Cloud Net Manager Provisioner

Cloud Net Manager Provisioner

Zero-touch network provisioning solution for automatizing network deployments

Corporate network deployments are known as time consuming tasks. The majority of time is spent on design, provisioning and deployment of the network. Therefore, not only accurate resource planning and scheduling of highly-qualified technicians is needed but also a significant budget needs to be allocated for this purpose. Up to now, traditional staging and deployment activities involve, at least, some on-field technician which connects to each single device through a configuration interface (command line based or web-based) and configures each network parameter in each element of the network. Therefore, the following challenges are faced during the staging and deployment of new networks:

• Alignment of HW delivery schedule and technician’s availability.

• Coordination of technicians in multiple locations.

• Network design needs to consider communication elements for on-field technicians.

• Technicians need to be trained in different technologies.

• Resource allocation to cover technician´s travel costs to the different locations.

• Onsite troubleshooting due to manual configuration and test of multiple devices and networking technologies.

• Deployment delays as technician’s availability becomes a bottle neck.

• Management of additional logistic activities if pre-staging and final installation occur in distributed locations.

CNM Provisioner simplify network staging and deployment overcoming, automatically, all the above-mentioned challenges

CNM Provisioner substitutes onsite technicians and prestaging operations as it is designed to decouple HW logistics from technician’s availability. Therefore, with CNM Provisioner, HW delivery can be solved by post while installation activities can be done directly from the office staff without additional training and in the minimum time.

Improving staging tasks with CNM Provisioner

CNM Provisioner is a module embedded in Teldat global management platform “Cloud Net Manager” aka CNM, that allows an easy replication for each different location in the same network. CNM Provisioner is tightly integrated with other modules in CNM, like CNM Controller, the SDWAN controller and configuration builder, who creates configuration files for any edge device in the SDWAN and attach them to serial numbers of devices, so that CNM Provisioner select the right one for any new staging edge device. For tailor-made configurations, CNM enable also manual configuration by means of template replication by uploading each location specific parameters through a CSV file and creating all the configurations in the network in a few seconds.

On premises zero-touch deployment

CNM Provisioner Zero-touch deployment enables a “plug & play” functionality. It attempts to eliminate any onsite skilled technician for deployment tasks. Therefore, it is designed so that anyone able to plug the cables on the router can deploy the network at the desired location.

Key Features

    Enable Teldat Devices “plug & play”

  • Any Teldat device with factory defaults can be registered in the CNM Provisioner and bound to a configuration. Whenever the device has access to the CNM it will automatically receive its initial configuration
  • Secure device authentication

  • Certified according to ISO 27001, CNM uses HTTPS protocol with mutual authentication based on certificates to ensure secure communications between the device and the management platform. As well, each device has a Device Verification Code to avoid any phishing threats or device misplacing due to manual errors.
  • Full integration with CNM Controller

  • CNM Controller enables an agile design of the network and translates the network characteristics into device configurations for the different locations. CNM Provisioner is integrated with the CNM Controller to enable “one click” configuration deployment using devices from scratch.
  • Automatic replication for 1000s of locations

  • Massive device import and configuration replication importing a CSV file. Automatic rollout with all the devices on-field.
  • Public Cloud SaaS or hosted at your data center

  • CNM SaaS with 99% service availability provides instant availability of the service, lower investment, scalable for new deployments, updated to the latest releases and easy for proof of concepts and pilots. As an alternative to the SaaS solution in the cloud, CNM is also available as a virtual solution running on your own server for multiservice providers or customers that prefer using private cloud.
  • Historic report

  • Exportable logs are available including date of the provision and user information
  • Device Autodiscovery

  • Purchasing Teldat devices with the CNM enabled option, the devices will have a default configuration to be connected to the SaaS CNM. As well, configuration through a DHCP option is available for automatic registration of the installed base and specific default configuration to use On Premises CNM is also possible.

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