.

M10Smart-5G includes a 5G interface supporting all the 5G FWA bands for enterprise used by most service providers to give comprehensive broadband connectivity. M10Smart-5G radio module is global-worldwide and it obtains broadband by automatically selecting whichever band is available on site.

Why Teldat?

The M10smart-5G is the only available 5G FWA corporate router for enterprise offering 5G/4G validated by most service providers for broadband connectivity. M10Smart-5G allows faster broadband setup than other corporate WAN solutions.

Civil works not permitted or impracticable

Many locations have heritage, environmental or legal barriers to cable installation.


Large organizations can have some offices at locations in towns or cities of any size where xDSL services are being dismantled or the new copper/fiber cable connectivity is not possible. This may be because the legal, environmental, or geographical barriers are too great for service providers to overcome. Alternatively, civil works, including cable laying, may simply not be permitted.

For example, a town may have UNESCO World Heritage status , with restrictions in place to prevent any risk to its historic buildings or environment. Local environmental issues, like being in a river floodplain, can also apply. Other limitations can arise from site boundaries and conditions, neighboring properties, site access and rights of way.


5G FWA for enterprise

Many widely diverse enterprises and organizations have local branches in such restricted areas; police stations, banks and large building societies for some examples. However, they all require high speed connectivity to their HQ’s cloud-based SD-LAN networks.

This can be provided easily by installing an M10Smart-5G; the router will provide uninterrupted 5G FWA for enterprise connectivity as the service provider progresses through 4G/LTE to 5G NSA and eventually 5G SA fixed wireless access (FWA).

The M10Smart-5G’s support of both FWA and fiber means it can be deployed as a single solution across both cabled and FWA locations – simplifying stock management and reducing costs.

Why Teldat?

With Teldat’s M10Smart-5G solution, there is no problem in having broadband wherever it is required and especially in urban centers, allowing a very short start-up time compared to other solutions that require civil works.

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