Cloud Net Manager Servicer

Cloud Net Manager Servicer

Application management over network infrastructure

In network and system design, one of the most important challenges for corporations is to provide a similar user experience to all users regardless of their location. Sometimes, having a large number of small offices located far from headquarters is the key to a corporation’s business/activity, and users of those offices are required to have similar environments to the users of larger offices. A good communications network is not always enough to achieve this and users need to be offered local services such as security elements, traffic accelerators, local storage systems (NAS), etc. These services have been traditionally solved using dedicated machines in remote locations. However, this entails a series of drawbacks:

• High acquisition cost and maintenance of several platforms.

• Diversification of management systems, one for each system.

• Need for large numbers of specialized human resources on various platforms.

• Increased risk of incidents, proportional to the systems deployed.

• Higher energy consumption at headquarters, as well as space and heat generation.

A more advantageous way of deploying applications to remote sites is to use Teldat network devices. Based on a multi-core CPU architecture, some CPU cores are assigned to network tasks and others are left to be used by other applications. These latter have a separate execution space, based on a Linux operating system.



Highly competitive solution

By amalgamating both network and applications on one platform, acquisition and maintenance costs are reduced, as are the costs relating to management and specialized human resources. At the remote site, fewer systems are needed (thus reducing the possibility of incidents), and there are fewer space, cooling and energy requirements.

Integration of management tools

Cloud Net Manager (CNM) is a Teldat network management platform that incorporates an application management module - CNM Servicer - to enable remote offices to unify network and application management on a single platform, with a single database of devices and users. CNM Servicer allows you to massively manage the application lifecycle (install, upgrade, licenses, uninstall) and provide monitoring and alarm functions for applications and the application server itself. It also enables daily backups of applications and data from any point in the network in order to restore applications as necessary, for example, if a device is replaced due to a fault.

Key Features

    Easy application and version control

  • A device’s or set of devices’ control panel shows graphically which applications and versions are installed on each device and allows you to selectively or massively install, update, uninstall or change settings in applications.
  • Configurable control panels

  • Custom views to monitor application statistics, selecting devices and the period of time of interest.
  • Proactive management through alerts system

  • Application and server incidents are managed together, classified by severity and include a monitoring system that allows operators to add extra information to each alarm to better track problems. These alerts can cause CNM Servicer to send SNMP alerts or email notifications.
  • Massive changes instantly

  • Mass application/settings updates can be performed by means of a simple wizard, with the option of selecting a set of devices or all those to which the changes apply. The selected actions will be performed in real time for the accessible devices or programmed as soon as they are available.
  • Customizable user profiles and operations log

  • User profiles are fully configurable, allowing you to define which functions each user group can and cannot do. All the actions of all the users are registered so they can be followed up later
  • CNM: Reliable and safe management

  • It doesn’t matter if the devices to be managed are behind a firewall or have private addressing, since the management connections (https-based and certified) are initiated in the devices, so they will always be manageable even if the addressing changes.
  • CNM in the public cloud or hosted in your own data center

  • Two different exploitation options to choose from for the server: Easy and immediate in the public cloud, such as Software as a Service (SaaS), or as a virtualized application in your own infrastructure.

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