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WLAN equipment focused

Being outdoors is not a barrier for
Wi-Fi connectivity

When working outdoors or as a client at an outdoors event, we need to have total connectivity to a Wi-Fi network.

Market Overview

Apart from the huge market increase in the use of indoor wireless LAN, outdoor Wi-Fi has experienced a large growth over the last years and is expected to keep growing in following years.

The key segments that will be pushing this growth will be public events, healthcare, travel & transportation including that of goods, as well as education, among various other sectors.

The increase of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and even laptops is increasing the outdoor Wi-Fi traffic. It is clear that from a company perspective, more tasks can be accomplished using a wireless connection and using wireless LAN, it is much more economical that using the operator data traffic. 

From the client side, they expect more and more connectivity and have reached a level at which they do not want the barrier to be placed on having less Wi-Fi connectivity when outdoors.


Teldat has developed to date two exterior access points. The Teldat APO221n and Teldat APO222n. Both Wi-Fi units have a captive portal available, Teldat HotSpot by WifiGo.

Teldat exterior access points can be used to offer good coverage to employees who work on outdoor sites or even to set up Hot Spots to give connectivity to clients at outdoor sites.

If normal business interior access points have very strict requirements, those used on outdoor Wi-Fi scenarios are even more demanding, since thy also include strong environmental requirements The Teldat-APO22Xn wireless LAN devices are IP65 approved and have bridge-link mode to extend connectivity.

The Teldat CIT operating system, applied by all Teldat routers, is also used by Teldat-APO22Xn access points for their management systems, which is the Teldat Cloud NetManager.


    Outdoor Logistics

  • Not all logistics can be maintained in interior warehouse type set ups. Many need to keep their products outdoors. Among many other issues related to this scenario, the use of hand held scanners will need well placed outdoor wireless LAN access points to give employees total mobility.
  • Stadiums and events

  • Stadiums or similar sites for sports, concerts or other outdoor events, need to give the organizers, security teams, emergency services, etc. good connectivity. This cannot be offered if they don’t have access points installed outdoors.
  • Transportation and ports

  • Transportation hubs or ports have to conduct a large amount of their work in the open air and this work is increasingly requiring Wi-Fi connectivity to improve efficiency and effectiveness. For example, goods being loaded on / off ships at seaports or the different tasks carried out on airport tarmacs now need Wi-Fi connectivity. Without outdoor access points close to the employees and their activities a good level of Wi-Fi connectivity will not be achieved.
  • Extreme environmental conditions

  • Any sites that suffer from extreme environmental conditions, need outdoor access points. Whether it’s because of extremely high/low temperature conditions, a high degree humidity or other extreme environmental conditions.

Read here to know more about all our exterior Wireless LAN devices.
APO221n and APO222n.

Key Product Features

  • 802.11ac or 802.11abgn with automatic channel selection
  • Up to 250 clients connected with limited bandwidth
  • Security via ACLs/802.11i/WIDS&WIPS
  • Traffic in between clients blocked (intercell blocking)
  • PoE 802.3af or external power supply DC 12-24V
  • Allows different traffic to be separated via SSID and VLAN
  • Bridge-link Master or Client can be used
  • Notification and alarms sent via email/Syslog/SNMP
  • Monitoring neighboring networks and connected clients
  • Configuration and deployment with minimum IT resources


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