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Will 5G solve the railway dilemmas?

Jul 24, 2018

5gEvery day we hear more news on 5G, its progress and evolution, as the demand for connectivity between vehicles, towns and cities, devices and sensors continues to grow. As you might expect, the railway sector and it’s train communications are no less affected, being one of the main players anxiously awaiting these new developments to adapt the 5G technology and use in their area of railway intra and intercommunication.

5G has emerged as the link between the evolution of LTE, applications requiring national coverage and IoT applications, and 5G NR (new radio), which significantly increases performance, scalability and efficiency. The latter is a new radio interface piggybacked on released spectrum giving rise to new applications, such as eMBB, Enhanced Mobile Broadband (to maximize bandwidth) and URLLC, Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency communications, which allow very reliable communications with low latency.

5G technology applications for connectivity in railway enviroments

5G applications can be grouped into three areas, but the initial two being the most vital to railway communications:

critical environments communications.
augmented bandwidth & high speed communications.
mass communications and IoT.

The first point is highly advantageous and useful for control and maintenance applications of critical operations, of very specific interest for railway communcations. These can be undertaken, establishing secure, ultra-reliable (packet loss of less than 1 per 100,000,000 -millisecond) and low latency (1 millisecond) communications.

The second point highlights the capacity of the new cellular technologies to increment bandwidth that, in turn, offers a substantial increase in real time passenger services giving, through advanced 5G rail solution and applications, Smart Trains the intelligence to transform and enhance passenger experience.

Teldat, an expert in railway communication solutions, is closely monitoring developments in the 5G market, frequently consulting with carriers and module manufacturers, in order to offer 5G railway routers and products as soon as the first urban deployments are finalized.

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