Teldat Atlas i60 as bank branch router with embedded server

Teldat Atlas i60, as an advanced technological branch router with an embedded server that manages embedded apps, such as web cache and video proxy, whilst enabling the Bank to maintain their legacy protocol cash point machines.


Client Summary

The client is one of the top five banking groups in Spain. The headquarters is located in Madrid. Founded in the 1920s, the bank can look back onto nearly one hundred years of experience. Perhaps due to its objectives of always being close to its customers, who are primarily small and medium sized companies, it has almost 15.000 employees and over 2.000 branches in Spain alone. Outside of Spain, the bank is especially active in Portugal but also has subsidiaries and representative offices in other countries. The banking group works also in other market segments such as consumer banking and real estate services.









Why Teldat?

Teldat’s Atlas i60 is unique. No competitor could offer a similar device to fit the Bank’s requirements. Only a much larger and over capacitated device causing a higher investment and lower ROI met the technical demands.

 The bank knew that with Teldat, they were choosing a manufacturer being able to deliver routers for at least two life cycles. Additionally, the Bank was able to save millions of Euros by maintaining their current installed base of cash point machines, as the Atlas i60 has serial ports which are not common at all on modern routers. Moreover, Teldat’s bid being approved by the Telecommunication operator, as well as Teldat’s experience of working with financial institutions, offering service and support at the high level that banks in general need, was vital.


In the past the bank has always extended the life of hardware placed in their bank branches. Purchased routers have lasted at least two contracts with the telecommunication operators meaning that the devices have to be really advanced to meet all the requirements for at least 8 years or even more.

The bank was currently using Teldat Atlas 200 as branch routers connected by ADSL2+ lines and ISDN as resilience lines. Taking this into consideration and other points mentioned below, the bank had to find routers for their new project with very demanding specifications:

  • Broadband was becoming larger, as the market moves towards Fiber Optics.
  • However not even Fiber Optics can supply enough bandwidth for companies in some cases.

Apart from the external market situation, the following internal challenges were faced within the bank:

  • As the bank has branches spread across the nation, there were many sites with no Fiber Optic cabling, only xDSL connections or less.
  • The bandwidth requirements never seemed to be fulfilled due to the growing demand from the bank on using more applications, especially applications on the cloud, which have to function correctly at branch level.
  • They could not allow their client service or employee efficiency to suffer due to bandwidth congestion.
  • Their legacy protocol cash point machines had been in operation for a long time. They still had no reason to be changed, but clashed with the latest technological routers to be installed.

Despite these difficult challenges Teldat provided the perfect solution.


Teldat is able to offer a solution which meets all the customer requirements with the Atlas i60. A state of the art branch office cloud access router, with dual-core CPU which dedicates one the of the cores to an embedded application server with internal hard disk.

The Atlas i60, solves the different type of connections required by the bank. Double GB Ethernet interfaces for Fiber Optics, double xDSL connections for the large majority of the branches and serial port for those branches in locations with no option but to use leased lines. Indeed, having more than one serial port available on the Atlas i60, the bank can maintain the many currently installed cash point machines.

The bank takes full advantage of the embedded application server on the Atlas i60 router, by introducing the following applications into its branches.

  • Web Cache to optimize the bandwidth available in each bank branch.
  • Video Proxy to be able to transmit video to all of its branches at the same time.
  • Network Analysis enabling maintenance of the newly installed base of Atlas i60 routers.

Since the Atlas i60 app server works on Linux, a totally open source, as many applications as needed can be integrated into the bank’s systems in the future.



Teldat’s Atlas i60 routers adapt perfectly to the specific telecommunication demands and fulfill all other requirements:

  • New services have been introduced by the Atlas i60 embedded server, such as web cache, video proxy, network analysis and even a video security system for branches.
  • Their installed base of legacy protocol cash point machines has been maintained.
  • Overall, the bank is able to save on costs, while at the same time, there has been an improved user (employee) work experience with the new equipment. This can obviously lead to better customer satisfaction.

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