Testing for computer projects


We are all aware of the high costs that a poorly planned project can entail, be it to build a house, an electrical appliance, an advertising campaign…


Adria Segura: is a Computer Engineer in the Teldat R&D department. Within this department he works in the Infrastructure group (Software Cloud).

eSIM: Two different flavors for the same technology

eSIMeSIM (or embedded SIM) technology is destined to replace the traditional SIM cards that you insert in your mobile phones when you buy a new terminal or switch mobile phone operators.


Pablo Alonso: Pablo Alonso is Telecommunications and Development Engineer in the Teldat R&D Department. Within this department is part of the team dedicated to the Industrial & Mobility business line and he is specialized in cellular connections.

Covid-19, Information Technology and Data Protection Law

covid19The current Covid-19 crisis has some of you wondering if it is the result of a biological weapon from a shady military lab. The answer is a simple no! As the scientific community so rightly states, nature is enough and more than enough to make new viruses like this all by itself.


Guillermo Garcia: Telecommunications Engineer. Teldat Router and Media Gateway Business Line Manager

SD-WAN – digital transformation in times of COVID-19

SD-WANThe world is different now to how it was a few weeks ago. Owing to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the declaration of a pandemic, we have been forced to take unprecedented global measures.


Alicia Ruppel: Alicia Ruppel, graduated in Sociology and Graphic Design, is a Marketing Manager working within the Teldat's Corporate Marketing Department.

Data access security

securityAs time goes by, data access security is becoming a more pressing requirement in the technological world. Companies are more aware of how important it is to guarantee that those that access corporate platforms are who they say they are. Since the number of data stored is growing exponentially, the risk of identity theft poses a serious threat.


Ignacio Esnoz: with a degree in Technical Telecomunications Engineering (specialized in Telematics). SD-WAN product specialist at Teldat.