SD-WAN Corporate Edge Router

Offer your customers a top-class, secure communications service with limitless user experience.

Teldat M8Smart

Top-Class, Secure Communications Service with Limitless User Experience.

Modern Office

Corporate offices today require high-performance solutions that also provide security and flexibility for their data, voice and video communications. At the same time, service providers must comply with very demanding SLAs, so the products they deliver to their clients must allow easy deployment, agile service operation and optimal troubleshooting.

What are customers looking for?

Our customers’ challenges are also ours. This is why at Teldat we have created a new product, the Teldat M8Smart, offering premium services that enable remote offices to focus on their core business while the communications system works excellently in the background.

Teldat M8Smart

  • Integrated into Teldat’s SDWAN solution
  • Double WAN GE/SFP combo
  • 4 x GE switch ports
  • Models with LTE-A until category 12
  • Models with n/ac dual radio WLAN


The M8Smart has been designed specifically so remote offices can get all their communications services in one device, including:
  • Combined routing, switching and Wi-Fi
  • HW encryption for secure environments
  • Scalability, flexible licensed-based performance (pay as you grow)
  • LTE-A redundancy/backup for critical services and ready for new 5G services (roadmap)

Teldat Ecosystem

Teldat not only offers an advanced hardware product for IT but also provides an entire ecosystem to resolve the requirements of setting up and managing a customer network. Some of the most important of the many advantages offered by Teldat are:

Pay as you grow

Flexible WAN technology and customer-tailored performance.

Zero Touch Provisioning

Hassle-free optimized network deployment for offices.


High-end user experience in using corporate applications.


In-office user mobility and secure guest services (LTE-A up to category 12, 802.11n/ac dual radio WLAN, Teldat HotSpot, Teldat Webfilter).

Teldat Visualizer

Proactive management service thanks to traffic analysis tools.

Use Cases

The Teldat M8Smart is a “one box” solution that covers the needs of small and medium offices. All models include routing-switching, the option of adding local mobility in the office using an internal Wi-Fi access point, and the possibility of using high-speed LTE mobile networks for the main connection. All these advantages make the new router model perfect for the following kinds of scenarios:


Schools require high bandwidth for increased downloads of educational content in the cloud. The M8Smart can easily handle these scenarios by ensuring the availability of Gigabit connectivity and by providing simple management.

Financial Services

The communications security, access control and traffic analysis that come with Teldat’s solution ensure the user has a high-quality customer service experience, with no surprises and no waiting.


Being able to have different services that are completely independent of each other (through VRFs) while also having high-speed, redundant WAN connectivity is ideal for any public organization.


Health care facilities can have corporate LAN/Wi-Fi connectivity resources while at the same time offering value-added services (digital content, promotional marketing, etc.) to clients in waiting romos.


Universal connectivity is so much easier when you don’t have to worry about cables. With the M8Smart, you can offer WAN services and simultaneously manage an access point network providing Internet access to visitors at a shopping center, hotel, business park, etc.


While communications are not the core business, they must be stable, provide quality of service and should not be the concern of production managers. The M8Smart becomes the optimal solution for this type of scenario.


Brand image, guest services and the ease with which connectivity is provided are values that are relevant to the retail segment and that can be offered with Teldat’s M8Smart solution.

Service Provider

The M8Smart is very effective when it comes to deploying operator services, since you only need one device to deliver LAN/Wi-Fi connectivity to the office and it is also flexible towards the provider technology available (fiber, copper, LTE) in the area of provisioning.


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