Ensuring security in corporate environments

seguridad-ti-vpn-ztna-sdpDue to the radical change in the way we work in IT caused by COVID-19, communications and IT professionals and administrators have been forced to implement or improve necessary mechanisms to ensure security in corporate environments while maintaining their availability for users working from home or anywhere.



SD-WAN: Finding a balance – II

sd-wan-hybrid-scheme-mpls-automation.part2Last week I shared some important aspects regarding SD-WAN (such as self-provisioning, automation, monitoring, etc.) that I have encountered while working with customers, Partners and Carriers in different countries in Central and South America.


SD-WAN: Finding a balance

sd-wan-hybrid-scheme-mpls-automationFor the past few years, we’ve been hearing the word SD-WAN a lot. In my daily work with customers, Partners and Carriers from different countries in Central and South America, I’ve found that companies are indeed implementing this type of technology, with the suite of features oriented to ensuring their networks are operational.