Connectivity and remote control for ATMs

Teldat-V, Teldat-M1 & MTC+: Customer service reliability, security and quality of service through remote control and monitoring of ATMs on the network.

Teldat-V, Teldat-M1 & MTC+: Connectivity solution for the largest network of ATMs in Central America.

Increase in customer service reliability, security and quality of service through remote control and monitoring of ATMs on the network.


Client Summary

5B is a distribution channel in the finance sector for banks, primarily used by customers as a means to pay. As shareholders in seven of the most important banks in the Guatemalan finance sector, 5B operates over 2,500 ATMs throughout the country.

Teldat’s partner in Central America, and in Guatemala, Red Optima, is there to support and optimize telecommunications in companies. It ensures businesses are kept abreast of the latest developments and services to minimize costs and maximize the quality of telecommunications. 




  • Improve services for the customer’s two ATM models: at branches and standalone ATMs, where costs will be reduced as fewer service calls will be needed.


  • Teldat-V, Teldat-M1 & MTC+: consistent and realiable Ethernet connectivity with 3G/4G/LTE backup. Remote monitoring and control over the power supply and ATMs.


  • Teldat, with its long history and experience in remote ATM connectivity, especially in Latin America, was the only supplier capable of providing a solution to reset the cash machine.

Why Teldat?

Teldat was, in fact, the only manufacturer able to provide a remote reboot solution for ATMs: a solution backed by the company’s extensive experience in ATM connectivity and excellent reputation in the sector and in the Latin American market.  

Moreover, two different tests were carried out:  one over real ATMs to check the solution’s suitability to all scenarios, and the second, to adjust said solution to each carrier’s architecture. Teldat’s achievement in both tests successfully met 5B’s expectations.



5B connects its ATMs via 3 different carriers, thus operating on three different fronts. In addition to the carriers, 5B operates two types of ATMs: standalones in shopping centers, airports and stations, etc., and ATMs, physically located in the serviced bank entities.

5B’s main obstacle was the high cost of call outs. Their ATM park is widely scattered throughout the country and often requires a physical presence to unblock or reboot an ATM, for example. 

The core of the solution was for 5B to improve vital service availability, thus ensuring customers received continuous and consistent ATM services. Providing ground connectivity was crucial, but adding mobile connectivity as a back-up option was necessary too.  

In short, 5B wanted a solution to deliver a stable service and to monitor and control power over remote ATMs.  This translates into cost savings and improved service image for their end users.


Teldat’s solution was to set up Teldat-V and Teldat-M1 routers, with MTC+, in 5B’s remote ATMs. These devices are capable of providing the necessary ground and mobile (3G/4G/LTE) coverage.  Moreover, having a power control option means ATMs can be remotely restarted (if blocked, for example) and the monitoring capabilities help understand any breakdowns.  The MTC+ module performs control tasks via consoles or SNMP.

Teldat’s Teldat-V and Teldat-M1 administer continual connectivity to the machines, with 3G/4G/LTE backup. The MTC+, with its 24/7 remote monitoring and ability to reboot blocked ATMs, eliminates site visits. Furthermore, the use of mobile connectivity (as backup) provides robustness, reliability and stability.

Due to the three carriers’ individual requirements and specifications, 80% of the ATMs have a Teldat-V with an MTC+, while the other 20% have the Teldat-M1.

The MTC+ doesn’t require an Ethernet connection (or consume infrastructure resources), as it uses the router’s connectivity. Furthermore, it doesn’t use addition IPs, making it a highly reliable and unhackable device.



Teldat’s solution met all the customer’s requirements and objectives:

  • Increased connection reliability, thanks to mobile network backup.
  • Achieved ATM control and monitoring, displaying operations and finding the root cause for machine blocks (for example).
  • Enhanced the 5B company image, as they now supply their customers with an uninterrupted service.
  • Eliminated the need for branch employees to operate ATMs thanks to remote monitoring, thereby improving their working conditions.

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