Teldat H1-Rail & bintec W2002T-n train router & access point.

The combination of the Teldat H1-Rail router and the bintec W2002T-n access points allow LTE connectivity whilst trains are in movement and at the same time permit Wi-Fi services to be offered to travelers.

Teldat H2-Series: On board connectivity for emergency vehicles

Smart Health 2.0. Transforming ambulances into mobile emergency services to improve efficiency, safety and citizen services. 

Teldat H1-Automotive+ makes bus travel convenient & safer.

Teldat H1-Automotive+, is an advanced IP rugged router which transmits data, voice, and video while moving, on dual LTE and 802.11n Wi-Fi (client & access point) and permits QoS, VPN and GPS based location services, including Geo-Fence.

Teldat H1 Automotive+ rugged in-vehicle router with LTE & Wi-Fi.

Teldat H1 Automotive+ is an advanced IP rugged design router which transmits data, voice and video whilst in motion on LTE and 802.11n Wi-Fi, as access point and due to Geo-Fence (GPS base control) converts to client mode for fast upload of video.

Teldat H2-Automotive+ in-vehicle router for Madrid buses.

The H2-Automotive+ is Teldat’s new multiservice communications platform for vehicles. It provides 4G/LTE/LTE-A broadband and Wi-Fi with redundancy and aggregation options, advanced network security mechanisms, and an extended operating temperature range.


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