Buses with high-quality targeted marketing

The Teldat H2-Automotive+ family of devices together with the associated SaaS solutions, help bus companies engage in targeted marketing on their buses, with geolocation and passenger segmentation, and convert costs into profit.


Teldat’s H2-Automotive+ onboard router platform with SaaS solutions for mobile environments helps intercity bus companies turn investments in structure into income and deliver high-quality user experience for passengers.


For some time now, intercity transport companies have had a need to offer their customers services that enhance and make their offerings more attractive. Clear examples could be on-board entertainment and Internet connection.However, one of the more difficult problems that they must overcome is how to reduce the impact on the cost of services they provide.

The intercity bus companies thus need to introduce marketing to their on-board connectivity services in order to alleviate the extra costs. By doing so, they can cover the connectivity costs and even give the sponsor companies the opportunity to increase their marketing investment – if the quality of the marketing improves.

What started as a cost for the bus companies, ends up being a source of extra income and profit.


The Teldat H2-Automotive+ solves the challenge that intercity buses face.

Teldat’s solution doesn’t just deliver a router, but rather a communications platform featuring a range of high value-added SaaS applications. It also allows hardware integration of important services such as video surveillance cameras for passengers, ticketing, infotainment... without the need for further investment, thanks to the scalability of the equipment.

With the geolocation feature in our solution, the transport company can obtain a high quality marketing service.

Through a combination of two of Teldat’s vehicle SaaS applications – CNM Mobility and Teldat HotSpot by WiFiGo –, bus companies can check the geolocation of their buses and segment their passengers and also provides graphical visibility

of the network status at a global level, thanks to the global management of the Teldat equipment.

The Teldat H2-Automotive+ solution is the ideal way to offer high-quality targeted marketing to all passengers. At the same time, thanks to the characteristics of the captive portal, these passengers will be able to obtain a high-level user experience, with an easy-to-access portal, promotional codes, etc.

Furthermore, it is also important to note that the SaaS CNM Mobility and Teldat HotSpot by WiFiGo solutions help intercity bus companies to keep better control of their fleets through the additional services afforded by implementing geolocation technology.

This creates an added value for both the operations center and the bus drivers’ security.

Why Teldat?

Teldat manufactures on-board communications platforms and SaaS solutions for buses and other vehicles and has a proven and long track record of projects and customers.

Our solutions have been implemented in many places around the world, including the United States , Latin America, Spain and the rest of Europe, and more.

One of the main reasons that makes the Teldat H2-Automotive+ solution special is its robustness. Among its many functionalities, it can withstand a range of very high or low temperatures, vibrations and overvoltage, plus it adds security, quality, and can be mass deployed.

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