bintec W2003n/W2004n access points and HotSpot solution

bintec W2003n/W2004n high performance access points on 802.11n with 2,4/5GHz and upto 3x3 Mimo technology. HotSpot solution is a cloud solution, with a customer specific login page & screen optimization.



  • A very powerfull and reliable Wi-Fi solution providing Internet access for hundreds of guests was a must
  • Wi-Fi solution had to make the best use of the dedicated 70 Mbit radio frequency line provided by BT.
  • The HotSpot solution needed quick and easy connection for the guests, without any tichets or vouchers.
  • The login page of the HotSpot solution had to be customized according to the GREAT Britain House.


  • A bintec R1202 is used as Internet and HotSpot gateway connecting to a central HotSpot server in the cloud.
  • bintec W2003n/W2004n access point are managed and monitored by the WLAN controller on the bintec R1202.
  • State of the art software allows client load balancing, providing all devices with high Wi-Fi performance.
  • Optimized for mobile devices. Login page is customized and designed according to client specifications.

    Why Teldat

  • BT knew that Teldat is a strong partner, able to deploy Hotspot solutions in the cloud.
  • Teldat's support is well known to be of high quality for installation and remote helpdesk from Europe.
  • The complete solution including, the customized HotSpot login page, was quick to install.
  • The HotSpot solution login page also gave guests connectivity to the Internet quickly and easily.

Client Summary

BT Group is one of the world’s top communications services companies operating in over 170 countries. BT’s worldwide headquarters is located in London, UK. As a multinational company BT has subsidiaries all around the world. Their offices spread across Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina.


Founded in 2002, their Latin American headquarters is located in São Paulo, Brazil. The Brazilian subsidiaries are providers of communications solutions and services. Their main activities include local, national and international networked IT, as well as telecommunications services in different markets, including important multinational market segments.


The entity UK Trade & Investment and its GREAT campaign in Brazil needed to promote British expertise and partnership in five areas; inward investment and infrastructure among others. With this in mind, the GREAT Britain House was set up during the Football World Cup in Brazil in 2014.


The GREAT Britain House located in the British Consulate in São Paulo, had to organize a programme of events, some of which would be large with hundreds of prominent guests from politics, the economy and society.

Among many other objectives, GREAT Britain House had to improve the guest’s quality of stay. Hence access to Internet for guest notebooks, tablet PCs and smart phones was a must. Therefore a very powerful and reliable wireless LAN was needed. For this purpose BT, a sponsor of the GREAT Britain House, would provide a 70 Mbit/s internet connection via radio link for the virtual organization and required a Wi-Fi solution to make the best use of the mentioned radio link. Also, a HotSpot solution needed to handle the high amount of traffic from hundreds of visitors. To simplify the login procedure, a system without tickets or vouchers was requested. The layout of a login page had to be designed individually according to the wishes of the GREAT Britain House.

Besides all the technical challenges of setting up a very powerful and absolutely reliable Wi-Fi solution for hundreds of guests, all access points had to be made invisible to the guests, which limited the locations of installing the access points for assuring the highperformance wireless LAN.

Nevertheless, Teldat offered the perfect wireless LAN solution for the GREAT Britain House in São Paulo.

Solution Value

As one of Teldat’s core competencies, all requirements concerning the wireless LAN solution are met. A bintec R1202 router is used as the Internet and HotSpot gateway connecting to a central HotSpot server which is powered by a system in the cloud. This cloud solution works on the basis of subscription and is operated by the Teldat Group in Germany. In addition, the R1202 acts as WLAN Controller to manage and monitor comprehensively, all 16 bintec W2003n and W2004n access points installed in the GREAT Britain House. All these access points are hidden, as the GREAT Britain House wants them to be invisible for guests.

The state of the art software on the access points allows client load balancing, always providing all guest smartphones and tablet PCs with the best performance of the wireless LAN. Using this technology, devices always connect to an access point with best available capacity. Client load balancing equally distributes clients’ traffic to all access points in order to make the best use of the Wi-Fi network.

After connecting to the wireless LAN, guests are automatically forwarded to the login page. Optimized for mobile devices, the login page has been customized and graphically designed according to the specifications of the GREAT Britain House.


The installed bintec W200xn Wireless LAN devices, together with the R1202 WLAN Controller and HotSpot cloud solution, gave a perfect Wi-Fi access to the Internet.

    • UK Trade & Industry achieved the objective of making the stay of the guests comfortable via Teldat’s WLAN (Wireless LAN) set up. The network was able to manage the high peaks in use without any problem.

    • Moreover, the visitors were pleased with the quick and easy to connect HotSpot.

Why Teldat Got the Deal

BT knew that with Teldat, they were having a strong technological partner who was able to deploy very quickly hardware and software, as well as the HotSpot solution in the cloud. Teldat’s support was well known to be of high quality for installation and remote helpdesk from Europe once the network was up and running.

Also compared to competitors, the complete solution, including customization of the HotSpot Login page was very easy to install and quickly available. Even aesthetic wishes of strong but invisible wireless LAN were responded to smoothly.

Mr. Rodrigo Ladeira the BT Marketing Director for LATAM said “…I can clearly see why Teldat is a strong BT partner in Europe. They have deployed in Brazil with the speed and efficiency that we expect from our partners”.


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