Branch Edge

Branch Edge

Q: What is and which is the role of the "Branch Edge" element?

A: It is the element in the remote point making the nexus between the customer's LAN network and the SDWAN network. The main functions are: connection with the LAN network(s), connection with the WAN network(s), setup the overlay through the Datacenter Edge, generate the probes and measure SLA, identify services/applications, apply QoS and decide SLA-based on routing policies.

Q: What are the possible choices for "Branch Edge"?

A: The following Teldat routers: Teldat-V, Teldat-M1, Teldat-iM8, Atlas-60, Atlas-i70, Teldat-H2Auto, H2Auto-Teldat + and Teldat-H2Rail.

Q: Is it possible to select the LAN IP address range of each branch office manually?

A: Yes, the user can define from a big IP address range, the group of IP addresses that are assigned to a specific branch office. 

Q: How are assigned the IP addresses in the LAN in each remote office?

A: In the remote office template, the user defines which LAN profiles are assigned. A LAN profile is a configuration for the LAN that sets the maximum number of IP addresses that can be assigned to a specific ‘User Group’ (for example 16 IP addresses for phones and 8 IP addresses for Guest users), if VLANs are used from the router to the LAN and how are the IP address assigned.

CNM allows three different methods to assign the IP addresses to the user devices:

  • Manually: there is not DHCP configured in the device.
  • By DHCP:

    • DHCP Server: the DHCP server is in the same network as the devices
    • DHCP Relay: the DHCP server is not in the same network. In this case, to provide the DHCP server IP address is required.


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