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Teldat’s photo gallery

See our photo gallery of our events and more. 

At Teldat we make albums of our events, so you can see at a glimpse our events, roadshows, celebrations and more. In many occasions a photo album can give you an understanding of an event much quicker than an article.

Teldat Spartan Race Madrid 2018

Teldat participated in a Spartan Race in Madrid. We do not give up. We are Spartans!



Infarma 2018

Teldat participated as a sponsor of the Hackathon challenge in Infarma, organized by the Official Association of Pharmacists of Madrid. 




Business Fair - UAH 

Teldat participated in the Engineering, Business and Employment Fair of the Polytechnic School of Universidad de Alcalá.



Teldat Kick Off Latam 2018

Strategic, goals and challenges of Teldat in the Latin America market for 2018.



Teldat Kick Off Iberia 2018

Teldat internal event to speak about strategy, goals and challenges for 2018. 







Christmas Toast 2017

Teldat Christmas Toast in Madrid.



COIT-AEIT Anniversary and FITCE Congress

Teldat took part in the Congress celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the COIT, organized by the Spanish Official College of Telecommunication Engineers (COIT) and the Spanish Association of Telecommunication Engineers (AEIT). This event also hosted the 56th Congress of the Federation of Telecommunications Engineers of the European Community (FITCE).




Teldat Kick-off Q4/2017

Internal Kick-off held in Teldat's Spanish Headquarter, in Madrid.  







5B Digital Summit 

Teldat was present at the 5B Digital Summit, celebrated in Guatemala, where we had the opportunity to present our solutions for the banking industrie. 



TIC Fórum Perú 

Teldat has been present at the TIC Fórum Perú 2017, where we had the opportunity to share the latest trends on digitalization, comunication and technology. 



ATUC 2017

Teldat has participated at the XXIV Urban and Metropolitan National Congress, celebrated in Palma de Mallorca, where we presented our public transport solutions. 







Digital Enterprise Show 

Teldat has been present at the DES 2017, where we had the opportunity to present our SD-WAN solution and to count with the presence of Jan Hein Bakkers, IDC Senior Research Manager. 



TIC Forum 2017 (part II)

Second part of the event Telefónica LATAM at Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. Our VP LATAM presented Teldat's tecnological and digital solutions.

TIC Forum 2017 (part I)

First part of the event Telefónica LATAM at El Salvador and Guatemala. Teldat had the opportunity to present its tecnological and digital solutions. 





Kick Off SWE 2017

Teldat South West Europe Kick Off where we presented the objectives achieved in 2016 and the projects and challenges that we are going to face in 2017.





Kick Off LATAM 2017 

Meeting with our LATAM partners at Teldat´s central office in Madrid. 




Teldat Christmas Toast

Best moments at Teldat Christmas Toast. 




WPC 2016

Teldat was present at the WPC 2016 conference in Milan. Our partners and Teldat itself, had the opportunity to exhibit all our automotive and connectivity solutions. 





Smart Mobility World Event 

Teldat has participated at The Smart Mobility World Event for the Automotive sector in Milan. 




Broadband World Forum 2016

Teldat has participated at The BBWF in London. We had the opportunity to present our latest SD-WAN solutions to the Telecom sector. 




Next Party Event in Cesenatico

Teldat was present at the annual meeting for utilities organized by its distributor Next Media. 



EUTC 2016 in Frankfurt

Teldat was present at The EUTC 2016 Annual Conference helded in Frankfurt. The theme of the conference this year continued the quest to inform, understand and share the best practice from around the world in the highly specialised world of Utility.




SD-WAN Summit Paris 2016

Teldat was present at The SD-WAN Summit 2016 in Paris, where our team had the oportunity to present our approach to SD-WAN technology.  

Teldat Event in Peru 

Commercial training for the prevention engineers of Telefonica. 



Traincomms 2016

Teldat has been present at the Train Communications Systems event in London, exhibiting our latest communication solutions to offer broadband on all types of rail stock.

Congreso ATUC

Teldat has been present at the XIII National Congress of Urban and Metropolitan Transport celebrated in Bilbao. Leading sustainable mobility, we had the opportunity to present all our automotive solutions. 




M2M Forum

Teldat Italy was invited to the M2M Forum in Milan. Our team, Marco Bonaventura, Elhamy Elhifnawy and Pamela Napoli had the opportunity to present our Be.IP and Automotive solutions

ICT Solutions 2016

Teldat Italy was invited to Allnet Italia where we had the opportunity to present our Be.IP, WLAN and Automotive solutions.

ICT Vakdag

Teldat and its partner, Westcomm, were present at the ICT Vakdag event. We had the opportunity to meet suppliers and manufacturers from the telecom sector.

IT Partners Paris

Teldat has presented its Wi-Fi solutions at IT Partners (Paris) through its partner CRIS Réseaux.



TechAdvantage 2016

Teldat has been attended The TechAdvantage event in New Orleans, presenting innovative networking solutions for utilities.


Latin American event organized by our partner Telefónica, where Teldat has presented new technological solutions for businesses and SMEs.




Kick-Off with our LATAM partners

Meeting with our LATAM partners at Teldat´s central office in Madrid. 

WPC 2015 in Milan

Teldat has been present in the most important conference about Microsoft technology in Italy.

Broadband World Forum 2015 (London)

Best moments taken at the show. Challenges of ISDN DECOMMISSIONING

EUTC 2015

Teldat at the annual 2015 EUTC in Dublin: Presentation: How Networking Technologies Protect Smart-Grid Deployments from Security Threats in a Cost- Effective Way

Roadshow de Teldat en Milán 2015

On Friday 8th May, Teldat Italy had a Roadshow event at Pala K in Cinisello Balsamo (MI) with our Partners. Marco Bonaventura (Country Manager – Teldat Italy) had the opportunity to present many of our new solutions 

Reseller Summer Party 2015

Teldat has been the sponsor in the presentation of the new corporate visual identity of Estos Italy. 

EXPO Innovation Forum Event 

Teldat was present at the EXPO Innovation Forum Event about movility and the future of the sector.  

Teldat´s 30th Anniversary

"Art and Technology" was the slogan of the event organized in the Real Fábrica de Tapices (Madrid) to commemorate Teldat´s 30th anniversary.



Event in Venice with our partner VoipVoice

Teldat and VoipVoice celebrated a workshop about the study of VoIP and how it can increase business productivity in the wonderful cultural center Don Orione Artigianelly. 



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