With the W2022ax you get a powerful access point of the current Wi-Fi 6 generation, attractive price-performance ratio and security at the highest level. Based on the 802.11ax standard, the W2022ax achieves a physical bandwidth of up to 1201 Mbit / s @ 80MHz at 5GHz band and up to 574 Mbit / s @ 40MHz at 2.5GHz band. The MU-MIMO 2x2 technology with two spatial streams is perfect for high-performance Wi-Fi environments like offices, hotels and logistic areas.

  • State of Art Wi-Fi Technology
  • Dual-Radio 2x2 MU-MIMO 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 with high level security WPA3

  • Attractive Price-Performance Ratio
  • Competitive price reaching up to 1,8 Gbps aggregated PHY bitrate

  • Simple, efficient administration
  • Web configuration (http/https), CAPWAP support from WLAN Controller in Teldat router, Teldat's Cloud based management

  • Easy Installation
  • Ceiling mount kit, Powered over PoE IEEE 802.3af, compatible with 802.3at PoE injectors

    The W2022ax transmits simultaneously in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band in the 802.11ax standard. In the 5 GHz band, a physical bandwidth of up to 1201 Mbit / s @ 80MHz is achieved and in the 2.4 GHz band, a physical bandwidth of up to 574 Mbit / s @ 40MHz or  287 Mbit / s @ 20MHz is achieved.

    The W2022ax can of course be managed via the WLAN controller or via our cloud-based solution.

    The W2022ax offers security at the highest level with the integration of the latest WPA3 security standard.

    A ceiling bracket is available for installation on suspended system ceilings without drilling or dowels, or direct installation on wood or concrete ceilings. The optional ceiling bracket is not required for mounting on the wall. Customers who move from our Wi-Fi 5 Access Point W2022ac can continue to use the previous drill holes and ceiling bracket, making the upgrade to the new wireless standard child's play.

    Figure 1: WLAN Controller

    Figure 2: Cloud Net Manager

  • Use cases

  • Wi-Fi LAN connectivity for high density environments 

    Wi-Fi LAN connectivity for critical scenarious dependant on latency or high capacity

  • Security
  • Most updated encrypted and secured with WPA3-Personel/Enterprise, Rogue APs detection, WIDS, 802.1x

  • Quality of Service
  • Traffic priorization by means of cathegories based on 802.11e/WMM

  • Very easy configuration
  • - Centralized mode: Zero Touch Provisioning from Cloud Net Manager

    - Local mode: WLAN Controller detects and configures the new Access Point connected to the LAN

    - Manual Mode: Simple GUI

  • Optimized roaming
  • 802.1k, 802.1v, 802.1r together provide with a fast and transparent roaming to the user


    • Interfaces and connectors
    • 1 x 100/1000/2500 Mbps Ethernet twisted pair, autosensing, auto MDI/MDI-X
    • 1 x Radio module IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ax MIMO 2x2
    • 1 x Radio module IEEE 802.11ax/ac/n/a MU-MIMO 2x2
    • Antennas
    • Integrated single band MIMO antenna, two antenna elements for each radio
    • 2 dBm gain @ 2,4 GHz; 3 dBm gain @ 5 GHz
    • Power supply
    • External wall power supply 230V / 12V DC, 3A
    • The wall adaptor is a accessory and not include the shipment
    • PoE according IEEE 802.3af, compatible with 802.3at PoE injectors
    • Dimensions and casing
    • Approx. 216 mm x 216 mm x 51 mm (width x depth x height)
    • Status, Activity for WLAN1, WLAN2 and Ethernet, LEDs defeatable
    • Environmental Specifications and consumption
    • Temperature operating: 0°C to 45°C; storage: -10°C to 70°C;
    • rel. humidity 10 to 95% (non condensing)
    • Max power consumption: t.b.d


    • Wi-Fi Interface
    • Airtime Fairness, Client Band Select, Client Management, Data rate trimming
    • Client Management 802.11k/v, Low SNR threshold management
    • Seamless roaming with IAPP, Fast BSS Transition 802.11r
    • IEEE802.11i Authentication and encryption
    • 802.1x/EAP-MD5, 802.1x/EAP-TLS, 802.1x/EAP-TTLS, 802.1x/EAP-PEAP, key manag
    • WLAN Security Modes
    • WPA3-SAE; WPA2/3-PSK; WPA2-PSK; WPA1/2-PSK; WPA-PSK; WPA3-Enterprise
    • WPA2/3-Enterprise; WPA2-Enterprise; WPA1/2-Enterprise; WPA-Enterprise
    • Open, OWE; OWE-Transition
    • Detection mechanisms
    • MAC address filter for WLAN clients (white list)
    • WIDS (Wireless Intrusion Detection System); Rogue AP, Neighbor AP
    • Management/administration
    • Graphical user interface
    • Managed by a local WLAN Controller, works as WTP
    • Supported Cloud Management Systems
    • Power optimization
    • TWT
    • Energy Management
    • MIMO 1x1 shift down
    • 802.3az support
    • The LEDs has three operation mode: Status, Flashing, Off
    • VLANs
    • Network segments on layer2 is possible
    • For each SSID one VLAN ID is available
    • Static VLAN configuration according IEEE 802.1q


    • Certifications
    • Directive 2014/53/EU, 2011/65/EU, Regulation (EC) No.1907/2006:2006-12
    • EN 300 328; EN 301489-1; EN301489-17; EN 301893; EN 62311; EN 50585;
    • EN 60601-1-2 (Medical devices - part 1-2)
    • Additional components
    • MS5999027522 Power supply 12V with EU socket
    • MS5530000338 Gigabit PoE Injector
    • MS5520000163 Ceiling mounting W2022ac/W2022ax/W2044ax
    • Open Source Information at bintec's website

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