Q: What licenses are mandatory and which ones are optional?

A: In the device:

1. IPSec or IPSec hardware license (depending on model): mandatory

2. Acceleration (UP, UP1 and UP2) license: optional

3. ZTP enable license: to self-provision (this license is only available at manufacturing time)

In CNM (license per device to be managed):

1. Base license: to manage the device and self-provision.

2. Controller license: to generate and manage the settings in the data model.

3. Visualizer license: for traffic visibility (in development). Alternatively, you can use the platform Teldat Visualizer for the visibility of traffic (requires device license) separately from CNM

Q: What monitoring options?

A: When devices are managed by CNM, vital signs and connectivity can be monitored and alarms can be raised from CPU status, memory status, flash status, or in case of incorrect firmware release (CIT+BIOS+FW).

Q: Is there a Northbound API? What methods are supported?

A: Yes. Methods related to provisioning and configuration are supported.


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