SD-WAN: Finding a balance

sd-wan-hybrid-scheme-mpls-automationFor the past few years, we’ve been hearing the word SD-WAN a lot. In my daily work with customers, Partners and Carriers from different countries in Central and South America, I’ve found that companies are indeed implementing this type of technology, with the suite of features oriented to ensuring their networks are operational.


IoT and vehicle communications

vehicle-iot-technologies-convex-v2v-v2i-v2n-smart-fleet-managementVehicles are currently undergoing a technical revolution spearheaded by IoT technologies. While there are already examples of cars that can park on their own and self-driving vehicles are emerging, this is not yet a reality accessible to all.


Teleworking and security

teleworking-employee-company-advantages-&-technological-security-needsIn recent months we have seen how coronavirus has altered the traditional working model of many companies. We can always talk about Google, Microsoft or similar examples of companies that were already very advanced in teleworking.