SD-WAN Controller

SD-WAN Controller

Q: What is and which are the functions of the Controller?

A: It is the control point for the SD-WAN. Broadly speaking, it could be said that its functions are 3: a) houses the data model, b) shows a graphical user interface to access / modify the data model and c) synchronize the data model with the network devices.

Q: Does the Controller support multitenant?

A: Yes. Controller is an element of Cloud Net Manager 3.x (CNM), and as such, multi-tenant is supported. There are 2 multitenant levels supported, at service provider level and at the customer level.

Q: Which is the support of high availability, scalability, and redundancy in the Controller?

A: Controller and CNM are build using microservices (based on kubernetes technology), which provides natively high availability, scalability and redundancy.

Q: What happens if the Controller or its connectivity to the network goes down?

A: It would not be possible to apply configuration changes to the network, but the service will not be affected since each device has its copy of the data model and can work autonomously.

Q: Is the Controller a service or a product?

A: Both. Controller is an integral element of CNM3. CNM3 is the Teldat management platform that could be used in service mode (SaaS) or product mode. In the first case, the infrastructure is in a public cloud (Microsoft cloud) and is maintained by Teldat, while in the second case, it runs in a virtual machine in the customer's home environment (VA, Virtual Appliance). In both cases, license for devices to be managed are required.


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