Industrial & IoT

Celer Max-5G

Ruggedized compact onboard communication platform for vehicles with 5G & Wi-Fi 6

Produkt Highlights

  • 5G with Wi-Fi 6
  • be.OT: Next Generation FireWall IDS/IPS by Teldat
  • Remote SIM provisioning and SENDA service
  • Artilificial Inteligence Google Coral
  • ITxPT Compliance
  • GNSS Tracking Services
  • Multi-gigabit Ethernet


The Celer-series is Teldat's next generation multi-service communications platform for vehicles. It provides 5G/4G Wi-Fi 6 broadband, secure connectivity with Teldat's next generation firewall, artificial intelligence applications with Google's Coral and eSIM for remote SIM provisioning via Teldat's SENDA (Service for ENhanced Deployment & Administration) service. ITxPT should be understood as an agreement between many public transport stakeholders to enable digitalization and integration of mobility services, defines interoperability on 3 levels, hardware, communication protocols, and service level.


Dedicated cybersecurity embedded

IDS/IPS with +800 firms, webfiltering, NGFW and trafic analycer with multiple configurations all embedded in the router.

Best performance WWAN

5G with Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax/ac/b/g/n in dual band AP and client modes.

Bluetooth 5.1 Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity increases the networks scalability of the router.

Artificial Intelligence applications

With the Google Coral chip the Celer has the state-of-art AI in-vehicule applications and its future updates.


Celer-Series is the best way to have onboard high performance conectivity protected with a strong OT IDS/IPS next generation firewall. With this features not only provides secure Wi-Fi service to the passengers but also secure networks for the bus operators in use cases like, onboard cameras, ticketing data, tracking services for positioning information and geofences.
Is compatible with the Teldat's zero touch provisioning and out-of-band eSIM management service application SENDA (Service for ENhanced Deployment & Administration). With SENDA you can select edge devices, enhanced deployment (universal zero-touch provisioning) and management (out-of-band administration), allowing device provisioning, management and troubleshooting, even in the event of total customer network failure. Aditionally Celer-Series has AI embeded with Google Coral, with use cases like computer vision, predictive manteinance, and some others...


5G configurable cellular module
5G NR, higher performance and improved efficiency empower new user experiences and connects new industries.
Bluetooth 5.1 low consumption
Multi service BT 5.1 to configure the router and various functions such as connection of sensors or on-board accessories.
AI Applications
Via TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) embedded Google Coral for dedicated applications such as video processing (Computer Vision), predictive maintenance and many other AI applications.
dual-SIM slot with eSIM
Dual SIM for each port to increase connection availability, using any telecommunications operator as a backup for the others in case of connection loss in a single module and eSIM availability to zero-touch provisioning.
Embedded GPS with Teldat's Mobility applications
Ideal for fleet management or telemarketing applications. The equipment has GPS accessible via TCP port that provides real-time geolocation information in NMEA standard.
Wi-Fi 6 (802.11a/b/g/n/ac)
Multi user 2x2 MiMo dual band Wi-Fi that seamless integrates with HotSpot and WebFilter applications, creating a full solution for on-board Internet connectivity.
Cybersecurity embedded
Teldat's Security Solutions of Operational Technology to on-board systems.
Optimised hardware design for on-board environment
Extended temperature range (-25ºC to 70ºC). Anti-vibration design. 12-24 VDC for connection to batteries with optimising battery consumption capabilities.
Power supply protection (increase MTBF)
Power supply protection and ignition detection for delayed shutdown. Minimisation of failures due to unstable power supply. Temperature sensor for automatic shutdown.
ITxPT Compliance
(*Roadmap) Compliance with ITxPT Information Technology for Public Transport certifications.

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