Teldat Services

Services for installation, maintenance, repairs and
project management for communications,
guaranteeing client satisfaction at all times.

Installation and Deployment

Integra-T provides personalized installation and deployment services for all of their clients, offering in each case only the alternative features and solutions that best suit their needs.


Integra-T specializes in executing installation and deployment projects that require a centralized and efficient management for simultaneous widely distributed installations.

Their on-site technicians who carry out the work in the various destination points, have all the training required to complete the installation, configuration and verification of all the equipment, taking into account the optimum conditions for each project and taking advantage of Teldat’s immense experience in installing and deploying communication infrastructures to the full satisfaction of their clients.

Integra-T’s purpose within the installation and deployment services is divided into two sections: firstly in the Teldat communications equipment installations and secondly in installing equipment and devices to implement value-added services such as Digital Signage, Energy Efficiency and Unified Communications.

Integra-T has a hierarchical structure set out related to the project activities they develop, with full national coverage.

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