Roaming in 802.11k/v/r Wi-Fi environments

roamingWireless networks include the concept of roaming. This word refers to a station’s movement within a wireless network.


Francisco Javier Gutierrez: Telematics Engineer. He is part of Teldat's R&D Department. Within this department he is part of the new generation access points team

SD-WAN Edge Routers and their importance in SDN environments

sd-wa,Today we are experiencing a revolution based on networking solutions that improve network optimization and are able to combine Core network architecture with cloud and multi-cloud.


Raquel Jimeno: Expert in advanced networking with more than 10 years of experience in service engineering at Teldat. Currently, she is part of the R&D Department and within this Department she is the Quality Assurance Manager for the Teldat SD-WAN solution.

Cyberbullying, prevention strategies in the digital age

Cyberbullying The internet is a beautiful invention that has transformed the world in many ways. Unfortunately, it has also made life worse for many people. For example, cyberbullying has become a common issue that many schools now have to combat.


David Brebner: BEng in Electronics and MBA from Warwick Business School. David is Sales Vice President for FlashStart Internet Protection, a Teldat Partner for Web Filtering.

SDN technology: how it can help Reseller customers

resellersWith the current health alert situation that we are experiencing and consequent confinement that is taking place, it is more important than ever for employees to be able to easily connect to their company’s systems.


Guillermo Larraz: Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations. He works as a be.SDx product specialist at Teldat.  

SDN: Network response to a changing market

sdnSMEs are a sector where it is difficult for technological innovations to take root, with companies mostly opting for conservative criteria of amortizing investments in existing systems, i.e., they tend to update what is installed rather than undertake a comprehensive renewal.


Javier García: Business Studies & Marketing. Online Marketing Manager within the Teldat Corporate Marketing department