Teleworking and security

teleworking-employee-company-advantages-&-technological-security-needsIn recent months we have seen how coronavirus has altered the traditional working model of many companies. We can always talk about Google, Microsoft or similar examples of companies that were already very advanced in teleworking.


Francisco Navarro: Francisco Navarro, graduated in Physical Science, is a Business Line Manager working within the Marketing Department and responsible for the Teldat Corporate Routers.

EMMB, MMTC & URLLC, the three scenarios of 5G

5G-emmb-mmtc-urllc-fwa-smart-grid-automotive5G cellular networks have become far more popular thanks to the new uses they can provide to public services and industrial segments. The current technological context is key for the implementation of 5G architecture, based on SDN / SD-WAN – Software Defined Network, NFV – Network Function Virtualization or MEC – Multi-Access Edge Computing technologies.


Julio Alberto Sancho: Telecommunications engineer. He is a Sales Engineer for Routers & MGWs at Teldat.

Do cloud-managed SDN networks make a difference? network services cover corporate network functionalities and applications SMEs can outsource. These services are operated, monitored, and maintained by MSPs, such as IT resellers or system integrators. Among the many options offered by managed networks, we find basic access and network transport services like traditional Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Local Area Networks (LAN), as well as state-of-the-art solutions, such as software-defined wide and local area networks (SD-WANs and SD-LANs). (more…)

Daniel Wimmer: has a Master of Science in Business Administration & Management. He is a Teldat Group, Business Line Manager.

What is a cloud-managed SDN network?

SDNOne of the consequences of the new digital economy is the increase in the complexity of business network infrastructures during the last decade, both for large companies and SMEs. In response to this new situation, companies have been adopting software-defined networks (SDN) as the hegemonic model of network architecture. This phenomenon, together with the rise of cloud computing has resulted in what is known as SDN cloud networking.


Javier García: Business Studies & Marketing. Online Marketing Manager within the Teldat Corporate Marketing department 

To recover from COVID, just stay home: a simple use case of 5G.

5g-new-opportunities-digital-home-rural-fwa-sd-wanI have lost count of how many trillions $ 5G can generate in the next years. It all depends on the time scale as well as the market segment you are in, whether being hardware, or software, or services, or the entire ecosystem taken from its many different and multiple angles.


Mauro Lodolo: Telecommunications Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in wireless communications applied in modems, embedded IoT and Automotive Systems. He is part of the International Sales Department and within this department he is a Regional Sales Manager