Reliable LTE migration for an ATM network

Installing Teldat-V with LTE/3G in one of Saudi Arabia’s fastest growing banks.

Installing Teldat-V with LTE/3G in one of Saudi Arabia’s fastest growing banks.

The Teldat-V router is a great solution to guarantee IP connectivity in ATMs. Using the Gigabit-Ethernet port switch, the client is able to connect various devices such as cameras or PCs. A single device solves all of the ATM communication needs.


Client Summary

Teldat´s partner, Bright Power Holding Company (based in Riyadh), is one of the fastest growing companies in the GCC. With its mission to always focus on the needs of the client, the company aspires to become the leading provider of IT, smart home Telecom solutions, etc.

This end client of this project is a bank in Saudi Arabia that has a license to operate in the financial sector. This sector has experienced significant growth in recent years and has become one of the pillars of thecountry’s economy. With more than 1,200 branches, it is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading banks.

Finally, it is worth noting that the service is provided by a global telecommunications operator (market leader operator in Saudi Arabia).




  • Migrate from VSAT to LTE/3G, reducing costs and modernizing the equipment.
  • Achieve more reliable communications at ATMs.
  • Adapt to different types of ATM.
  • Implement an innovative and scalable solution.


  • Teldat-V: a versatile, economic, and scalable router.
  • Other devices, such as surveillance cameras or PCs, can connect through Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Customized web interface that includes the company logo.
  • Two easy-to-use templates (NAT and RIP) that do not require technicians to install them.


  • Perfect integration with the operator’s private APN.
  • High quality technology at competitive prices.
  • Demonstrated leadership in providing ATM connectivity.
  • Top quality customer service and technical support, thanks to the collaboration between Teldat and Bright Power Holding Company.

Why Teldat?

The client opted for Teldat because of its innovative, scalable and flexible solution. The leadership demonstrated by Teldat in regions as different as Spain and South America reveals the vast experience that the company has when it comes to providing ATM connectivity.

In addition, the SIM card, the private APN and the router were all perfectly integrated. The same can be said of the pack that the customer bought for the router and the STC service. Another decisive factor was that the Teldat-V already had the necessary certifications and complied with all the operator’s requirements.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that the success of this project is due, in part, to the invaluable collaboration of our partner, Bright Power Holding, and its presence in Saudi Arabia.



The bank was faced with the problem that its ATMs were connected to the central offices via satellite (VSAT), with this being an expensive and unreliable solution. Since ATMs are an extremely important bank service, it is crucial that the reliability is very high (above 90%) and that connections are not lost. VSAT technology is expensive and outdated, so the client needed a more modern solution that would help reduce costs.

The bank had two different scenarios for its ATMs: internal tellers (located within the bank’s branches) and external tellers (located outside the bank’s premises in shopping malls, airports, stations, etc.). The client needed to find a flexible solution that would allow it to migrate all VSAT technology ATMs to LTE/3G, and that to be compatible with different possible ATM scenarios.

The bank is among Saudi Arabia’s fastest growing entities, and as such is able to compete at the highest level. That’s why it needs the latest innovations and technologies.

In summary, the bank needed to improve the reliability of its connections and reduce the costs associated with migrating from VSAT to IP. In addition, the client was looking for a scalable solution that was at the forefront of telecommunications technology.


The solution proposed by Teldat was the Teldat-V, a versatile, economic and scalable router that met all the client’s requirements. In addition, Teldat offered its Teldat-V services in two parts:

First, Teldat provided the client with two templates (NAT and RIP) with which to configure a private APN for SIM card data. It is a simple configuration system and has the advantage that no technical skills are required for its installation. The LTE/3G technology was the ideal solution for the client, since it was perfectly adapted to the client’s needs. The client wanted to be able to connect various devices (cameras, PCs, etc.) using Gigabit-Ethernet. Thanks to its integrated switch, the Teldat-V is perfectly capable of meeting those needs.

Second, Teldat created a personalized web interface with the client’s logo. The operator will request this for all its clients in the future, especially for those migrating from VSAT to IP. At the same time the operator needed to deliver an LTE service that offered high-quality bandwidth and was easy to install and maintain.

Finally, its versatility, scalability and good price make the Teldat-V the ideal solution to modernize the client’s ATMs and offer cutting-edge technologies in the field of telecommunications.



The Teldat-V router complies with the requirements and objectives of the client:

  • The bank was able to reduce costs by implementing LTE/3G technology, and without having to use technicians for its installation.
  • Thanks to its simplicity, the hardware can be installed directly in the environment and start working alone.
  • It is an innovative and scalable solution. It is prepared for future migrations and puts the client among Saudi Arabia‘s most innovative banks.
  • It provides the organization with greater security and more reliable connectivity.

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