Blockchain, besides Bitcoin

blockchain technologyDuring the last few years, the blockchain technology has been closely related with Bitcoin, because it’s the main engine to verify the transactions. Nowadays Blockchain could be applied to many other solutions in the market.
As a brief introduction, blockchain is a technology based on blocks of information (group of transactions) that must be verified by many entities/users and, once it’s validated, it is added to the chain with other blocks building what is called ‘the blockchain’. A transaction should not only be understood as an exchange of a specific cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum…), it covers many other items as contracts, records, confidential data verification


Carlos Gomez: Telecommunications Engineer, Business Line Manager working for the SD-WAN line within the Strategic and Product Marketing Department.  

The Internet is written in JavaScript- Latest development trends

javascriptThe most innovative trends in web development in the past few years have centered on the JavaScript language, both on the client (frontend) as well as the server side (backend). It comes as no surprise, therefore, that numerous tools are being created to facilitate the web programmer’s work, such as new Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) centered on web frameworks and libraries.


Jorge Cardenas: Jorge Cárdenas Caballero is a Computer Engineer in the Teldat R&D department. Within this department, he is specialized in SD-WAN Front-end & Back-end development.

The Internet of Things as the main technology trend in 2018

Internet of ThingsWe should all be in agreement that technological change in our society and the globalized world is becoming more palpable with each passing year. Technology is not only the source of acceleration of the change, but it is also in itself changing and evolving in leaps and bounds.
If 2017 saw how technology use and the digital transformation began to be visible as a key aspect in all sectors, then 2018 will see that visibility begins to increase.


Alicia Ruppel: Alicia is a Sociologist and is part of the Teldat’s Corporate Marketing Department. Within this department she is especially  involved in Design and Events, among other corporate marketing areas

WAN Services via SD-WAN technology

wan marketCarriers today are faced with spiraling changes in the WAN market. For varying reasons, it’s a market that takes an individualized approach to each type of customer. From the residential sector to large corporations, the number of access circuits to the Internet make up a huge part of the telecommunication carriers’ business in Spain. Having said this, what progress is being made in the business? How can the carriers meet the demands and needs present in the market?


Juan Perez: Telecommunications Engineer, is Territorial Director (Colombia, Peru, Chile and Brazil) in the Commercial Department of Teldat

A Spectre is haunting not only Europe

Meltdown and spectreThe Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities were discovered last year, but only disclosed recently to the public. Both vulnerabilities are of the same family. They fundamentally affect certain CPU designs with around 20-years’ worth of processors and certain upcoming designs cannot be classified totally secure.


Heidi Eggerstedt: Heidi Eggerstedt is part of the bintec-elmeg's Marketing Department. Within this department she is responsible for Marketing Documentation and Translations
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