Connectivity, Availability and Security
via small branch office routers

No matter the place, the size or the number of employees, make the most out of your corporate communications network with Teldat ADSL/VDSL Wi-Fi routers.

Market Overview

There are certain business models in which the direct touch with the customer, and the distribution of products and services, require a very high number of small branch sites spread throughout a variety of locations. Retail and Finance are clear examples of these kinds of business models.

The carrier services development strategy might end up in a corporate access network with a variety of different types of access lines, as well as with very different bandwidths and quality of service. In any case, the need for connectivity and services that these branch offices require are exactly the same, if not more, than those of a bigger branch.

With the added problem, that due to the high number of remote small branch office sites, cost is an extremely relevant issue.


The compact ADSL/VDSL/FTTH Wi-Fi router product line, has been specifically designed by Teldat to meet the requirements of the small branch offices regarding functionality, flexibility, security and cost. We know that in this business model, communication with the Central Office is a must, since most of the times revenue depends on this.

Besides, support and service are also usually supplied by the Central Office, with very few local resources, which only have basic skills. For this scenario, Teldat provides the Teldat-V, Teldat RS123 and the Teldat-M1 branch routers which are able to efficiently solve all the connectivity problems of a small branch office.

The Teldat RS123 FTTH Wi-Fi router and the Teldat-V ADSL/VDSL Wi-Fi router are orientated towards small branch offices that need a medium connection, but with high reliability requisites.  When higher throughput is needed, the Teldat-M1 ADSL/VDSL Wi-Fi router can be deployed. Moreover, these routers can also work perfectly with other networks such as Fiber, Gigabit Ethernet, G.SHDSL, Serial and others!  


    Security, Reliability & Bandwidth

  • The income and business of a small branch office is directly related to the connectivity with the Telco or the Central Office, especially in places in which bandwidth availability or quality of signal might not be as expected, so high availability is key for the business needs.
  • All functionality in a box

  • Small offices, as those found in the retailer or finance sector, are not supposed to have big IT rooms, so solutions that can deliver as many functionalities as possible from a single box and integrate multiple technologies, such as a compact Wi-Fi router are greatly valued.
  • All possible interfaces available

  • Teldat compact Wi-Fi routers are fully equiped with Wired Ethernet, ADSL/VDSL connectivity, Optical Fiber, G.SHDSL, Serial, WLAN, wireless 3G or 3G/4G connectivity, USB or E1..
  • Simple deployment and management

  • Easiness of deployment, and simple management is an issue, either because they have to face a large amount of installations or because the IT resources have basic knowledge. Our small compact ADSL/VDSL Wi-Fi routers are extremely simple, so some tasks can be directly performed by the user.
  • Cost Effective branch office router solution for a high number sites

  • Because of the high number of devices, or the tight margins in some business models, cost is definitely an issue for branch router equipment that can even sometimes be considered a commodity.

Read here to know more about our  compact Wi-Fi routers /communication platforms.  Teldat-V, Teldat RS123 and Teldat-M1

Key Product Features

  • Simultaneous 3G or 3G/4G-LTE connectivity or as backup
  • 4xGE switch with WLAN, 802.1X, duplex
  • Wi-Fi 802.11n @ 2.4/5GHz, MIMO 2x2 Access point
  • Security: 802.1X, ACLs, Firewall & IPSec
  • ToIP server included
  • Advanced services (routing, management, QoS)
  • Fanless. Noise = 0db. For office use
  • Console port for out of band management
  • ADSL/VDSL router connectivity over analog interface.
  • Ethernet connectivity to the network at Gigabit speed.
  • Fiber Optical router connectivity over SFP interface.
  • Powerful hardware architecture for services at 200 Mbps.
  • 1x slot with a large number of daughter boards available.
  • WLAN controller to configure small & mid-sized WLAN networks.


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