5G connectivity for premium major appliance manufacturer

An always-on telecommunication strategy in our clients’ flagship stores worldwide, as well as a centralized management solution for our network devices, including ZTP. All this via the deployment of Teldat-5Ge devices.

Home appliance manufacturer

Client Summary

A leading manufacturer of premium appliances for cooking, laundry and dishwashers, among other equipment. A german company, which it is now represented in over 100 countries and regions worldwide, with many thousands of employees, as well as an important base of business partners.

Our client can be considered a market leader in the major appliance sector, especially as far as quality and technology are concerned. Moreover, it has corporate sustainability values, as well as important traditions within the company.





  • Always-on telecommunication strategy in their flagship stores.
  • Staff needed to always be able to conduct any type of logistical actions.
  • Couldn’t afford to lose connectivity in the presence of their end customers.
  • Second landline would not enable always-on connectivity in many scenarios.


  • Teldat-5Ge’s offer an always-on policy with 5G connectivity regardless of the country.
  • With the drill-down solution, Teldat-5Ge enable LTE/4G connectivity when 5G is not available.
  • Applying an edge computing router license, a Teldat-5Ge can take the role of a mainline router.
  • Teldat’s CNM license enables ZTP and other centralized management service to be deployed.


  • Teldat accomplishes always-on connectivity, with the independence that a 5G cellular network offers.
  • Fully centralized telecommunication solution offered by Teldat to adapt to our client’s needs.
  • Teldat enables our client to deploy ZTP reducing installation costs and the related on-site logistics.

Why Teldat?

Teldat has a very large experience working within the retail market. Indeed, Teldat has conducted thousands of installations within the retail segment and deployed all types of telecommunication solutions for these companies, which are similar to those that we have carried out in this client.

Additionally, the system integrator who was working with our client, knew Teldat and especially the Key Account Manager very well from previous experiences. This meant Teldat’s references for the project were extremely high, with an outstanding level of confidence in Teldat, which even increased as the project has developed.

Flasgship stores


Our client needed to install an always-on telecommunication strategy in their flagship stores across the globe, to ensure that they were continuously connected, independently of any issues which may arise on their current land line connections for two reasons.

Firstly, so that their staff were always able to carry out any type of logistical actions on their network for any internal work and that their head office were always able to make whatever transactions with any flagship store.

Secondly, as they were selling high end major appliances with a high level price, they couldn’t afford to risk losing connectivity in the presence of their end customers. When going through their available products, viewing any marketing / sales offers available that coincided with their end customers’ needs, making an order process or when reviewing an end customer’s order. Losing connectivity would not coincide with the type of product being sold. Additionally, losing connectivity would mean that payments could not be made by the end customers, if the point of sales (POS) and were not connected.

But how could they ensure that an always-on strategy was applied? Duplicating a second landline would not guarantee an always-on connectivity, if the connection goes down in the last mile. This could occur if for example it was due to roadworks hitting the telecommunications cable.

That’s why, Teldat proposed that our client set up cellular 5G connectivity as a second network connection, totally independent of the mainline being used in our client’s flagship stores across the globe.


Teldat-5Ge’s are used to offer an always-on policy with 5G connectivity regardless of the country in which our client’s flagship stores are based. These Teldat-5Ge devices allow our client to deploy a zero touch provisioning policy (ZTP), as they connect automatically with the main edge computing router currently installed at each flagship store, independently of whether the edge computing routers are from Teldat or not.

Moreover, the Teldat-5Ge has a drill-down solution, so if any flagship store in particular finds itself temporarily in an area without 5G, Teldat’s device permits the use of LTE/4G. Indeed, our client values this adaptability, so that they are always in control of what carrier is being used. Hence, they will always use the carrier that offers the best price for 5G and/or LTE/4G connectivity.

Although the Teldat-5Ge is initially only a device to generate 5G connectivity for the current mainline edge computing router installed, by simply applying an edge computing router license to the Teldat-5Ge, it can take the role of a mainline router. This gives our client more flexibility when they set up their telecommunications scenarios.

Additionally, our client bought the Teldat CNM license for their Teldat-5Ge’s in their flagship stores. This software service enables zero touch provisioning (ZTP) which allows them to save time when installing new devices. The Teldat CNM lincence also offers other aspects of a centralized management service; integration of physical devices on their network, inventory and license management, scheduling actions for configuration changes on a large number of devices, etc.

The central IT department is totally in control of the network connections and deployment, guaranteeing the company’s always-on strategy with total availability of the access connections. This permits our client among many other issues, to assure connectivity for intelligent devices at their flagship stores.



Overall, the results of the project are very positive. However, there are certain results obtained by Teldat, which stand out.

  • Our client is able to set up their new service, geared towards always-on connectivity, with the independence that a 5G cellular network accomplishes.
  • Teldat provides a fully centralized telecommunication solution, which is vital for our client current requirements and the flexibility to adapt to their future needs.
  • Our client is able to use ZTP which makes their life easier. Reducing installations costs and all the logistics related to on-site installations.

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